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Bone regrowth?

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My periodontist said that if my scaling/planing doesn't helpkeep my teeth from getting deeper pockets, he said that there is some sort of new technique where they can actually attempt to promote bone growth!!

Has anyone ever heard of this?

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    • There are many alternatives that can help you. I'm collecting different methods for regrowing whole teeth and for healing cavities. I now know of 7 methods for regrowing whole teeth and countless strategies for healing damaged teeth. I've got plenty of stories about alternative treatments for dental problems. Here's one of them.

      Not long ago I ran into a young Korean guy in Sydney and when the conversation turned to teeth he told me that when he still lived in Korea he'd seen an old guy in his county grow back a lost tooth. I asked the young guy about how this old fella did it, and the young guy said that the old fella knew about tai chi, acupuncture, and how to heal himself. I said "What you're telling me is really significant to me because up until now I've only read about this on the internet. You're the first person I've met who's actually seen it first hand. He just opened his eyes really wide and said "I know you can do that because I've seen it!".

      I asked him how I might bring myself to hold the same knowledge as the old fella and the young guy mentioned a couple of areas of Sydney where the Chinese population is high and said "You should try to find a knowledgable exponent." Well, I recently went to a Chinese doctor and told him that I wanted to grow back 2 of my teeth and heal up a couple of others. He looked at me asked "How old are you?". "I'm 30" I said. He said "It won't be easy". I said "That's not a problem".

      I said that because I've already had all my fillings taken out and the holes left open and now that I'm 100% organic inside my mouth, I'm quite confident that in the long term there's no doubt that regrowing my teeth is possible. Having my fillings removed and the holes left open wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be although it wasn't easy either. It was in July and August 2003 that I had that done and it's now January 2004.

      I'm just about ready to move forwards again with the regeneration of my missing teeth and the regrowth of the cavitous sections of my other teeth. I consciously decided to put that on hold after having the fillings out because I thought that my body would undergo some serious confusion after living with fillings for 18 years or so and then all of a sudden living without them.

      So, as I'm saying, I was aware that the reaction might be heavy but it hasn't been too bad and I'm using my cavitous teeth pretty comfortably now. Anyway, the Chinese doctor gave me a bunch of different herbs, mainly roots and barks. I asked him if any of the herbs were poisonous because I wanted to chew them and suck their juices rather than boil them and drink the tea. He said that they weren't poisonous and that I could do that.

      As for the removal of the fillings, the keys were preparation (I ate mainly raw food for 12 months prior to having them taken out), psychosomatic therapy on myself through discussion, drawing and other ways of understanding and sensing the changes, a strong faith in myself, some dental research and herbal research, and keeping things simple and fun.

      The chewing gum I made from beeswax, oregano flakes, and boiled hemp string was particularly useful. At one stage I even went to a pet shop to get ideas on what things I could chew on to strengthen my chewing muscles and to get the blood circulating around my gums, jaws, ears, and nose. Coconut fibre was good for sharpening teeth, but not for developing jaw strength.

      The hemp string chewing gum was good for that but I never chewed it for more than an hour or two because the analgesic effect seemed to peak after a certain point. Along the way, I also stopped using commercial toothpaste for a while, and made a few tooth powders of my own. I used clay which I boiled and dried, charcoal made from nutshells, sometimes herbs, ground up shells from the beach, myrrh, and other things.

      I also did a few dances in some nice bushland to express myself when I wasnt sure whether I was doing the right thing or not. Other times I simply stared at the stars and tried to feel some pain in my teeth because they simply didnt hurt. Living near the beach and a nice environment helped, but I was so determined to rid myself of the objects implanted in my mouth that I think I would've gotten the job done even if I lived in the city.

      After having them out it was tricky getting myself to use my teeth confidently again, but I kept working on it since I assumed that by being healthy overall it was inevitable that they'd get better rather than worse. I must admit that one of the most useful things I did was consciously taking responsibility for the care of my teeth by admitting that in order to have ended up with holes in my teeth I must have not looked after them well enough in the first place.

      That made me aware that even after having my fillings taken out, unless I was changed with respect to the way I treated my teeth, the holes would only get worse. The benefits that I've experienced since having all my fillings out are so extensive and sound that I can't express it easily. It's a change of my physical nature. My character has stayed the same, but the way that my body handles stress has changed and my choices in life are changing as I get used to the improvements.

      Sebastian Reed

      #1; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 16:35:00 GMT
    • There are drugs you can take to promote bone regrowth I THINK.

      One technique is when they pull back the gum and clean it, then put in a graft of bone or membrane which can stimulate tissue regrowth, and gives your teeth extra support.

      #2; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 16:36:00 GMT