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Can an abcessed tooth cause swollen lymph nodes?

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Can an abcessed tooth cause swollen lymph nodes? I have a severe abcessed tooth (lower molar) which has given me problems for a few years. From time to time I take anti-biotics to get the abcess under control. Lately it hurts so dreadfully that I have to take Lortab for the pain and use ice packs on my jaw.

Last year I discovered that the lymph nodes under my arms were swollen and painful.

I've been seeing a surgeon and getting CT scans for the lymph nodes for one year.

Intially the doctor told me that we'd better 'wait and see and keep an eye on them'.

I sought a second opinion and his response was the same as the first doctor.

The most recent CT scan showed that the lymph nodes had grown in size and multiplied. Now the surgeon wants to perform a biopsy.

He informed me that the procedure would involve scooping out half of my arm pit.

My insurance provides for MDs but not for dentists, which is why I've not had the blasted tooth pulled. (I'm retired and on a fixed income)

Since I know that the lymph node system acts as a filter I'm wondering if my abcessed tooth might actually be causing the swollen lymph nodes. Does anyone know ?? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Sudie