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broken tooth and sore on side of tongue

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Ok sort of a silly question my back wisdom tooth on the bottom right side is coming in and along with this the molar that is right next to it is broken off I would go to the dentist for this asap but, I am pregnant and some stuff isnt safe during pregnancy.. but anyways back to the problem.. I have a small sore on the side of my tongue.. looks more like a cut than anything its not bleeding and isnt a weird color like green or anything.. basically it looks like a cut with a piece of tongue sticking out a little bit.. Just wondering if this could have happened from my tongue rubbing up against the tooth at night while I sleep.. It doesnt hurt all the time just when that damn tooth catches it and sometimes when I eat.. what can I do to help this heal?

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    • Unfortunately, the cut will most likely not heal until you get the tooth fixed that is irritating it. If you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester you can see a dentist. If you don't want dental treatment during your pregnacy perhaps he could put an temporary filling in without anesthetic. Sometimes you can develop a calous on the side of your tongue (aka frictional keratosis) from the constant scraping of the broken tooth. But I would try to have it fixed since it can lead to decay faster which might need more than a filling...
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