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Anyone had long-term dizziness after treatment?

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Hi there

Would like to know if anyone else has experienced something similar.

I had a root canal and then a crown. Afterwards, I had a headache on the right side of my head and behind the right eye for a couple of weeks (with some tightness around the head). I then had an episode of dizziness which came and went and is now with me permenently and has been for a month now.

My doctor suggested an inner ear problem but if it is this, it hasn't improved at all - plus I don't have the usual vertigo symptoms (nausea and a sense of movement or the room spinning) - my dizziness is more that I have trouble focusing on a single point for more than a few seconds. Reading a book is impossible and I feel unsure on my feet.

I am also feeling as if I have somehow withdrawn into my body, like looking out from inside my shell. And I've also become sensitive to loud noises. Being in a shop or resturant is very disorientating if it is noisy and busy.

Perhaps this is TMJ and the jaw is somehow affecting my inner-ear and my balance?

If anyone has any thought I'd be very interested to hear them.

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    • Similar experience for me. I recently had a wisdom tooth extracted and developed severe headaches at the crown of my head and an almost constant sensation of vertigo, especially when driving. If you do get the answers you are looking for please share the details. :/
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