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I am considering having 3 implants in the upper jaw but first i need to have a bone graft. The oral surgeon wants to remove bone from my lower jaw and i am very worried about this type of surgery. I have lost so much bone in the upper jaw and cant have implants without the bone graft. Has anyone had this type surgery.


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    • I had excess bone shaved off my jawline where it was very thick and placed in places where i had bone loss. It was not painful as i had lots of shots of novacaine. The place where my gum had to be cut to access the extra bone hurt a bit for a few days but nothing i could not stand. I did not even need pain killers. My dentist told me that it takes about a year to tell if the grafts worked but if you use your own bone the chances are better.
      #1; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:20:00 GMT
    • Thanks for the reply lateeth, im also worried about the nerve in jawline that runs to the bottom lip and chin and was there much swelling to your jaw and how long did it take for your jaw recover.

      Thanks again

      #2; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:21:00 GMT
    • Sorry for the delay in answering but i have been off the computer for a week or so. The nerve that runs under your teeth varies in distance from person to person. Sometimes the dentist can get an idea of how close it is to the roots of your teeth from the xrays. In my case it was not a problem. I had flap surgery with really deep cleaning so it was a concern. If you are not having this but just bone shaved and placed, it might not be as much of a problem...i am not sure.

      My jaw was not swollen at all after the bone shaving(done at the same time as the flap surgery.) My dentist put a plastic material bandage over the stitches of the flap surgery to protect them from being rubbed but it did not extend down to the place where she opened the gum to get to the excess bone so those few stitches she placed there bothered me a bit as it was in a place open to getting knocked about a bit by my mouth movement and eating. It does not take gums long to heal. I think the stitches caused more irritation than anything but it was manageable and only really slightly bothered me for a few days.

      #3; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:22:00 GMT
    • Thanks again lateeth are you having implants put in the upper jaw and if you are please let me know about your implant treatment.

      Thanks yet again

      #4; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:23:00 GMT
    • I too have had bone graphing done. It sounds alot worse then what it is. And although I was in a bit of discomfort for awhile, it was worth knowing that the implants will have more bone mass to connect to and a less chance of being rejected. I am always IV sedated for dental treatments, safer for all involved that way, but when I wake up I have more pain in the other areas that I am having work done on more then from the actual graphing site or from where they farmed the bone.

      Good Luck in what ever you decide to do.


      #5; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:24:00 GMT
    • Thanks for the reply casey, my case is a bit more complicated the surgeon wants to put the bone graft and 3 implants in the right upper jaw great. But the problem is i've had 3 sinus operations in right maxillary sinus caused by an upper molar extraction by a ( butcher dentist )it was a nightmare the last of my sinus operations was a caldwell luc in which they operate in the mouth its a horrible operation and i wish i never had it , now i have nerve damage in my cheek bone from that operation( facial neuraglia ) and every time i get something done in that area it flares up the nerve i have to be careful. A year and half ago i lost 3 upper molars or abcessed teeth and the infection spread to the bone on the right side. Its been a nightmare i am going to have implants but i think for now me and my face need a rest from another operation.

      ps The Surgeon wants to take out bone from my left lower jaw the good side it will be a disaster for me if the nerve that runs to the lower lip and chin was touched. That would be great nerve damage on the right side and left. I read your story and i have sympathy for you.

      Good luck Thankyou again

      #6; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:25:00 GMT
    • lou22, thanks for the thoughts......I am with you on the face needing a rest. I am having my implant surgery on August 2nd. and although I am scheduled to begin the reconstructive process on the top in early September I think I might put if off for a little bit. I am going to wait and see how I feel after this surgery and then make my decision. It will also depend on if they allow me to get off the antibiotics sometime soon, and stop or at least lessen the amount of times I have to go to lab for testing. My veins are also in need of a good rest.

      My surgeons were also very worried about facial neuaglia, I have been extremely fortunate in that area. Although their have been a couple days that I prayed for any kind of relief even through paralysis.

      Let us know what you decide and how you are doing, and the best of luck in what ever you decide.


      #7; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:27:00 GMT
    • Thankyou again casey for you're reply. I 've decided for now to go with upper partial valplast that will help for temporaily, but im thinking maybe to have one implant and have a one or two unit bridge to the eye tooth that might be the way to go it will save me alot money and time. Its horrible not having upper molars i only have the wisdom tooth and even more horrible not having teeth at all. Be careful about facial neuaglia you dont want that nerve touched. I had caldwell luc surgery in my mouth 12 years ago and i still have partial numbness in my cheekbone and the nerve will never heal. When my molars got extracted a year and half ago it flared up the nerve again it was terrible my cheek was complete numb and there so much swelling its taking 19 months for the swelling to go down and the nerve is still healing. Well im so used it now only having partial feeling in cheek but i guess sometimes in life you have to live with it and you move on and for now i will just keep saving money for the implant and the bridge and live with the valpalst. At least there is hope for all dental sufferies.

      Please let me know hey you go with the implants and what kind of recontruction surgery you are having.

      Good luck and the all the best.

      Regards Louie

      #8; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:27:00 GMT
    • Lou, just so you know, I suck at technical terms. I am such a laymans terms kinda person. All of my reconstruction will be done orally. God willing and they dont have any surprises pop up I should not have any outside scars. When they removed the bone they replaced a lot of it with packing and the lower has now had the packing replaced with a titanium rod, a titanium plate that basically gives the shape of my lower jaw from the chin up. I still have the packing material in the top. It is helping keep the area where the bone was and the new titanium upper jaw and lower cheek bone will be open. I received my new temporaries today. It was weird seeing me with teeth again and my face structure back to what I remember. I had tears in my eyes I was so happy. He is even trusting me with the bottom denture plate. He said that he didn't think I could cause to much harm in just over a week of wearing it. It is a little loose, but it still has to have the implant receivers placed in them and the material that holds them in place. I also learned that I will not be having the type with a plastic/rubber O ring in them. My implant posts will be made of titanium, the receivers will be made with 14k gold mixed with titanium. They will seat using friction. Hopefully it will avoid me needing to have O rings replaced every 6 months to a year depending on how often I remove them. If these work well I will have the same type on the top when that time comes around.

      Hope all is well with you. And ouch to the Caldwell luc surgery, I feel your pain. I had to look it up to see what it was exactly. Now with yours did they do small hole openings through your mouth just above the jaw bone next to your nose?


      #9; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:28:00 GMT
    • Hi casey, im ok since i had my molars and some infected bone from my antrum extracted its so uncomfortable not having teeth there. I think if i did not have that dreaded caldwell luc the area where my molars got extracted would be ok. On my left side i also had 3 upper molars extracted and have no problem there. The oral surgeon said i am very unlucky. Yes that caldwell luc i was operated above the jaw near the nose and they made a small hole. When i woke from that operation my face looked like i went 15 rounds with mike tyson it was so swollen i thought what have i done.

      But as i said you learn to live with. Do have have a plate in you're jaw and how did this all happen.

      Stay strong and be postive and please let me know about implant treatment.

      #10; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:30:00 GMT
    • Hi Lou22 & Lateeth! I didn't know that bone grafting involved using your own bone matter from one part of your mouth to another.The surgeon never suggested my own. I have had 2 bone grafting procedures done on my upper jaw to prepare it for 2 implants, but this was some kind of manmade substance which is supposed to harden into bone over a period of time. The pain has not bothered me as much as the lack of success. My second bone grafting procedure was very extensive and involved the surgeon using 2 to 3 times as much grafting material and my own blod plasma injected into the surgical site to help the healing process. I never had infection either time, but with the 1st surgery I guess most of the bone grafting was reabsorbed. The 2nd surgery was 3 1/2 months ago and much of the bone grafting material seems to have "migrated" into my sinus cavity so now I have some puffiness in the right side of my face and a hard mass under my skin (probably scar tissue my dentist said). My oral surgeon said he would still like to place 2 implants in Jan.'06 and attach a removable partial after it heals. What would be the point of a removable partial after all of that? My main concern now is for my face to heal and hoping I don't have trouble with sinus infection in the future. Do you know if scar tissue will be reabsorbed, or might it have to be surgicially removed?
      #11; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:31:00 GMT