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Denture Problems (please Help)

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Please any information would be most appricated, I have had Dentures (Top) for 2 months now, I have 2 problems I have a severe gagging problem to where it is so bad I end up throwing up, I have been to my dentist and she ajusted the back and said she can not take to much off, I would have to learn to not gag, how do you do that? My second problem is my mouth gets very very dry, I have tried sucking on candy, I always have to have something in my hand to drink, the gagging is the main problem even when I am driving I will start to gag which in my book is not safe, I try and wear my dentures everyday but sometimes it is hard due to the muscle pain in my stomach from gagging, I do wear the adhesive. HELP.

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    • I hear ya! When you get the gagging reflex, try humming...lol...I know you can't always do that in public but it does work! The dry mouth gets somewhat better as time goes on. If I make sure I breath differently it helps. Also I press with my tounge on the top of my mouth, this seems to make the denture go deeper into the tissue up there and I don't feel how far back in the mouth it is. I've had a soft partial denture since last Oct. I have to have it relined for a year then I'll have the real one made. I have a girlfriend who has a very sensitive gagging reflex. She has trouble just brushing her teeth. She is going to hum while brushing to see if it helps her.
      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:15:00 GMT
    • Drs

      Thank You For The Advice At This Point I Am Willing To Try Anything I Go Back In 6 Month To A Year For My Reline, I Am In My 30's And Had To Get Dentures So I Was Happy And Devastated At The Same Time, I Had Gone So Long With Bad Teeth That When I Got My New Ones I Thought Finally I Can Smile, But With The All The Problems I Thought To Myself What Did I Do, It Is Hard To Be In Public Meeting People When You Want To Throw Up On Them Lol. Again Thank You.

      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:16:00 GMT
    • Hello! I have had my dentures 5 weeks now. Luckily I haven't had too many problems. Do you normally have a very sensitive gag reflex? That was something that I was real worried about, because I gag a lot. But I haven't been gagging. It sounds like your dentures are too big. Do they seem to fit your mouth ok?

      I have the same problem with the mouth dryness, but I have noticed if I sip on Dr. Pepper a lot that helps. Sometimes drinking water seems to make it worse.

      Well at least you are smiling pretty when getting ready to throw up on someone, LOL!


      #3; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:17:00 GMT
    • LOL I have had dentures for a short while too... Both top and bottom.. SO far so good except I still cannot eat very well... gagging has never been a problem thank god..

      I however have the drymouth problem as well and just sip coffee (never helps) and soda's more so then ever..

      #4; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:18:00 GMT
    • I got my teeth pulled last Thursday and immediate denture. I work for the Army and to explain compare two items of supply they compare Form, Fit, and Function. I have no trouble with Form or Fit- but function is lousy. Tonight my son made me some vegetable soup and I had to use a blender to make it edible. Will I ever be able to eat lettuce salads? Seems unlikely.
      #5; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:19:00 GMT
    • It has been 5 weeks for me and lettuce is still an issue. I have gotten better with lots of other things, but I would sure like to have a salad right now! Are you using glue yet? That does help alot.
      #6; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:20:00 GMT
    • The day after my denture was put in - I went back to dentist and she put in a temporary liner- it was so soft (at first). Now can't even feel it. What kind of adhesives are you using? Should I ask my dentist- dont' go back until next friday (this is Saturday).
      #7; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:21:00 GMT
    • I had huge problems saying "S" for the longest time. The only time I had gagging problems was brushing, so I popped the denture out and did it that way. When I would put them back in, I would gag, but I tried breathing deeply in as I put them in, then panting out as I fitted them.

      It will pass eventually.. it's mainly your tongue trying to find a new 'home' to sit that causes the reflex.

      I can't afford to have my dentures re-alligned, so I have to glue mine in all the time. I have a full upper and a partial lower.

      It will get better. Keep your mouth moist.


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    • I have tried both Poli-Dent and Fixo-Dent. They both seem to work ok. I would give the adhesives a shot before you go back. But if you are having problems, I would call them. Good luck!
      #9; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:23:00 GMT
    • I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions, and everyone's compassion, it has gotten to the point to where if I am at home I do not wear my dentures, I have used fixadent and the polygrip, the fixadent no flavor seems to work the best, i just looked at the calender and it going on 3 months since I have had my dentures and I am fusterated, My husband and I went to Laughlin 3 weeks ago and that was basically the first public apperance with my dentures, the gagging was so bad that I almost threw up walking through the casino, I finally got to the point where I went to the room to take them out and I threw up on my pants and the floor, I thought this is all I need to have the people at the casino think I have had to much to drink and that is why I am sick and what is really funny I do not drink lol so that is where I am in my recovery process, I am also having the problem with bone spurs I have been able to pull 3 out and I just found another one yesterday. I have been told that a denture should be able to fit snug without adhesive, has anyone else heard that because mine do not they flop down and move around. Again thank to everyone.
      #10; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:24:00 GMT
    • I have temporary liners and will get the permanents when I have had my dentures for 6 months. The denturist told me that they would be a little loose until then and to use adhesive. It sounds to me like your dentures don't fit. Mine are loose, but nothing like that. I don't think your teeth are right. I would go back and make them fix them. If they really care they should not have a problem with that. My denturist told me that he did not care if I had to come in everyday, he didn't want me not to wear them because of a bad fit.
      #11; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:25:00 GMT
    • I have had my top dentures for only 19 days now and luckily have not had much gagging problems. There is something called Oral balance for mouth dryness. I t has the consistancy of KY jelly and is sold by the toothpaste at most stores. I had to use it when taking a certain medication and it helped, especially at night. I just bought some today because my mouth has been getting extremely dry again.
      #12; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:26:00 GMT
    • Chrisma, You mentioned that you had a soft liner. I asked my dentisit why mine was hard and if my real ones would be a soft liner. He said that No he would only give me a hard liner for my permanate ones also, that they just seem to fit better and that the soft ones lose thier shape. Did your dentist tell you something different?

      What type of liner does everyone else have?

      #13; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:27:00 GMT
    • Hi Tina, Glad you are back! i was wondering how you are doing. I will be getting a permanent liner that is hard in 6 months. It is basically the same as what I have now, but it will fit better. The soft ones do lose their shape, but the point in those is to cushion your gums as they are healing. They are very temporary. I could actually pull it away from my dentures now. I need to go back and get a new one. My denturist will do one every 5 weeks or so until it is time to do the permanent liner. It has made a BIG difference. My mouth feels much better, but they do tend to make my dentures feel too big. But I can handle that!

      Do you or anyone else seem to have a "slimey" mouth? I don't know if it is dryness or what, but I feel like there is always a film in my mouth.

      Cristie :)

      #14; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:28:00 GMT
    • Cristie, Thanks, they banned me for giving a web address to someone in the hepatitis forum. Learned my lesson.

      How are you doing? I am getting much better, slowly but surely, still can't bite into anything so I guess NO tacos for my birthday lol. I can chew some things now so that is nice but I find that I swallow things before chewing them good enough. then choking. It just still hurts to chew anything hard.

      I love them though, I smile alot more, Husband and I went to Lauhglin last week and I can't belive the difference when I look at pictures. I am smiling in all of them :)

      I have temporary dentures. They are hard plastic and all one piece, so I don't know how they can reline them next month. I won't have my permanate ones for 6 months either. You already have your "real" teeth just on a temp liner? I hope my real ones look as good as my temps. They look very real, color, size , shape. One of them is just slightly crooked too, I was not happy with it at first but just makes them look more real.

      I get that slimey feeling every so often but not bad, My problem is getting that adhesive off the roof of my mouth. I have tried using a soft toothbrush and rinsing with salt water. everything, any tips?

      Glad to hear from you too.


      #15; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:29:00 GMT
    • Hi Kim! I am doing pretty good. I need to get back in to get my 2nd soft liner. The old one is starting to rub, and if I don't use adhesive at all times, I get some sore spots. I never realized how much I liked meat until it became so hard to eat! When I can actually eat tacos I will probably gain back the weight that I have lost! LOL

      I know what you mean about the smiling. I walk around all the time now with a goofy grin on my face. It is nice to smile again.

      I don't know how they reline the dentures. I am also wondering how the denturist will get the "teeth" off of my old liners to put in the permanent. I hope it doesn't do any damage. Mine are like yours. They have a few "blemishes", and I was real worried about that. But they do look so natural. I have even had a few people that had not seen me in a while, ask when I got my teeth fixed. They are shocked when I tell them they are dentures.

      The best thing I have found to get the adhesive off is Crest toothpaste that has the Scope in it. It seems to dissolve the glue right off of my gums and roof. It doesn't get it off the dentures real well though. So far I haven't figured that one out. My denturist told me not to brush the soft liner, but sometimes the adhesive builds up and I have too.

      I am so glad that you are doing better. I was worried after your first few rough days. It is a slow process, but I think it is well worth it!

      Are you still going to get to visit your son and grandson? Talk to ya soon!


      #16; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:30:00 GMT
    • Hi, one of the best ways to learn to overcome the gagging sensation is to suck on a piece of hard candy. It keeps the saliva flowing and gives your mouth something else to do besides trying to get the denture our one way or another. Sometimes the very back of the palate of the denture extends too far back. Usually when they make adjustments and put in soft liners, the problem gets worse because the denture is now BIGGER. Try the hard candies and if that does not work- call the dentist and get seen.

      As far as what adhesives to try- give the fixodent powder a try. It holds well and is so much easier to get out of the denture and out of your mouth at the end of the day.

      Are you sleeping with the denture in?


      P.S. I have had my full upper and lower dentures for four and a half years- it does get better!

      #17; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:31:00 GMT
    • Hi Sandy! Do you get used to the dentures enough that they ever feel like "real" teeth again? That is probably the worst problem I have with them. I still can't tell if I am chewing right. I also tend to grit my dentures and don't notice it until my gums start to hurt!
      #18; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:32:00 GMT
    • Crisma,

      I cannot say that I am totally unaware of my dentures. I think at this point I am more aware of them when they are out of my mouth than when they are in. Things do become routine- get up, take a shower, dress, put teeth in, go about the day. Most days I do really think much about them. I do not always think before I eat! I am ok with just about anything you put in front of me. It took time.

      In the time since I got my teeth, I have met several other women near my age in my community and at work who also wear dentures. We do talk about them often. Mostly sharing experiences and tips for successful wearing. One woman in her early 50's has worn dentures for 31 years. She is the source of much of our collective wisdom. From those who have worn dentures for a long time, they tell me that you adapt your life to wearing them and once you are comfortable and have learned all of the basic tricks, you go on about life as if nothing is different.

      You have to keep in mind that not only do you have to adjust to some pretty major physical changes, the emotional changes are the hardest to deal with. Without a good support group, it is very hard. For me, talking about what I went through helped tremendously. Just by talking with friends, they put me in touch with most of the people I confide in now.

      There are other venues on the internet that have wonderful insight into the whole denture thing. Don't be afraid to post your questions, this board always has some of the best practical advice around.


      #19; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:33:00 GMT
    • Again I want to thank everyone for there suggestions, I have tried the hard candies for dryness did not work, as for the adhesive on the roof of my mouth I have long nails so I just use them, I have basically given up I have not wore my dentures in almost 2 weeks, I tried the other night and again threw up, I also seem to feel they are not even they do not line up with my bottom teeth I do not remember my teeth doing that it feels like my bite is off. So I guess I should start over any suggestions, Someone told me to wear them for 1 to 2 hours one day and then 2 to 3 the next and so on. When I went to my dentist for the gagging she filed off just a bit off the back but told me she could not take anymore off, that I would have to learn not to gag, I am sorry but I gag at everything even before, how do teach yourself not to gag. I will admitt when I do wear them as uncomfortable as they are when I first got them my husband made me laugh and he said that was the first time he saw me smile in over 7 years, with out covering my mouth with my hand. Again thanks everyone I am glad there is a web site for this I was at the end of my rope, I am still am lol but at least I know there are other people going through the same thing.
      #20; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:34:00 GMT
    • Crisma,

      I just got back from seeing my son and grandson, both are doing wonderful. My son didn't even notice that I had dentures yet. I got wonderful news when i was there. My hepatitis tests came back negative!!! :)

      My teeth are doing much better now, I am able to eat most things that I don't have to bite with my front teeth. I can eat steak now and salads, just have to be little bites. I need to go in now and get my bottom plate.

      #21; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:35:00 GMT
    • Hi Az- don't give up! This is a very hard thing to get over both emotionally and physically. Not wearing your dentures is not the answer. Not only is it making the adjustment to dentures harder by prolonging it, your self esteem is probably below ground now.

      If you have your teeth out and touch the back of your palate with your finger- do you gag? Keep trying this until you reach a point where you no longer gag and make note of the position and show the dentist. They may not be able to take more off that denture you currently have but nothing is stoping them from making a new one that will not go as far back.

      #22; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:36:00 GMT
    • Hey Az, have you tried some sort of throat spray like cloriseptic(I have no clue on how to spell it)? Maybe that could numb your throat letting you get used to your teeth without gagging. I don't know if it would work, but it wouldn't hurt to try. I wonder also how you "teach" yourself how not to gag!

      Hi Kim! I am so glad you got to see your son and grandson! Glad to hear they are fine! I guess your son not noticing your teeth means that they look pretty natural, huh? Whoo-Hoo that your hep tests came back with a big fat negative :bouncing: !!!!!

      I am glad your teeth are doing so well. I am so jealous that you can eat steak! That is still a hard one for me. How about tacos? If you tell me you can eat those, I may not talk to ya anymore, LOL! When are you going to get your bottoms? I hope those work for you too.

      I still have my good and bad days. I still haven't went back for my second soft liner. I have been so busy, that I just can't seem to make the time to go. I am going to talk to my denturist when I do go in though because the first soft liner was great, but it was flavored, and it tasted like pepto-bismol for the first few weeks. I cannot stand that taste! I think that is when I lost the most weight. Everything tasted like that, so I did not eat much. So hopefully he has something other than that one. But if it can help me loose more weight, maybe I will get the same one again.

      I knew you said your b-day was coming up, don't know exactly when, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


      #23; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:38:00 GMT
    • Sandy, I was wondering, do you use adhesive now? I was doing so well with my teeth, but the past few days I seem to be getting worse. It is getting harder to eat again. Do you know if that is normal? I need to get my second soft liners, but I just don't know if I can stand the taste that they left in my mouth the last time.

      You talked in a previous post about learning the basic tricks. Any you can think of at any time would help alot. I have several family members that have dentures and they have been alot of help, but most of them had their dentures for quite a few years. They can't seem to remember much! LOL



      #24; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:39:00 GMT
    • Cristie,

      Actually today is my Birthday. I am 30-11 :) I have an appointment to get my top one relined in 2 weeks and they are supposed to be giving me my bottom plate. It is not a full denture, just 4 teeth that were missing in the back.that will snap on to existing teeth. I don't know that I will be eating steak then cause my mouth is so small to begin with and I use my back left gum to chew with now, so I don't know how anything will fit in my mouth after I have all my teeth in.

      The top ones are doing good, finally getting used to them. I have had a couple of bone spurs, but all in all not too many problems. I do have a few questions for you though.

      How the heck do you loosen them to take them out of your mouth without having to pry them off?

      How do you get that dumb adhesive off the roof of your mouth with out scraping it off?

      Should they come out every night for the whole night or can you leave them in all the time except to clean them and change the adhesive?

      Thanks, Kim

      P.S. I decided on seafood for dinner tonight, not ready for tacos yet .lol :wave:

      #25; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:40:00 GMT
    • To get the teeth to release off of the top of the mouth, use your finger to dig it out of the far back side. Yuck I know. LOL

      I had my Parcial made into my temporary denture. My soft relining is included with that price, so any relining is no charge. Just takes a while because it's an hour to the dentist office. :(

      I find that if I take a few Ibuprofens before I go for the reline, I can bite harder for the forming. To get rid of that taste of the soft reline(pepto bismal)I rinse them in a salt water bath...it helps.

      My dentist said the gums shrink for up to a year and is hoping I can wear my temporary on for a whole year. I'm at the 6mos. point right now. The only time I can chew something like steak is soon after the reline, it seems as time goes on and the gums are shrinking then it flops around more. I've never had to use the glues. I did bust one side and had to have it repaired though. I've also taken an exacto knife to the excess on the out side of the denture. Just on the back parts. I've taken a dremel tool to the teeth too, lol...needed to grind some down so my bite wasn't just on one side. Had to make sure I didn't go through the hard part of the denture, just took off a little at a time. My dentist said it was fine to do small adjustments, I'm pretty handy with the tools. hahaha.

      I was thinking about the gagging troubles...could they make the back part of the denture thinner? Then you wouldn't feel it so much?

      Sounds like we are all in the same boat here, nice to know someone else is going though what I am.

      #26; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:41:00 GMT
    • Tina, I hope you had a happy Birthday!!! I hope your bottom plate works out ok.

      I am having some major issues with bone spurs. They are really bad and I can't get them out. I probably need to go back to the dentist, but I do not know if they would charge for that, and I am really broke right now. Hopefully they will work out on their own. I can get my fingernails on them, but can't seem to get a good enough grip to pull them out.

      To get them loose I just start on the top of each side and kinda push them down a little. Then I start just kinda rocking them around. The adhesive on the roof of my mouth gives me problems sometimes. It makes me gag if I can't get it off quick enough. I just rinse with warm water and brush the roof of my mouth with a soft toothbrush that has Crest with Scope on it. It seems to do the trick.

      I don't take mine out at night. I just take them out to clean them. I have been meaning to ask someone that one myself. I just don't know if it would feel too wierd to sleep without them.

      Hi drs! I would say that you are pretty handy with tools. I would probably mess my dentures up so bad I would have to have new ones! LOL Do you keep your teeth out at night? Have you had any spurs and if so is there a trick to getting them out?


      #27; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:42:00 GMT
    • Cristie,

      I do not use adhesive in my normal day to day activities. I only use it for special occassions such as work related social gatherings, days at the beach, theme parks and outdoor activities where a wandering denture would be a major disaster.

      Your gums and bones in your mouth will be changing forever basically. The changes in the beginning are far greater than later in life. Since I got my permanent dentures at about 16 months- I have not had any major relines or adjustments. Much of this depends on the health and condition of your mouth and underlying tissues prior to tooth extraction. Have as many relines done as it takes to be comfortable- the taste will go away. It seems to me that some dental practices want to see new denture patients on a programmed schedule- this makes no sense to me, during the initial phase of denture wearing it is so critical to have a good secure fit and to be free of bone spurs. My dentist practically allowed me to set up a cot in his office I was there so often but he seemed to know I needed both emotional and physical support- he is like this accross the board.

      I am glad you have people to talk to, that was one aspect that made getting denture somewhat bearable- a close family friend had dentures and she took me aside and explained and showed me everything. She let me ask all the crazy questions I could think of, she showed me how to bite, chew and keep them clean.

      As far as tricks go:

      Chew bubble gum- without your teeth! This sounds crazy but it helps toughen the gums and will help with the bone spurs.

      Practice practice practice- try a new food every day. Actually take notes about how you do, what works and what doesn't. Do this at home so no one can laugh at you.

      Read aloud in front of the video recorder- watch yourself on playback

      When eating get in the habit of placing the food far back in your mouth with your fork

      learn to push bite- it is the opposite from biting with real teeth. Instead of getting your teeth into food and pulling or ripping. Bit down and through it and push while biting. You will be amazed at what you can bite!

      If you have specific questions, please post them and I will reply as soon as I can.

      How are you handling the emotional side of the dentures?


      #28; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:43:00 GMT
    • Cristie, hello to you too! I don't take mine out at night. Even when I have to have the denture out for a short period of time it seems the roof of my mouth has a heck of a time reshaping for a good fit again. I only take mine out for cleaning. I had some shooting spur pains about a month or so after the extractions, but never had anything come to the surface. Haven't had any more pain since then either.

      I was wondering if you could use a magnifying mirror and use a tweezer that has the handles on it like a scissor(?)to pull them out with. Or sometimes at the fishing dept. area of a store you can buy those long clamp things...hemostat

      is the name it.

      Those shooting pains are no fun! I did take some homeopathic tabs for it called 'Hypericum 30x' it's for temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with minor injuries to nerves, toes, fingers, nail, or pain after dental work. Chracteristics: The pain may be tingling or ver sensitive to touch. I used 3 tabs under the tounge, let dissolve and one every 1/2hr till it helped.

      Sandy, you are so lucky to have a great dentist. It makes all the difference. Good ideas you have for everyone too. I use a really soft toothbrush, warm it under hot water and brush my gums with salt water to toughen them. It has helped. Never tried the gum. Might have to do that for a little variation. lol

      #29; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:44:00 GMT
    • Hi Sandy thanks for the advise. I have a very good denturist. I can go in at anytime if I have any problems. He doesn't have me on a real schedule. He did say that he will do my permanent liners when I have had my dentures for about 6 months. Do you think that is too soon?

      I am going to try gumming gum(LOL) tonight. I have 2 spurs that are getting terrible. I have noticed that I chew on my right side and hardly ever my left, and the left side is where the spurs are. Is it maybe because I am not using that side?

      I am ok with the talking. I only seem to have problems when my mouth gets real dry or the adhesive has worn off.

      I have tried to get the food farther back in my mouth, but when I do it seems to slide right down my throat making me choke. I am still working on that one.

      I haven't even began to try to bite into anything. If I can't cut it up into small pieces, I don't even try to eat it.

      Emotionally, I think I am doing pretty good. I am 33 and all of my life I have had bad teeth. They started looking real bad about 5 years ago. I was too embarassed to even smile at people. Now I walk around with a smile on my face all the time. I know real teeth are better, but financially there was just no way for me to fix my real teeth. I don't regret doing this. I just wish I could eat a taco!!!

      Thanks again for the advise.


      #30; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:45:00 GMT
    • Hi drs! I haven't taken mine out overnight since I have had them. I just take them out to clean and back in they go. It feels too wierd to have them out. When they are out my mouth feels tired.

      I didn't think about tweezers or a hemostat. I have to do something! This pain is getting pretty bad. I can see them, I just can't get a grip on them. I am going to try to use the tweezers tonight and see how that goes.

      Can you get Hypericum 30x at Wal-Mart or a health food store? I might have to try that if I can't get them out.

      Thanks for your help!


      #31; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:46:00 GMT
    • Crisma, Sorry about the bones spurs, I know they are horrible. I have had three since getting my top dentures.Two I have been able to pull out and one is coming out the side now where my eye tooth is, so it is rubbing hard I have just been using more adhesive to cushion it for now till I can get in to the dentist. It will be another couple of weeks till I get a reline so I won't be getting my bottom partial till then either. I have a bad feeling that I won't be able to chew anything then as my mouth is so small. We will see, I would hate to have spent all that money and not be able to wear then. Either that or not eat and that is not an option :)

      I have now been leaving my teeth in my mouth overnight, My dentist said that I needed to give my gums a rest when they were first done, so to take them out at night. Doesn't your mouth get sore though if you leave them in all the time? My mouth feels so tired at the end of the day. I do feel better in the morning waking up next to my husband with my teeth in. I still try not to let him see me with them out.

      I hope that you feel better soon. Let us know if it worked and if you can buy the Hypericum over the counter.


      #32; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:47:00 GMT
    • Hi Tina! I am going to get these bone spurs out if I have to start sawing my gums with a knife, lol! They are driving me crazy!!!!I hope you have an easy time with your partial. I have a small mouth too and I was worried about the dentures making my mouth too crowded, but they are fine. I bet if my husband heard me say I had a small mouth he would find that funny! :D Have you asked your dentist if that can be a problem?

      My mouth doesn't get sore leaving my teeth in. My mouth does feel tired when I take them out. Can you close your mouth all the way since you still have your bottom teeth? I think that is my problem. Since I can't I feel like I have to try, and I think that makes my jaw tired. I am the same way with my husband. He has seen me without my teeth in, but I try to avoid that.


      #33; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:48:00 GMT
    • Sandy and Christie

      Thank you so much for your support and information I went to the dentist on monday she took a little more off the back she told me about the biotene which I bought, she said that I was just basically weird for my gagging so she suggested implants at 2400.00, I just paid 1250.00 for my dentures I will try my best to get over the gagging, As far as bone spurs I have only had 3 and I have been able to flick them out with my fingernails, I know that I should be wearing them everyday but I have not felt good, I am doing another trip to las vegas and laughlin in june and I am determined to get used to my teeth. Again I am glad there is a web site for these problems, it is one thing to hear comments from loved ones or friends who do not have dentures vs. people that do, and for that I am grateful.

      Susie :wave:

      #34; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:49:00 GMT
    • You'll have to look in a health food store that sells individual homeopathics...GNC doesn't sell them individually any more. I found some at our Co-op (health store).

      I found that my gums get sore when I'm tense, and clenching, or haven't eaten enough and my stomach is emtpy. I have to rub my jaw and sometime take a wet wash cloth, pull my tounge out as far as possible and turn it one way, hold it for the coun't of 5 and then the other way for a count of 5. This releases the tension in the muscles towards the back of the mouth.

      I also do a rinse for sore gums and prevent gum diseases on my permant teeth. This may sound awful but I found it does help. It's also suppose to help heal the mouth faster too. I use 5 drops of tea tree oil in about a 1/4 cup of water, you'll need to stir it with a spoon (coz water and oil don't mix). Swish spit, swish and spit till it's all gone, take about 2min.s doing this. Don't swallow it though. Then let your mouth rest after, don't rinse with anything, if your mouth gets watery just spit. Your mouth will tingle alot. I found kmart has the cheapest tea tree oil, 5bucks a bottle. I use it on blisters, warts, athletes foot, and sores in addition to using it for a mouth rinse. I had to buy the eye dropper separately. Don't get the tree tea oil up into the rubber part of the dropper though, it breaks down plastic and rubber and the bulb on the dropper will stick together.

      Crisma, I found that scissor type of tweezer in the same section where you buy other tweezers, it's the only kind I buy now. Hope you can get those buggers out!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone.

      #35; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:50:00 GMT
    • Hello, Just thought I'd stop in your thread hehe. It's been a month since having all of my uppers pulled and my denture was so loose that adhesive just was not working at all. I called my dentist last week and told him I wanted a soft reline. I went in this morning and he put this grayish looking stuff that tasted like the smell of spray paint and said he had to send them to the lab for the day and that I can get them back later. Isn't that a hard reline?? I asked him and he said "well theres a couple different ways to do a reline" and blah blah but I just think it's strange that I'm only 1 month into this and he already did a hard reline. Argh. Anyway I'm really looking forward to eating a good meal tonite with my nice fitting denture!! It's been so loose it's been almost impossible to eat anything. By the way, about these bone spur thingys, I haven't had any... Am I going to get them or is it too early yet? I had my teeth pulled at the hospital by an oral surgeon because I'm pregnant and they wanted to be extra safe, maybe he got the whole tooth out?? Hmm.. so yea, is the dentist giving me a hard reline strange to anyone else?? Thanks!
      #36; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:51:00 GMT
    • It could be a hard reline or a lab soft liner. Either way it should fit better when you get it back. The hardest part of something like that is not being prepared to be without your teeth for the day or overnight or what ever time frame it is. Until you have a permanent denture made, there may be more opportunities to spend the day without your teeth.

      A month sounds too soon but who am I to say, I just use the darn things too. Practice will get you through all the obstacles and make life bearable again.


      #37; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:52:00 GMT
    • Noobie, I did not address the bone spur issues- I do not think everyone gets them. I had very few. I think they are a direct result of how much fighting they had to do to get your teeth out. Since you said you were in a hospital and under anesthesia they could take their time and were probably more gentle than they normally are with a squirming patient in the chair in the office where they just want to rip the old teeth out and jam the new ones in.

      I had my dentures done 10 weeks after delivering my baby. He did not want to do it while I was still carrying. In some respects it might have been easier to do as you did. I had a new baby and a mouth full of new teeth to work with.


      #38; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:53:00 GMT
    • Noobie

      I was told that I could not get a reline for at least 6 months to a year, I have had mine since January, I have only gotten 3 bone spurs, and 2 sore spots, I also have a gagging problem which I am trying to get over, I do not wear my teeth like I am suppose to, I just started wearing them again this week I have only wore them once, It makes a person wonder if your orginal teeth were easier then dentures,


      #39; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:54:00 GMT
    • Well I got my choppers back. They feel wonderful but it is a hard reline.. I don't know why the heck he did that but I sure hope my insurance is going to cover another one later. Can I even get another hard reline done now that I've had one?

      Anyway, they feel wonderful. They were so loose I was getting food and lots of spit between them and my gums and it was disgusting. I was forever rinsing my mouth. So now they're good to go and I'm eating like a champ! ;) The only problem is that the palate seems really tight and I believe it's giving me a blister on the roof of my mouth. And ofcourse my dentist is open on Fridays so I'll have to sit like this all weekend. But yea, I'm a little mad about not getting a soft reline, isn't it actually soft? I think that would feel a heck of a lot better than a hard reline. Ah well..

      I'm actually adjusting a little bit better these days. Although I do have my days where I just want to cry because it's so frustrating that I have to take my teeth out to brush them and that I can't just sit around without them in my mouth or I feel disgusting.

      I still can't stand the bulkness of the palate. It irritates me.

      Hey does anyone elses jaw ever feel tired or sore? My jaw always feel exhausted and I just can't seem to relax it. It's weird..

      #40; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:55:00 GMT
    • Hi everyone!!! Well I finally got one spur out. Still working on the other. I think that is the last one(I hope). It is amazing that a little bitty thing like that can cause sooo much pain! Does anyone know how long this lasts? I hope I don't have these forever. What seems strange to me is that where the spurs are coming in at is where the dentist had no trouble with removing the teeth. They came out easy. The only thing I can think of is that I don't chew on that side.

      I am so glad I don't have problems with the gagging. That was one of my biggest concerns. I hope you guys can figure a way around that. I sure feel for you!

      Noobie, I am glad that you can eat again!!! You might try sea bond or something like that if the denture is too rough on the roof of your mouth. I was told that those work real well.I know what you mean about the tiredness of the jaw. Mine does the same thing. I hope that goes away too.

      I am so happy that I have found this board. You have all been so nice and helpful. I hope that we all will be back to chomping away soon! :)


      #41; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:56:00 GMT
    • Noobie, I had a hard liner since day one, when I go back next month I will get a reline with another hard liner. I asked about a soft one and was told that they lose thier shape to fast. I won't get my permanate one for 6 months though.

      Mine fit really good at first but now that my gums have shrunk, they are lose and cannot be worn without adhesive. I too have been pretty lucky with the bone spurs, have only had three and they weren't that bad.Except the blister I have now from where they rub.

      Crisma, How are you doing? Did you get the spur out yet? You have been such a pillar for all of us, Sorry that you are having so many problems now with yours.

      #42; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:57:00 GMT
    • I get my new soft line again today, I'm so glad as the denture is getting loose again. My dentist hasn't charged me for any of these. Thank goodness, as it would be out of pocket for anything I have done. Crisma I'm glad to hear you got rid of some of those spurs out! Yeowch!

      I would definately take mine back to the dentist if they were too rough for the top of my mouth, it only takes them a minute to file it down a bit. (I have permission to do my own filing. Thank goodness!) I've had this a few times myself, even with a soft reline.

      The only bad part about a new soft reline is the funny taste starts over again. I'll have to swish with the sea salt water again to get rid of that.

      I enjoy reading all the posts and will continue to come back and check to see how everyone is doing.

      #43; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:58:00 GMT
    • KIM, have you got your partial yet? I hope it goes well for you. I have gotten one spur out yet, but still working on the other. I am not in as much pain now.

      drs, I am making myself take the time next week to go get my next soft liner. I don't care how busy I am. I don't have to pay for the soft liners I get either. I do have to pay for the permanent liner which will cost about $95 each. I will get those sometime in August. When you use salt water to get rid of the taste, about how long do you have to do it before the taste goes away? The soft liners are so comfortable, but the taste is the main reason I keep putting it off.

      I hope everyone is doing well. Keep us posted.


      #44; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:59:00 GMT
    • Cristie, I have not been in to get my bottom partial yet, Just got back from Michigan. Had to go to some doctors appointments to take care of other health issues but will call the dentist this week to make the appointment. I am glad to hear that you have gotten one spur out, the other will come out soon I am sure. At least the pain as gone down some. I have been rinsing with sea salat water for a week because of this stupid blister. It is more like a cold sore right where my upper touch the top crease of my mouth.

      I am stilll having problems with this stupid adhesive and getting it off the roof of my mouth and gums. I have tried everything including the soft toothbrush and listerine. I can get it off but it takes at least 15 min a day to do this. There has got to be a better way. I heard about the adhesive strips you can buy but I just cant see them working as good. Have you tried them. I guess it is all just trial and error for each person so offI go to buy them and see. I'll let you know if they work.

      Take care, ****Kim**** (not Tina, lol)

      #45; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:00:00 GMT
    • Sorry KIM, I was talking to a friend as I was writing that post and let me tell ya it doesn't take much to confuse me,lol!!! I went back and fixed it. How is your liver stuff doing? I hope all is well with that.

      I agree the adhesive can be a pain in the butt. I haven't figured out the easiest way to deal with that either. I was so excited when I saw the commercial for the strips(pretty sad when I get excited about a denture commercial). I went out the next day and bought them. BIG dissapointment!!! They were real easy to apply but the bottom ones did not hold at all. I had a major embarrasing moment because of them. My husband and I had went out to eat(I should have known not to try something new right before I go eat in public!), and as I was eating my bottoms basically fell out. I wasn't even eating anything hard. I so wanted to slide under the table! But the top ones held alot better. The only problem I had with those is they didn't move, but they did feel loose. It felt like spit kept collecting under them. But they were in pretty tight. The adhesive on those was easier to get off. Since you don't have bottoms they might work well for you.


      #46; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:01:00 GMT
    • It helps every time...for a short period of time...I do it as often as needed, it won't hurt you, then eventually the taste disapears with time. I'd do it with them out and with them in. It may help some of those spurs come out too. I just had my reline done yesterday, it's a burny kind of taste too I think, the salt seems to really help me. I carry some in a small jar in my purse too, and if I'm out and about I can put some on my tounge, get some water in my mouth and swish, it helps keep my bottom permanant teeth clean too. I sure hope it works for you!!
      #47; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:02:00 GMT
    • The easiest way to get adhesive off your gums etc. is to rinse your mouth with water as hot as you can handle to soften the stuff up. Then use a washcloth to wipe it off. Have you tried the powder yet? I find it holds very nicely and is much easier to remove from both your gums and the dentures.

      Cristie sorry to hear about your moment! Eating in public with new dentures whether they stay in place or want to show themselves off is never fun. Just try to keep your sense of humor and know that things will get better.

      My 11 month old did what all babies do- put his hand into my mouth at a party and deftly extracted my lower denture and was aiming toward his own mouth. This would have been fine if I had been at home but we were at a pool party! At that time I had only had my dentures for about 10 months so every little event had a huge impact on me. Looking back- we laugh.


      #48; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:03:00 GMT
    • Cristie & Sandy,

      I went out yesterday before reading your post and bought the strips too.. What a waste. I thought I would try them out at night before taking a chance in public. Glad I did. My gums have shrunken so much and I am still on my first temporary (no reline yet) so there was sooooo much empty space in the front. It sounded and felt like I was talked into a empty tube (like a echo). Then I started gagging (never been a problem). I couldn't stand it more than 5 min. So I am back to the adhesive glue.

      I can't use the powder yet till I get a reline and they fit better.

      They are getting alot easier to deal with though, but I still can't eat a taco lol.

      No embarrassing moments yet out in public, just a home. (((knock on wood)))))

      #49; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:04:00 GMT
    • tndollface...since your gums have shrunk so much...I bet a reline would last a long time for you, you would be sooooo happy afterwards, getter done! LOL You won't be disappointed! When I get a reline done I bite down evenly, very hard, and push on the top front gums coz the stuff oozes out the top front, I push there really hard and the sides, then the dentist trims that off. I would say for about 45min.s afterwards I bite down with pressure, this gives me the best fit for a longer time. My reline is lasting quite a while, thank goodness. You would be so much happier afterwards.
      #50; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:05:00 GMT
    • drs, I will be going in to get a reline soon, my dentist said I had to wait for 2 months after having my teeth pulled so that will be in 2 1/2 more weeks, but I am getting another hard one made. I am sure that a new one will fit much better. Hopefully. I use a tube of adhesive a week right now. How often do you get relines? I am only getting the one ,then my permanates in 4 months. How often do you need to get the permanate ones relined??
      #51; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:06:00 GMT
    • tndollface...what you are saying is so different than what I've been told! My dentist will do a soft reline anytime I feel the need to have it done. Sometimes It's only been a month! I was told to keep my soft partial denture going for 6mos to a year, this way I will have the best fit for the permanent one. I don't use any glue at all, as the soft reline is spongy and fits to the curves of the gums well. My dentist said that the gums shrink for a full year at least and if I had a permanent one made any sooner than that I might have to have an additional permanent one made down the road(later date) or end up using adhesives the rest of my life. I want to avoid all adhesives if possible. A good fitting denture should not have to be held in with any glues. This is my goal. Maybe you can stall your dentist, the longer you go with the semi Permanent denture, the better off you'll be with the permanent one. It's up to you. In my case I have to pay for everything and the permanent denture is really spendy.
      #52; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:07:00 GMT
    • drs, what kind of salt do you use. Just regular table salt? I go in for my next soft liner this week and I am sure going to try that.

      Sandy, I agree with ya on keeping a sense of humor! What kind of powder adhesive do you use. I don't think I have seen any of that, but I haven't been looking either.

      Kim, I hope I still like taco's when I FINALLY get to eat them(LOL)!Do you have a soft liner at all, or is it just the hard plate? It takes me a week or 2 to use a tube of adhesive. Without the soft liner, mine are real loose too. Are you starting to have eating problems again now that your gums are shrinking and the denture doesn't fit as well? I haven't been able to eat as much as I was. Hopefully that will be better when I go in this week for the next soft liner.

      drs, it sounds like my dentist is similiar to yours. But I will get my permanent liners in about 6 months. He told me until then I will have to use adhesive. When I get the permanents he said I should never have to use adhesive again. And if they start getting loose to come in to get a reline. I have my permanent teeth just not the liners.I wonder how he will get this liner off of the teeth when he puts the permanent liner on. It is a hard liner now, but not the one that will be permanent. I agree that it is costly. I am having to do out of pocket myself. My soft liners don't cost, they were included with the denture price, but I will have to pay for the permanents.

      Az and Noobie, how are you doing?

      I am so glad that we all have found each other to talk to. It sure makes this process alot easier to have had you all to talk to. Thank you all so much! :D


      #53; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:08:00 GMT
    • Cristie

      I use a sea salt. I've also used the tea tree oil rinse too, but some people don't like it, it does help heal up the gums, especially receeding gums on my bottom permanant teeth. It also helps the taste of the reline too. I use a small amount of warm water, about 1/4 cup and put about 3 to 4 drops or so of tea tree oil in the water, stir it up really good with a straw and swish for as long as I can and spit, repeat till it is all gone. You'll feel your mouth tingle afterwards. Don't swallow it though. I try not to eat for at least a 1/2 hr. this let's it work longer. I use the salt water anytime during the day, sometimes I just take a sip and hold it in my mouth if the reline taste is bothering me. Glad to hear you don't have to pay for your soft liners. Hope you enjoy eating again after you get a reline.

      #54; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:09:00 GMT
    • Drs & Cristie, I have always had a hard liner, when I asked my dentist about the soft one he told me that it is possible but HE does not recommend them just because they are so flexible and wants me to become used to the hard one.He also doesn't want me to have the first reline for 2 months and said that I would need to use the glue during this time. They dont' really fit loose becasue I do use so much glue. My top gums are still sooo bumpy, so that is why I have such a hard time getting the glue off. It just seems to me that a soft liner would have been better for the first 2 months while your gums are shrinking so fast. Mine are temporary right now, they are one solid piece of plastic so how in the world he is going to make a new liner is a big question mark to me. My permante one will have each individual tooth put into a hard plastic liner. He said at least 6 months before I get that one, perferably a year.

      I had to pay this all up front since I lost my dental insurance just beforehand. $6500.00 and then some. One reline is in this cost. I am fighting with my health insurance now about helping with the cost since my doctor wrote a letter to them saying that this was caused by a direct result of all the medications I was on. But they said they can't find any proof of that so I willl be on the computer today looking for some proof for them (there is a lot) I wonder where they were checking??

      I am not really having a hard time eating too much anymore. I actually bit into a pattymelt the other day and was able to eat it.(That was the hardest thing, biting into something with the front teeth) I still haven't attempted tacos yet.lol. but will let you know.

      Crisma, How are those bone spurs??

      #55; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:10:00 GMT
    • Tndollface...Holy cow!!! 6500.00!! I paid 1500.00 for the surgical extractions (I was completely out for this surgery) and 350.00 for the temp. partial with unlimited soft relines. The cost of my permant denture will be 1000.00. Yours sounds pretty spendy! I'm glad to hear you could eat something. I know about biting with those front teeth. Not easy to do. I usually have to use my back ones to bite or cut it small enough. Hope you get to the bottom of your insurance troubles, they are hard to deal with. Don't give up! That's what they are hoping you will do.
      #56; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:11:00 GMT
    • drs- let my clarify, $6500.00 only includes having all my top teeth removed (13 in all), my temporary (with one reline) this cost did NOT included the $225. to be given a pill to knock me out (it took 2 pills and I still woke up in the middle of the procedure) It does however include my permante top dentures and replacing two small silver fillings on my bottom teeth and my bottom partial. Thats it !!!!!!!!

      I did go in yesterday to ask for a note from him for my insurance company since HE IS the one who told me that all these problems were due to the medications I was on. Now he is not sure if he is willing to write a letter to the ins company, because he is not positive that was the cause of my bone loss. Also he now claims that I will not be getting my bottom plate until my top dentures are ready. I was supposed to have been getting them in this week. Now they want me to wait another 4 months. I am getting so mad. They got all there money up front so now I get to wait.(they wouldn't do any work till it was paid for in full) I wish I could just go to someone else right now but I have already paid. So my hands are tied. At least I am happy with these temporarys, he better not screw them up when he does the reline on Friday.

      [Please do not use cuss/slang words. Saying "getting so mad" is preferred. Thanks - Well-come Moderator.]

      #57; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:12:00 GMT
    • drs, thanks for the advise on the salt and tea treal oil. I got my soft liners yesterday and so far the taste has not been that bad. Eating has been much better too!

      Kim,the soft liner is very flexible, but that is the point. To help cushion your gums while they are healing. Mine are still pretty bumpy too, but the extra cushion sure does help alot. It does make a big difference when it comes to the shrinkage. I wonder why your dentist doesn't want to do that. It is funny how different they all do things.

      The bone spurs are so much better!!! I think I only have one left and it hasn't been too painful so far. After getting the soft liner yesterday, I am able to eat much better. Still have to use glue, but I will have to do that until I get the permanent liners. No tacos yet, lol!

      I guess I really got off cheap with my dentures. To get all of my teeth pulled and the dentures(with 2 soft liners) cost me 1020.00. I do have to pay 190.00 for the permanent liners in August. How long did they tell you your dentures would last? Mine are supposed to be 5-7 year dentures. I hope they last that long! I just hope that they will be a good set. He assured me that they would.

      That is total garbage that your dentist is pulling on you! I would be mad too.Why doesn't he want to write the letter now after that is what he told you? He is going to get his money either way, so what is the problem? Isn't it funny how things change once people get the money in their hands? Did he give you a reason why he now wants to wait on the partial? I feel for ya!

      Do you know how they do the relines? I am curious how that works. I asked my denturist how he does the permanent liner and he told me that he grinds off the temporary hard liner, does the mold, and then bakes them onto the teeth.

      I hope that the reline goes well, and maybe he will decide to go ahead and do the bottom plate. Good luck!


      [Please refrain from using characters that might be considered cuss/slang words. Writing "total garbage" or "rubbish" or other such similar words are acceptable choices as substituted above. Thanks - Well-come Moderator.]

      #58; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:13:00 GMT
    • Tndollface,

      I see. That price does include quite a bit. I sorry to hear about the letter to the insurance co. Hmmmm. Is there any research you could do to prove that med. your talking about can cause bone loss? I'ld keep mentioning to your dentist, the fact that he is the one that suggested it was the med. that caused the bone loss and was going to write the letter prior to full payment. If you have trouble saying it to the dentist, write a letter? If you do write a letter, make a copy of it. I feel bad for you. I think you got ripped off with the dentist first saying it was the med. than after getting the money ...saying.. well...maybe it wasn't the meds. Geesh. Wishywashy or what! I agree with Cristie, I feel for you. Good luck on that fight.

      Cristie, glad to hear your liners weren't as bad tasting this time. I'm surprised you still use glue with a new soft reline? I've never done that. I do like how soft they feel in the beginning. You did get a pretty good deal on your price. I had some problem with the extractions, as my sinus bone sat right on top of the roots of the teeth. I have really big sinus pockets, and really big teeth and tooth roots. When I get my permanent dentures they will be a whole new set, not a redo with this set. They used my partial to make the temparary. Glad to hear your spurs are better too. I'm sure your dentist would pull that last one out for you if you asked. Huh? you think?

      Cristie, can't your bottom teeth be fixed? My dentist told me to keep mine in good shape, coz bottom dentures never do get a good fit and if possible to keep what I've got. Just got my cleaning at my last appointment, and the reline. It's nice to know he will do a reline any time I want.

      My sister had a top and bottom dentures at the age of 20, she was born with no enamel on her teeth, they were so thin you could see her tounge through her teeth when she would run it behind them. Glad I didn't have that!!!

      #59; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:14:00 GMT
    • Tndollface,

      I see. That price does include quite a bit. I sorry to hear about the letter to the insurance co. Hmmmm. Is there any research you could do to prove that med. your talking about can cause bone loss? I'ld keep mentioning to your dentist, the fact that he is the one that suggested it was the med. that caused the bone loss and was going to write the letter prior to full payment. If you have trouble saying it to the dentist, write a letter? If you do write a letter, make a copy of it. I feel bad for you. I think you got ripped off with the dentist first saying it was the med. than after getting the money ...saying.. well...maybe it wasn't the meds. Geesh. Wishywashy or what! I agree with Cristie, I feel for you. Good luck on that fight.

      Cristie, glad to hear your liners weren't as bad tasting this time. I'm surprised you still use glue with a new soft reline? I've never done that. I do like how soft they feel in the beginning. You did get a pretty good deal on your price. I had some problem with the extractions, as my sinus bone sat right on top of the roots of the teeth. I have really big sinus pockets, and really big teeth and tooth roots. When I get my permanent dentures they will be a whole new set, not a redo with this set. They used my partial to make the temparary.

      Cristie, can't your bottom teeth be fixed? My dentist told me to keep mine in good shape, coz bottom dentures never do get a good fit and if possible to keep what I've got. Just got my cleaning at my last appointment, and the reline. It's nice to know he will do a reline any time I want.

      My sister had a top and bottom dentures at the age of 20, she was born with no enamel on her teeth, they were so thin you could see her tounge through her teeth when she would run it behind them. Glad I didn't have that!!!

      #60; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:15:00 GMT
    • drs & crisma, I agree that I am being screwed around by my dentist and no I was not afraid to let him know I thought so.I will be going in tomorrow for my reline and he is supposed to have a letter by then for the insurance company. I bet if he was waiting for the money to come from them he would have written it 3 months ago like I asked.

      His excuse for not doing my bottom partial until I get my permanate top ones are so that they line up right. It makes sense to me but that is not what I was told in the beginning, so it pi**es me off. I still think that for $6500.00 I shoul be getting alot more than the run around.

      I too had no enamel on my teeth all my life and the dentist told my mom when I was a kid that I would have dentures by the time I was 18 so I guess making them last till I was 40 is pretty good. I still wouldn't have had them all removed at this point (without insurance ) though if he had not told me that they would start fallling out because of the bone loss from the meds.

      I did send 20 pages from different web sites that prove the meds had a big impact on the bone loss, and underlined the most persuavsive comments so will just have to wait and see what happens next. I think that the dentist's letter will be the deciding factor though so it better at least suggest that the meds caused this. I will let you know.

      I never had a problem with the taste of the hard liner, how bad is it? I will let you know if there is a taste when I get my new hard reline tomorrow.

      Crisma, sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your bottoms. Thankfully I still have all my bottoms in the front and one in the back and hopefully I will be able to keep them although I did noticed that the bottom ones seem to be getting thinner also.

      Thank you for all your support through this. I would be going crazy right now had it not been for you two.

      #61; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:16:00 GMT
    • Hello ladies! I think I spoke too soon. The taste of the new soft liners doesn't seem to be as strong as the last time, but food is tasting terrible. I don't remember that happening before. I probably could get by not using glue because they are pretty tight, but when I chew on something, they don't stay put. I think I will be able to get the last spur out myself. I am sure the dentist could remove it for me, but I don't know if they would charge me more for that, and right now I just don't have the money.

      I have a bottom denture too. It definently does not work as well as the uppers. But my teeth were too far gone to fix.I have had bad teeth all of my life. When I was 5 I had to have so many caps they had to hospitalize me to do them.That would be strange to be able to have teeth that see through!

      Kim, how did your reline go? I would think for 6500.00 you should have teeth that chew for you(or at least be able to eat tacos)! You need to stick to your guns until you get the letter for the insurance. I wonder why he has changed his tune about the partial? It does make sense about lining up, but why is the story different from before? I would not be too happy either.

      I know this has been a rough road for all of us, but I would still do it all over again. It makes me so happy to have a pretty smile again. I didn't realize how bad my bad teeth had affected my self esteem until I got my dentures. Talk to ya'll soon!


      #62; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:17:00 GMT
    • Good morning Crisma, My reline works much better, I can also go with out glue now unless I try to eat then they shift. No bad taste. I do have one spot that needs to be adjusted though that has caused a blister but can't get in till tomorrow. Bensodent has been a lifesaver.

      He did finally right a letter to the insurance company, but of course it was very generic and full of Maybes. but at least he said that alll the meds did have a strong possibility of causing this damage.So I guess now I just wait and see. If the look back and see how much they have already paid for my medical there is no way they are going to dish out more money. Its in the hundreds of thousands. But it is still worth a try.

      I would do it again also. I love my new teeth. I am getting so used to them. Last night for a split second I forgot I had them and tried to bite corn on the cob. LOL. It didn't work. I am glad that you are happy with yours also. It makes a heck of a difference in our self esteem. I know that I smile all the time now.

      Did you have a good Mother's Day?

      Talk to you soon. Kim

      #63; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:18:00 GMT
    • Glad to hear everyone one is doing somewhat better with their fit.

      Tndollface, my dentist said I could take my dremel tool to grind off the little irritating spots, I know just what your talking about with that blister spot. OUCH! Good that your dentist finally wrote a letter, doesn't sound very conclusive though. Have you done any type of research on that drug that did this to you? Maybe you could send in studies you find or write to that drug company and send them a copy of that letter from your dentist? I would definately make a copy of that letter. I hope you don't have to pay for everything out of pocket! It is nice to have them fit better isn't it. Definately cut the corn off of the cob first...lol. I bet that was an eye opener that you forgot huh?

      Cristie, I had a good Mothers Day, are you a mother? How about you Tndollface? Hope you both did if you are.

      I hear you about the taste when your eating. Good way to diet! HaHa! No, really I get it too, but at least the saltwater helps with the taste if your not eating, it gets better. I wouldn't feel bad about calling the dentist office and see if there is a charge for taking a spur out, it only would take a second. I bet it wouldn't cost a thing, but a phone call. You think? Worth a try.

      Caps at 5yrs old! Ouch! My daughter had to have one cap at a young age too, her back molars don't have enamel on them. The rest had to be sealed. I felt so sorry for her to have just the one done.

      I'm glad I can smile again too. I sometimes forget I can really smile now without being self consious about it.

      I must of bit into something, Saturday night I realized I have small crack on the back base side of the eye tooth on my denture, will have to call and see when I could get that fixed before it turns into a bigger crack. Hopefully he can do it soon. Will let you know what happens there. It's like my eye tooth is spongy. Yeah!NOT.

      I haven't checked out any glues yet. I would think it would be hard on the soft reline . I was told not even to brush the liners, just rinse. How do you get the glue off without messing up the soft reline?

      Better go and call the dentist.

      #64; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:19:00 GMT
    • Hello! Kim, I am glad your reline went well. My fit with the soft liners are the same way. I can go without the glue unless I am eating. I wish I could get over the taste! Isn't it strange how such a little spot in your mouth can feel so bad. Benzodent sure helped me alot!

      I can't believe that your dentist can't do a better job with the letter. Is he afraid that he is going to lose some money? If the insurance doesn't approve a pay-out you might try contacting your state insurance commissioner's office. I have seen news reports here that say that they can help. It couldn't hurt to try.

      You know you are getting used to the dentures when you forget they are there. I have had a few of those moments too. I LOVE having a pretty smile!

      I had a good Mother's Day. We didn't do much of anything, but that is how I like to spend my extra time. Doing nothing at all. I don't get too much of that very often.How was yours? How is your son and grandson? Do you have any other kids or grandkids?

      drs, I can use a saw-zaw and other tools like that, but I am too chicken to try anything on my dentures. I would probably grind them down to nothing! You must be pretty handy to do something like that.

      I am a mom. I have 2 boys. The oldest is 12 and the youngest will be 6 Wednesday. How many kids do you have? Glad you had a good Mother's Day. I did too!

      Yeah I had horrible teeth. I was told when I was baby that I was real sick alot and had to be on liquid iron and that it what ruined my baby teeth. I also have several family members with dentures. I guess it runs in the familyF!

      I hear ya on forgetting you can smile. I do that myself.

      Good thing the crack wasn't on a real tooth! That would have really hurt. Can they just fix one tooth? I bet that feels wierd.

      My denturist told me not to brush the soft liner, but said that glue was ok. I was skeptical of that though. I figured it would pull the liner off, but so far it hasn't. I had my last liner for about 6 weeks and used glue almost the whole time. To keep from rubbing the denture, I just use a dry paper towel and kinda blot off the glue. It works real well.

      Hope that he can get you in soon. Talk to ya'll later!


      #65; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:20:00 GMT
    • Cristie, I got in that same morning...(yesterday). He just fixed on the outside, and said...now be careful...LOL. He had to fit me in on his lunch hour. How nice is that! And no charge. The glue sure tastes awful though. It is better this morning.

      I have two kids, a boy that is almost 25 and a girl that will soon be 17. I had a great Mom's day too. Glad you did also.

      #66; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:21:00 GMT
    • Crisma & DRS-

      Hello ladies, how are you both ? I am doing better each day. Going in this afternoon to have that spot that is causing this blister fixed. It is only going to take him 30 seconds but of course I had to make an appointment and they will probably try to charge me (not without a fight though), after all I did tell him about it the first day. I can still go with out glue except when I eat so that is not too bad. I am getting alot better at eating things,(not that I ever had too much problems there) Going to attempt a taco this week just for the heck of it)lol.

      I had a quiet Mother's Day this year. My son is in the Navy in Virginia with his wife and my only grandbaby so I don't get to see them often enough. My oldest step daughter is in Michigan with her husband so all I have left here is my youngest step daughter( she lives with us) and she didn't even acknowledge me that day. But that was a given with her. Hopefully someday it will just me and hubby (she is almost 19 now and no ambition to move on)

      drs- I just reread where you said that the glue tastes awful. Did you mean the reline? The glue I buy fixodent fresh has a soft minty taste or fixident complete I didn't think had any taste at all. So you cracked your denture huh? Thank goodness it is just your temporary. Do you have any idea how? I have dropped mine into the sink quite a few times now and always worry about ruining them, I will be even more paranoid when they are my permante ones.

      Well it is almost time for my dentist appointment so I will talk to you later. Kim

      #67; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:22:00 GMT
    • Duh !!!!! The glue from him fixing them. Yeah I am awake this morning. Sorry.
      #68; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:23:00 GMT
    • I think mine broke because my temporary is made from my partial I had before they pulled the teeth. Then they put the other teeth in around them. I bit into something and my temp. plate is not that thick. Hopefully I don't do that again. Kim, Happy Mothers Day, there now you heard it. Too bad the youngest step daughter hasn't realized yet how lucky she is to have you.

      I'm think about getting some glue to put on the left side only, just a bit to hold it better, when I chew on the right side the left side looses suction, do either of you think glue on just one side would work?

      #69; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:24:00 GMT
    • I have put adhesive on just one spot before and it held good,right after my reline the only place that I really lost suction is in the back on the right, so that is the only spot that needs help right this moment. I hope this works for you also. How long before you get your permanate ones? Did the dentist say that you might have problems with your temporaries now that they have cracked? I have never heard of them making a denture out of your original partial. Pretty cool that it could be done. How many teeth did they have to add to your partial? Isn't it amazing what they can do now a days.

      Thanks for the " Happy Mothers Day" it put a smile on my face.

      #70; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:25:00 GMT
    • Hello ladies!!! drs, I can't imagine what the glue to fix your tooth tastes like. It has to be pretty strong to hold. I'll bet it was awful!!! I would try putting some glue on one side. I think it will be fine.

      Kim, I think you need to help the step-daughter find some ambition, LOL! I can't believe she couldn't even tell you Happy Mother's Day. Does she work?

      I have dropped mine a few times too, and it scares me to death. I am a very clutzy person, and I am sure at some point I will break them. I also worry about my lowers. They are so thin to begin with, that I am afraid that when I brush them that I am putting too much pressure on them.

      I almost forgot my news. I HAD A TACO TUESDAY!!!!!!!! It was so good. I have never enjoyed a taco more than that. I will probably be gaining all the weight back that I have lost so far.

      I was going to ask ya'll if you ever have any problems reading posts or trying to reply? I have a DSL connection, so my pc is pretty fast, but for the past few days I haven't been able to read posts or reply. It is so slow. I think it is this site because everything else I go to is fine.


      #71; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:26:00 GMT
    • Cristie,

      Alright!!!!!! I had a taco last night too, I was going to post it this morning,but glad that you beat me to it. Didn't it taste good !!!!! I just found out that I now have extremely high colesterol so they put me on a low fat diet starting today for 2 months. I am not fat by any means but my counts are. So no more tacos for me. I guess it is all this Tennessee food I have been eating, biscuits and gravy and fried everything lol.

      My step daughter does have a job, but dropped out of school.She just doesn't do anything else,including pick up after herself and as long as her "daddy and mama" as she likes to refer to them on good days keep on handing her everything she will never grow up. I just don't say anything any more it doesn't help. They will get sick of it one day then they will have noone to blame but them selves.

      I did have problems posting here last week. I would type in a reply and it wouldn't post so I would retype it and it would say that it was a duplicate and still wouldn't post. Glad it is fixed now.

      drs- how are you doing? Are they holding with the glue? Did the taste go away yet?

      hope all is well.

      #72; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:27:00 GMT
    • Just wanted to let everyone know I GAVE UP, I went to my dentist she took a little more off the back but said she could not go any farther due to suction, She suggested biotene for the gagging which does not work, she then suggested the teeth that screw up into your bone, or snap I can not remember she said that would cost me 2400.00 I was like why did you not tell me about these before I spent 1800.00 on my dentures?? Any way my grandmother passed away 2 weeks ago and I wore my teeth to the funeral, the only thing I could do for the gagging was have a bottle water in my hands at all times, here I am in a chapel and they are doing the service and there I am drinking my water so I do not throw up. I want to know I am suppose to go in and get my relines in aug, should I get the hard, or the soft, the ones I have now are the hard plastic. If I get the soft I am wondering if i will have the same problems, I am tempted to file my denture back myself, I have that as long as I am drinking something I am fine but I have to drinking something all the time.

      susie :eek:

      #73; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:28:00 GMT
    • Susie, I am so sorry that you are having so many problems with the gagging issue. I fortunatley have not had that hard of a time with that particular issue so I can't really help you there. I have a hard liner and can see where some people would have hard time with it. Are you still on your temporary or permantes? I would not suggest that you file them down yourself though especially permanate ones, you could cause some serious problems that in the end could cost you a fortune. Good luck to you. Kim
      #74; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:29:00 GMT
    • Some people do have a gagging problem that does not go away. Most people will adapt given time and persistence. Immediate dentures also have a problem with proper fit due to the fact that the denture is made and then teeth taken out and the denture inserted right away. Bone will shrink and remodel itself for 6-8 months after extractions. If you cut the back off yourself, you might get to a point where it's not gagging you, but you might also start to lose suction. If you do this yourself, your dentist might not want to do anything more to them for you should you need help. I never suggest that someone adjust their own dentures. You might want to try another dentist to see if he'll adjust them for you further. However, if you are not wearing them and your dentist (nor another dentist) will not adjust them further, what do you have to lose? If you are going to adjust them yourself, get a Sharpie and mark where to adjust. Don't do more than 1/8 inch at a time. Adjust to the line only and then wear the dentures for at least two days before looking to do more. Do only the amount necessary to tolerate the dentures. Also keep in mind that in adjusting them yourself, you may destroy all retention (suction) and you are accepting the responsibility for the consequences. You may very well need implants to support a palateless denture.
      #75; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:30:00 GMT
    • Kim

      The dentures I have are my Imediate's. They were put in right after my teeth were pulled, So I gues they are not my permenent's. As far as the suction I have not touched them or filed them, I promise but when i put them in with out any adhesive they do not fit they do not have suction, if I glue them inyes they stay put. I can really tell the difference from when I first got them my bite is way off, my dentist said this is because my bone and gums are still healing that is why I need to go for my reline in Aug that will 8 months from when I had my teeth pulled and got my imediates, so is the reline my permanents? If they are can I get a soft reline, or does it have to be the hard like I have?


      #76; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:31:00 GMT
    • I just want to thank all of you up front for this posting thread. I had all my teeth pulled and temps put in on the 4th of May. I am hating life right now. All I have done since the day after my surgery is cry and hide inside my house.

      My bottoms hurt so bad from bone fragments and they feel like they are way out of alignment for my face and jaw. I wore them the first two days and have had them in my mouth for maybe an hour total since then. I have been back into the dentist twice and he has sanded and grinded the best he can, and of course these dang bone spurs pop out the day he leaves for a 2 week vacation. My tops are okay, I guess, I have the same gagging problem that Susie is dealing with. I feel like I am either gagging or throwing up most of the time.

      Now you have mentioned the dry mouth issue, but my problem seems to be that I salivate more. I am constantly having to swallow but my lips are so dry and need chapstick to keep them from chaffing.

      When did all of you starting eating again? I am still only eating liquids and mush. And to those of you who have eaten a taco this is me having a temper tantrum from jealousy :bouncing:

      Thank you again for letting me see that I am not the only one who is having some issues with the dentures. I think that today may be the first day that I wont cry all day.


      #77; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:32:00 GMT
    • Casey

      I am the last person to say hang in there, lol but I know what you are going thru, my lips also get very dry I have 2 bottles of blistex one in my purse, and one on my coffee table, the bone spurs are the worse I am still getting them and I am4 months out, I tried to explain to my husband that it feels like a wood sliver in your gum, I am kind of lucky mine work themself's out in a couple of days, I never really had the excess salvia, just the dry mouth, even now when I do have my teeth in which is very rare I have a gap so when I eat I get food stuck on top of my dentures. The gagging and the throwing up is the most embarassing especially when you are out in public. Or in my case when I am driving. That is why I have 2 water bottles in my truck at all times. I have had mine for 4 months I think I have wore them a total of 1 month all together. I am hopping that my relines will be much better. As for the mushy foods I had to laugh I lost almost 10 pounds due to the same reason, I have since gained it back. This site is great I have tried alot of the suggestions but every one if different, Please hang in there and know YES there are other people that have gone thru what you are going thru, like I said I can relate to you, reading your message really touched me, since we are so similar in complaints. Hang in there.

      Susie :wave:

      #78; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:34:00 GMT
    • Well today with the help of this board and thread I managed to at least believe there is a sliver of hope that I am not going to be bound to my house forever. I feel as though I went from being 40 looking 35, to being 40, feeling 50 and looking 60. I have already lost over 15 pounds, and I am a small framed woman that cant really afford to lose alot of weight and not look sickly. I eat as much ice cream, pudding, and protein shakes as I can, but I have crones disease and dont need to start eating to much dairy or soy for it to come out of remission.

      Susie, do you feel as though you have to many teeth in your mouth? Not the gagging issue, although it is connected, I feel as though I have a mouth full of sharp marbles. My lips don't even close around my teeth if I have both the bottoms and tops in.

      Thank you again for just being here for me to type too. My husband thinks that I am being selfish and should just be happy that I am still alive. (The infection in my jaw bone and gums would have killed me if I hadn't gone to the doctors when I did). I am grateful that I am still here but I am having a hard time accepting the cosmetic end of this whole thing.

      Casey :D

      #79; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:34:00 GMT
    • Hello everyone!!! Kim, didn't the taco taste soo good? I have never been so happy to eat anything as I was that taco. My husband is still laughing at me :D ! You might check with your docs about the high cholesteral. I have read that liver problems and cholesteral go hand-in-hand. That is something worth checking into.

      I feel for ya with the step-daughter issues. Maybe she will pull her head out of her butt and grow up. I'm sure it is hard for you to have to put up with that.

      Susie, I'm sorry that you lost your Grandma. I hope you and your family are ok.

      As for your teeth, I have a hard liner, with a soft liner put on top of the hard one. I don't know if a soft liner would help because for the first few days after getting my new soft liners my mouth feels real full. But it couldn't hurt to see if it would help. It sounds like I am going through the steps a lot like you. I know every dentist does it different, but ours sound very similar. I know that the dentures won't fit right until you get the permanents, but my bite hasn't ever been off. I don't think yours fit your mouth right.

      I started with a temporary hard liner, with soft liners added about every 4 weeks. Then in 6 months I go back in to get the permanent liner. I will have the same teeth, but he will do another mold and then grind the old liner off of the teeth and make a new liner that will be permanent. I don't see why they can't give you a soft liner. Have you asked? I hope you can get this fixed soon!

      Welcome Casey! I won't lie to you. This is a very rough road, but it does get better! My tops haven't caused me much problems, but the bottoms are another story! I have had alot of bone spurs myself and the are so painful! You might try chewing gum with your teeth out. It does help get the spurs out. It is kinda hard to do, but it is worth it!

      As far as the eating goes, it is so different for everyone. I started being able to eat regular foods probably 3 weeks after getting my teeth pulled. Have you started to use adhesive yet? As soon as I was able to use that it makes the eating so much easier! But I still am not able to eat like I used to. That is why I was so excited about the taco. Hadn't had one in months, lol! My denturist told me that when I get the permanents in August, I should be able to eat everything then.

      My mouth also felt like I had too many teeth in there. That does get better too. I also wasn't able to close my mouth all the way either. It is probably from the swelling of getting your teeth pulled.But that does get better too! I am getting so used to the dentures now that I sometimes forget that they are there.

      Emotionally this is a very hard thing to go through. I had real bad teeth, so I was happy to have this done. But it is still hard for me sometimes. I am only 33, and never would have thought that I would be going through this.

      I hope it gets easier for you. This board is such a great help. If there is any questions I can answer I will help if I can.


      #80; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:36:00 GMT
    • Susie, Let me get his straight...You have hard lined immediates (temporaries) and you don't go for your first reline till August? My god no wonder you are having it worse off than most.

      I also have my immediates (hard lined like yours) but mine fit relatively well. Your bones and mouth do change shape when they are healing but that is why you are supposed to get a reline in 6-12 weeks after your teeth are pulled. I had to wait for 8 weeks. My immediates got sooooo loose. But after the reline they are much better. I can go now without glue most of the day except when I eat something that needs to be chewed. Your permanate ones you usually get in 6 months to a year so I am guessing that is what your dentist means but I would go in and raise a fuss about your reline. Yours quite obviously don't fit you right and need to be adjusted.

      Casey: Hang in there hon it does get better and easier. The cosmetic thing was a big issue for me also as I am a very young looking 41 year old grandma and now my age is catching up with me (I'll fight it all the way though). I look like I am 60 too with my teeth out. But I love my new smile. My lips wouldn't close around my teeth either ( looked like I was from the planet of the apes movie) so I had him take a little off the front under my lip. I was a fortunate one who was able to eat right away (soft food) then about 5-6 days from the procedure could eat solid foods as long as I cut it up small. You wouldn't think I had it so easy if you had read some of my first posts here. LOL. I only have uppper dentures too so I can't really help anyone about the bottom ones although I heard that they are 75% harder to deal with than top ones. Good luck to you. No crying we will get through this.

      Cristie, Yum :D tacos lol. I never thought I would get so excited about eating a taco, but it was the best one I ever had. I hope that you are doing much better. Sounds like you are. I don't know how any of us got through our ordeals without you, You have been a godsend to me at least so .....Thank you.

      I did know that cholesterol is related to liver problems but it has never been an issue till now. Maybe they were just waiting to break that news to me till after my hep tests came back. I tell you even though I now test neg for hep I have had so many new things wrong it seems it never ends. This issue with my teeth, hypothyroidism and now high cholesterol. I guess I will just GRIN :D and bare it. (pun intended) . Take care my friend.


      #81; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:36:00 GMT
    • Got a call this morning from the dentist office, just checking to see how I was doing. I thought that was nice. Well in the conversation I told her about removing one of the bone spurs myself and that I still have the ones in the very front bottom that are really sensitive. She asked that if I had time to come into the office and let the hygenist take a look, the dentist is still out until Monday but maybe she can offer some advice or do something to help reduce some of the pain. So I tromp on down there and the look on the girls face when she saw my lower gum was of sheer fright. She quickly said that I need to go to a oral surgeon and have those removed immediately. They tell me that the oral surgeon is waiting my arrival. I drive from one end of town to the other which involves driving by the strip. ~not really in the mood for tourists right now~and the oral surgeon rushes me right in to the room. He looks at my front gums and says WOW!!!! Are you in any pain? DUH!!!!!!

      He goes through this long speech of what has happened and what needs to be done to fix it, and that I need to have this done ASAP.

      Now, I know I am not the smartest person, but with the actions of the people that I have had contact with concerning this issue just today my assumption was that this is really serious and all this was going to be happening today. NOT!! Oh no, he wants me to start on a 4th antibiotic and then come in Monday morning to have this done. My question to him is why then do I need to have him, meaning the oral sergeon do it? My dentist will be back, he has already been in there once and knows me, and this is partially his responsibility. His reply......you all are going to love this......

      It would be better for him to do the surgery to issure that this issue is done to his satisfaction. Now, dont we all feel so much better??

      Well I am back at home, still in pain, starving, and waiting till Monday. Oh well what a mess. Thanks for listening.


      #82; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:38:00 GMT
    • Hey guys

      First of all thank you for condolsences on my grandmother. When I had my last Dentist appt it was Oh boy I can not even remember I had mentioned the bite being off, she had said that will be better once I get my relines but I was not ready for them yet, I think the appt was at the begining of april. I did put them in tonight with out the glue oh what a joke they fell out of my mouth I am not kidding, I kept pushing them up and trying to get the suction and then plop. I can say one thing having my teeth pulled even though I am having problems with my dentures, my health was bad here I am 37 years old and in Dec of 2004 I was on 14 medications after my teeth were pulled it took about 1 1/2 months to feel great, now I am on 3 medications. I feel so great that I had to go in for a routine blood work in March and found out there is another problem I now have an appt with the Arizona Heart Institute, I was like no I feel fine I feel great, so in a way having my teeth pulled did save my life, I went 17 years with these teeth due to fear of dentist's. I had so many absesses that if they would of ruptured I would of died. SO EVERYONE HANG IN THERE, I KNOW THERE IS A BEAUTIFUL SMILE IN ALL OF US SOME OF US IT WILL JUST TAKE A LITTLE LONGER TO GET TO IT...


      #83; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:38:00 GMT
    • Casey, thank goodness that you went in when you did. I wold probably agree with the oral surgeon from what you are telling us. They are better equiped to do that kind of work. Thank goodness my dentist didn't have too many problems pulling mine. I feel so lucky now after hearing all of your problems. Sorry that you have to go through this. It is bad enough that we have to have this done without all the added BS.

      Susie, After so long your gums shrink so much that there is no way they are going to stay in without glue, that is why I am so shocked that you haven't had a reline yet. I was going through a tube of adhesive in less than a week till I got a reline. I definately would get ahold of your dentist.

      I know what you mean about other health issues and medications. I They just seem to come at you non stop. I have had more than my share and I am only 41. Thank Goodness that you got your teeth done when you did. I will be praying that everything goes okay at the heart institute. Good luck to you. If you need to talk I will be around. Kim

      #84; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:40:00 GMT
    • Okay I have calmed down since yesterday.

      My regular dentist, Dr. G, is an oral surgeon. He has been our family dentist for 9 years and was still finishing up his schooling in oral surgery when he took over his fathers dental office. His father was my childhood dentist also. My kids kinda freak when I call him an oral surgeon, especially when it is them having to go so him for a check up. Sorry for the confusion.

      Dr. G called me this morning and apologized for all the hassles yesterday. He sent me over to the other office in hopes that they would just numb the front area and remove the bone spur. He had his assistant email the xrays that I had taken yesterday to him and he doesn't agree with me needing to have my entire front gums and jaw bone scraped. It is only 1 bone spur and it is not connected to anything but is larger then most. He believes that just numbing the front area and removing the bone spur should solve the issue.

      My biggest issue with this other oral surgeon was his better then the rest attitude. He basically said that no one is capable of doing it as well as him, and since he has now been envolved with my case he should be the one to do it. IMHO, I think he is just a little to full of himself. He was awfully quick to suggest that I be sedated and that another 1000.00 worth of work be done.

      Well since I am having to wait until Monday no matter what office I chose to go to I think I will just wait and see how I am on Sunday evening. I have an appointment at both places at 8 am.

      Susie, I also asked Dr. G about using the glue. He said use as much as you need to feel comfortable until you get your permenant set. What ever it takes for you to be comfortable. When you get your permenant ones dont sign off, or stop telling them that something is wrong until they are perfect for your mouth. You shouldn't need anything to wear your permenant ones. He says that if it takes 20 refits, relines or whatever to get them right then your dentist should do it, and it should be included in the price of the denture. You wouldn't accept a leg that was 2 inches to short or to long.

      Good Luck, Casey

      #85; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:41:00 GMT
    • Okay Guys

      Be proud of me I am wearing my dentures, I have had them in almost all day, I am going to try and leave them in all night until tommorrow then I am going to take them out and clean them and put them in again. I am going to get a hold of my dentist but I think I am going to wait until after I go to the Heart Dr. that is June 7, Just reading everyone responses made me say to myself I can do this, I am going to do this. Does anyone who has the dentures smoke? That is my only vice, I notice when I smoke that is when my mouth get's really dry or when I talk for a while it get's really dry. I know it is a bad habbit, I use to drink not alot but occasionally, I never did drugs, I stopped drinking about 3 years ago, I use to work in a casino as a cocktail waitress and after serving drinks all the time for 2 1/2 years I just could not stomach the thought of having a beer. So my vice is my smoking. I know bad bad bad, but someday maybe i will be able to kick that habit. I have really had no gagging today but I also have not gone any where I been laying on the couch, hoping I could get thru this. I will let you all know how it is going, Thanks kim and casey without this site I probally would of thrown my dentures at the wall lol.

      susie :wave:

      #86; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:42:00 GMT
    • Yeah, you go girl. Thats the way to look at it!!!!!

      I am so happy that you made it all day. The longest I have been able to keep the tops in is 6 hours. But they are so loose now and I am not allowed to use the denture glues yet. I still have alot of stitches in the creases of my gum and cheeks from the jaw portion of the surgery, he doesn't want me to catch one of them and pull it out, I would really be in alot of pain if that was to happen.

      The bottoms, well lets just say that I haven't a clue what they look like in my mouth. Oh well. Maybe after Monday.

      Again, way to go Susie!!!!!!!! I bet you look Marvelous!!!!!


      #87; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:43:00 GMT
    • Hello all.....I did get some glue and I just use a bit on the sides in the back, it sure does help! This will help make each reline last longer. The repair on the denture is holding up. And I'm able to chew much better with the glue in.

      Now I've got an abcess in a tooth in the back, I'm on day number 4 with anti biotics, I'm having to make a mouthwash with diluted tea tree oil to help with yeast problems in the mouth from the anti biotic's and use a tounge cleaner. I hate that burning feeling from the thrush/yeast in the mouth. It's better with the tea tree swishing though. Still...Not fun!

      Kim...a little late but congrats on that taco!! Whoo hoo for you!

      Also I use my notepad to type my messages back to the board if they are going to be lengthy and then cut copy and paste it to the reply, that way I don't lose my post and have to retype it if it doesn't go through. Also with the high cholesterol...gets some Omega oil pills, take the pills on an emtpy stomach, this way you won't burp up fish oil all day long coz it goes directly into your intestines, it helps with your liver to process and take care of the bad oils in your system and lower cholesterol.

      Susie ..So sorry to hear that your Grandmother passed away. I wish I had a cure for you sensitive gag reflex problems, how awful that must be for you. I hope your heart doctor appointments go ok. How scary!!! Susie, I do smoke, bad I know but there you are. I think your wearing the dentures more often will make a difference, I know when I take mine out for any amount of time that they feel big again when I put them back in. But, if I have them in for a while I can harldly tell they are there. You go girl!!

      Welcome to you Carat414 (Casey)...It does take some time before you can eat other foods again. It gets better...but it does seem like forever sometimes. If you salvitate a lot, it could be you are dehydrated, that is one of the signs. Try sipping water like Susie does, the extra water can't hurt. As she said, she doesn't have the excess saliva, just dry lips. I had the dry lips at first too. It must come with the territory. That feeling of too many teeth in your mouth does go away, but I didn't have a bottom denture made, perhaps it is worse if you have both the upper and the lowers done? It sounds like you will have to have some more adjusting if you can't close your lips around your teeth! As you found out, all is not well with your gum tissue! Wow! I'm reading and responding to older posts. I was told by my surgeon that it is sometimes needed to resurface the bone stucture after the gums start to heal, with the original extraction it hard to tell if that is needed until healing begins. Good thing you went with your gut reaction and waited for your own dentist to have a look. Sounds like that other one scares a lot of people into having major work done. Casey, hang in there it gets better. Swish with some salt water for as long as you can at a time, it does help the sore mouth. Good luck!!!


      #88; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:44:00 GMT
    • Has anyone had hard pressure spots? I mean I have these bumps, they used to be the gum that surround the teeth, now as they are healing, they are forming these bumps where my teeth use to be, but the thing is, they really hurt. It is not the same as the pain from the extractions, jaw surgery, or a bone spur, but a pressure type of pain. Just wondering if this is normal.


      Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend full of smiles.

      #89; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:45:00 GMT
    • I have pain in the areas where the roots were, you know futher up than the gums. But at first everything hurt, I would swish with a strong salt water often and for as long as possible, it does help with the pain and cleaning, you don't have to swish hard, gently is best if you still have stitches. I also used a diluted tea tree oil, it's good for the health of the gums. 1/4 cup warm water and 5drops of oil, mixed well before each sip, and spit, don't swallow, don't rinse either, after your done avoid drinks of any kind for 1/2 hr. then you can rinse. It gives it time to work. It really makes the mouth tingle, it takes some getting used to. DO NOT swallow the tea tree oil mixture.

      In my book on it (tea tree oil)a guy had receeding gums and swished then spit for 2min. twice a day, and the dentist said they had improved greatly, eventually they healed! I use it also for thrush which is like a yeast infection in the mouth from taking anti-biotics. Be diligent, nothing works instantly. Maybe you could call and ask your dentist, everyone is different. Diana

      #90; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:46:00 GMT
    • Casey

      When i first got my dentures I had a pressure spot It was white and sore I went back to my dentist and she said it was from my dentures rubbing so she filed the spot where my spot was and it cleared up, I got another one so I did the same thing, had the dentist file it down where it was rubbing, I was able to wear my dentures 17 hours, I took them out Friday morning and left them out all day, I put them back in last night again no problems, I did find a good remedy for my dry mouth I got a pack of freedent gum which does not stick to the dentures, and no problems, well a small little problem It has been a very very long time since I have been able to chew gum, My poor cheecks have little holes from where i kept bitting the inside of my mouth. It was the oddest feeling my jaw was so sore from chewing but boy was it great. The gum helped me create salvia so no dry mouth, I have been expermenting with the glue's I am now trying fixodent complete, when I put them in last night with the glue they did not hold so I pulled them out and put more glue on once it set it felt like super glue. When I had them in the other day I went crazy, I was able to eat a pickle for the first time, I called my son out of his room just so I could show him, I think he thinks I am crazy, but hey. I do have another question with the adhesive how long before it is set, mine vary, well again I want to thank everyone for there support I know I can do this, I will do this, with new friends who have similar problems makes it alot easier to cope. I will admit I was ready to give up but you guys keep me going, THANKS.


      #91; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:47:00 GMT
    • I am so excited for you Susie. You are my inspiration.

      Well Dr. G called again, (this man needs a life), as either he or one of his staff does everyday, and I told him about the spot. He is thinks it is either a pressure point spot or maybe a bone spur that hasn't surfaced. Well I figure since I haven't tryed to perform my own surgery and remove these bonespurs yet that I will just go to Dr. G on Monday morning. I trust him and I wont have to worry about additional charges. He also mentioned that after careful examination of the xrays that the other oral surgeon took, he now believes that before I can even think about having implants to help with the bottom dentures I will have to have a titatium (sp?) plate put in to help support my jaw, and even then he cannot guarantee I will be able to get them, so it looks like I have just added almost another year on to this whole thing.

      When did you start using the glues? I want to give it a try and see if it will help but I am worried if my mouth has healed enough. With the ways things have been going with this whole experience I will use the glue and end up ripping my lips out when trying to remove them. My top is doing well, I think, only the second molar holes and wisdom teeth holes are still actually open. The bottom, well as usual it is a mess. I tried to put the denture in this morning, couldn't do it. Hopefully after Mondays bone scraping and bone spur removal.

      Oh I ate fish, salmon to be exact. I was so excited that I ate all mine and most of hubbys, and not because it was so tasty either. I miss the actual eating experience. Chewing, tasting, swallowing all without thinking.

      Hope everyone is doing great, and Susie KUDO's again to you on 17 hours. WOW!!!!


      #92; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:48:00 GMT
    • Casey

      You hang in there, If I can do this you can do this. I know what you mean about eating, pizza is my down fall, the first time I got eat pizza since Dec was in April oh wow heaven. And like I said the gum, I sat here and figured it out it has been 7 years since I have been able to chew gum. I started using the glue right after my stiches came out but I only used it on the plate part, I waited until all my holes healed over before I used it in I do not know what the name for it is but I call it the reservore. I am still expermenting with the glue's. I have found out that the one's that have flavor made everything I tried to eat taste like the flavor of the adhesive. So I been using the ones with no flavors. I also tried the sea bond wafer that did not work at all. Good luck with the Dentist. Hang in there.


      #93; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:49:00 GMT
    • Casey, I have a few of those hard pressure points.One in front of where my eye tooth used to be and one all the way in the back. The dentist said that we should just leave them and work around them instead of trying to file them down.The one in front is okay cause it doesn't rub and he was able to take some of the material out of the back to go around the spot. I do have another bone spur that is surfacing now so it is sore to say the least today. I am sure you know the feeling.
      #94; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:50:00 GMT
    • Life is so much better today. I had six spots, two hard pressure spots and 4 bone spurs lasered. I have had both my uppers and lower in all day. Yeah!!!! The bottoms are still way loose, he even did a reline of the soft stuff in them, but with not much jaw bone left and the swelling going down not much for them to adhere to.

      He said that I might be in some pain for the next 36-48 hours because of the open wounds again but I feel great. And that pressure, its non exsistant. The novacaine wore off hours ago too.

      Well I am off to South Carolina in 4 hours. I cant wait now, I was a little nervous about flying and being in all this pain. Talk to you all in a week. I will be thinking of you all. I hope that you all have a wonderful week.


      #95; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:51:00 GMT
    • Susie, GUM ? Alright, I haven't chewed gun in so long now I would probably tear up my mouth also.LOL can you blow bubbles too? I used to be a champ at bubble blowing LOL. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I am supposed to get that laser for my bones too but they won't do it till I get my bottom plate and top permantes. So I just keep him busy filing down sore spots.

      Fixodent complete is what I use also, no bad taste all day and my food doesn't taste like mint. I started using it less than a week after I got my teeth and was just real careful not to pull stitches. Had a big problem getting all the glue out of my mouth afterwards though. I tried the new strips and they were horrible. Did not work at all. Good luck. Too much is almost as bad as not enough.

      I hope that Casey has a good time in South Carolina, she has been through so much with her teeth she needs to just enjoy herself for a few days.

      I had to cut my post short the other day, got called away from the computer, I was going to write something to you also and now now for the life of me can't remember what it was.

      I have my gransdon here for 2 days so have to make this short but if I think of it I will check back in. Have a wonderful day everyone.

      #96; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:52:00 GMT
    • Hello Kim, how are you doing? It seems like forever since I have talked to ya. I have been so busy. School got out last week here and it has been hectic around here.

      How are you doing with your cholesteral. Just when you thought you were going to be able to eat! Things always seem to happen like that huh. I know what you mean about the medical things. I was just at the ER last week with a kidney stone. I keep telling my husband that things are just going to start falling off of my body, LOL. It always seems like something is going wrong.

      Are the dentures still ok? When did you say you would get your bottom partial? Mine have been pretty good. I still have moments sometimes, but am slowly getting there. I can't wait until I get my permanents in August.

      I hope you get to have a nice visit with your grandson. I can't wait for the day that I have grandbabies to spoil!

      I am glad that I have helped you. You have been a big help to me too. It makes things so much easier to have someone to talk to. I know everyone is different when going through this, but to have someone to go through this with sure does help. Thanks for being there!!!

      How is everyone else doing. I hope it is getting easier for you all!


      #97; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:53:00 GMT
    • people gag with dentures for two reasons, because they go too far back, or because they are loose. It sounds as if you have only recently had teeth removed, so looseness is most likely. A reline or replacement will help, but understand that the gums will continue to resorb for the rest of your life though at a slower rate as time goes on.

      I had always thought that it was us Brits that had bad teeth!

      [We are asked to not use cuss/slang words. Saying "bad" teeth is better. Thanks - Well-come Moderator.]

      #98; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:54:00 GMT
    • Cristie,

      Hello, Yes I know what you mean about being busy. I have my grandson here now and he is a little handful. Not that I mind of course, I am just not used to running ALL day long. lol. He was supposed to go to his other grandmas for a month (kids are fixing up the house to sell) but I took the week off and talked them into letting him stay here for the first 10 days. :)

      He just turned 1 in April so you can just imagine how much I spoil him.

      How many little ones (or big, they are just as much a handful) do you have running around there?

      My top teeth are doing good.I was one sore spot all the way in the back up in the crease, and will have to have them shave some off but it will have to wait till Adam goes home. Other wise not to many more problems. I have been trying to stay on a very low fat diet. I will go in July to be rechecked, then she will decide if I go on yet another med. I sure hope not. It feels like I am always on something and slowly poisoning myself. I tell my husband they samething, I am falling apart one piece at a time.

      I don't get my permante tops or my partial till at least August, I am so impatient, I want them now. It wouldn't be so bad if they had told me right away it would be that long, but they said I would have my bottoms done in May. Still haven't heard any word from the insurance company, not that I expected too yet but still hopeful that they will reimburse us for some of it.

      I hear a baby, gotta go. Talk to you soon,

      Have a wonderful weekend,


      #99; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:55:00 GMT
    • I am finally home. Loved South Carolina, but it is so good to be home. I was really starting to miss the family.

      Having those spots lasered was the best thing so far. It stopped all the pain from those darn pressure spots, and my lip is almost healed from bone spurs. I can wear the top dentures all day and all night with no problems. Just a little glue on the roof part and I am good to go. The bottoms well I am almost at the point of accepting the fact I will never have teeth on the bottom again. I go back to see Dr. G on Thursday and they are going to make me a completely new bottom temporary denture and do another laser treatment on both the bottom and top. My test results came back while I was out of town and the infection is completely gone with no traces. Thank Goodness.

      Hopefully after Thursdays apointment the bottoms will work out like the tops, if not I am going to be called "Gummy" instead of "Grammy" to my grandkids.

      So glad to hear that things are going well for everyone else. I agree with everyone on the body falling apart. Two years ago I felt as though I could still run a mile no problem, now I get aches and pains just sitting here thinking about it. Here is one to make you all laugh. About 6 months ago I was in my bathroom washing the walls down. I had taken a mirror that hangs on the wall and placed it on the floor. Well after cleaning I bent down to pick up the mirror to rehang it and I actually screamed out loud when I saw my reflection. My face, well, it just wasn't my face anymore. I cryed for almost 15 minutes. It was a real strange feeling to look my age, now just six months later, I feel that age also. That darn wrinkle fairy is a fast worker.

      I wish you all great days,

      Casey :wave:

      #100; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:56:00 GMT
    • Hi! I am new here and new to the denture stuff. I am so glad to have found a board with people who are or have experienced the same things I am going through.

      I go next Monday, June 6th to get the rest of my teeth pulled and I will get my immediates that day. It's coming up quick but not quick enough.

      Can anyone tell me what to expect afterwards? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

      I am 43 years old and have needed them for some time. I had just finally gotten up the nerve to make the appointment and go through with it all. I had inheritated my teeth problems from my Mom's side of the family. Unlucky me.

      #101; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:57:00 GMT
    • Hello Kim, my friend! How are you doing? How is it going with your grandson? I'll bet it is such a joy to have him there. I have 2 boys. They are 12 and 6. They are my world!

      I am glad your teeth are doing so well. I haven't had any major problems with mine either, still able to eat tacos, :D . I have to start back on my low fat diet too. With my liver problems I should have been doing that for a while, but it has been so great to be able to eat again that I just can't help myself! I have still been losing weight though. I have now lost 34 pounds.

      I am so tired of the medical problems. I never knew that having liver problems could affect so many things on your body. I have got to try to find a new doc. My old GI wasn't very good, but with no insurance it is hard to find someone that I can afford and who is a good doc.

      I hope you can get somewhere with your insurance. It amazes me that all we have to pay to them, whenever they have to pay something to us, they act like we are asking for the moon.

      I'll bet you can't wait for August. I get my permanent liners in August and I can't wait for that either.

      I am glad that we are all doing better. Talk to ya soon!


      How is everyone else doing?

      #102; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:58:00 GMT
    • Hi Carol, welcome to the boards! These boards have been a lifesaver to me and I hope they can help you out as well. There are some real helpful people here.

      You say that you are getting the rest of your teeth pulled. Have you already had some pulled? I think the immediates are the best way to go. That is how mine were done and I haven't had too many problems.

      The second and third day are probably the worst. But for me it wasn't nearly as bad as I had myself thinking it would be. Just try not to overdue it.

      If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them if I can. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you.


      #103; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 19:59:00 GMT
    • Casey

      Welcome back I am so glad that you are feeling better. I know the feeling like it is about time. What part of South Carolina did you go to?? I am going to laughlin and las vegas from the 13 to the 17th. My husband and I only live about an hour and half from laughlin. I am going to try my chewing gum technique, hope it works, my last trip was horrible.

      Carol 616 everyone is different we all have gone thru different experience's and healing, but I have noticed that alot of us have experienced the problems. This site is great I do not think I would of made it with out it, everyone is awsome on this site. When you are really down and out there are people here that cheer you up, I should know, I am 37 and had all my top's pulled in Jan, and had my immediate's, it has been a tough road for me, but I am getting there. good luck let us know how you are doing.


      #104; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:00:00 GMT
    • Christie

      Congrats on all your hard work, I know about loosing the weight, unfortanally I put mine back on, I think I might have my heart problems figured out, The Az Heart Inst. called me today and we talking my appt is on the 7th I think from all the years of infection with my teeth, it affected me in more way's then one, I went a long long long time before I had my teeth pulled, so I will find out more next week. congrats on your taco eating.

      Susie ;)

      #105; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:01:00 GMT
    • Susie, Went to a small town about a 30 minute drive from Charlotte NC called York. My best friend just moved back there this past August, so far I been out there twice and she has been here 3 times. Separation anxiety syndrome I guess. We are moving there from Las Vegas in about 18 months. I am so tired of the dead heat, and dirt. I want trees, and greenery. My oldest will be out on her own by then, she doesn't want to go, and the two boys are coming with us.

      Good Luck at the machines during your trip, remember though, the reason all these casinos look so pretty is because the odds are in there favor.


      #106; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:02:00 GMT
    • Casey

      I know exactally where you were, my ex husband lives in charlotte he works for Hendrick Motorsports, Nascar, my son is leaving next sunday to visit his dad. I was there 3 years ago my current husband was working in Carey I flew out for 5 days we went to charlotte. I forgot what green looks like. I have 2 more years before my son is out of school he will be 17 this year. What is funny is we have been talking about moving to vegas. I am really glad that you are doing so much better, I have an appt on the 7th with the Az Heart Inst. I was in the ER last wednesday, I was having chest pain, they found that the muscle's around my heart were swollen, The Az Heart inst called me yesterday to see how I was doing, we were talking I expalined to her about my teeth, I asked if there was a possability because of all the years of infection if that might be causing my problems, she said it might they are going to test all my organs to see if there might be a lingering infection or if the infection has done any damage to any of my organs. I look at it this way if it is because of my teeth I can not blame any one but myself. Sat down and really figured out how many years I let my teeth go 15 years. I started having problems after my son was born. Just have to wait and see. I ll let ya all know.

      keep up the good work

      Susie :p

      #107; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:03:00 GMT
    • Walking on Sunshine over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WooHoo

      Saw Dr. G just little while ago. Infection is non-existant. Swelling reduction and healing going wonderful and better then he expected. The best news is that my jaw bone has started to regenerate itself. I guess the worry was that the bone was so damaged that it may not be able to heal correctly or completely. Well he said that it is weeks ahead of what he expected it to be at this time. And even better news, I am going to be able to get mini implants in the bottom, 6 to be exact, that will help with the rocking and shifting. I cant get them for a few months I believe, and he has to wait until I am released from the maxio surgeon, but still, the opportunity is there. He also lasered the couple of bone spurs that popped up while I was in SC.

      He almost dropped his mirror tool when I told him that I was chewing gum to help toughen up the gums. He thinks its a bit odd but what ever it is that I am doing he said keep it up oviously its working.

      So I hope everyone else had as good as a day as me.


      #108; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:04:00 GMT
    • Casey

      congrats congrats way to go, keep it up. wait until you chew gum with the teeth that will blow you away, I know it did with mine. I am chewing freedent it does not stick to my dentures. Went out for pizza today, yum yum that is my downfall. Well keep up the good work,


      #109; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:05:00 GMT
    • Cristie- I am having a ball with my grandson. A little out of practice though. I forgot how much work it can be to run after him all day. :yawn: lol. I have to take him to his other grandmas on Saturday. Boy has this week flown by. I know what you mean when you say they are your world. I never thought I could love anyone as much as my own son, but I was definately wrong. This little guy is my life. He is the reason I endured all my treatments when I felt like giving up.

      Yeah, the liver does seem to rule our bodies doesn't it. I should have payed more attention in school.

      Carol- Welcome to the "family" here. I have to agree with Cristie that the 2-3 days were the worst for me. My thoughts on how bad I would be were MUCH worse than how it really was, and if you can get immediate dentures that would be the best. Cristie here made it so much easier. I hope that we will be able to answer your questions and ease your fears also.

      Susie- You sound like you are doing well. Good luck in Laughlin, that is the only place I ever won at. lol. I lovedit there, we even took a day to go to that little minimg town (forgot the name) but had a ball. I wish I could use the gum trick, the one bone spur I still have is too deep.

      Casey- Welcome back. Glad you had a good time. The laser worked well huh? Good to know on case I need to do that. You sound so much better.

      UGH !!!! not the mirror ! LOL. I try not to look in the mirror too much. I never reconize her anyways.lol there is always some old lady looking back at me. :eek:

      #110; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:06:00 GMT
    • Susie, I hope you can get to the bottom of your heart problems. I think your teeth probably has played a huge part in it too. I have some liver issues and I think that my teeth may not have caused the problems but I think it made the problems worse. It is pretty sad when eating a taco is the highlight of my life, lol! It sure was good though! How are you doing with the gagging problems? I'm saying prayers for ya that all goes well with your appointment on the 7th. Let us know!

      Casey glad to see that all is going well with you.

      Kim, I am glad you are enjoying your grandson. I can't imagine chasing a little bitty one again. I can barely keep up with my boys. School has just gotten out for them, and we are so enjoying the nice long break. I love summer!!!

      I hope everyone else is doing well!


      #111; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:07:00 GMT
    • Thanks for the friendly welcome! I had posted and then couldn't find where I had posted until now, lol I am going tomorrow at 2:00 to have my fronts extracted and getting immediates, both upper and lower. My teeth have been so bad for so long and I finally got up the nerve to do this. Right now, I am scared to death!

      Did any of you have trouble talking after getting them? I am really worried about that. Also, my sister-in-law is having a birthday party for me six days after I get them and I am afraid I will feel lousy or be uncomfortable with them. How long does it usually take to adjust to wearing them?

      The stress of having both of my parents in the hospital right now is making this all much worse.

      My dentist uses Lidocaine and nothing else. Is this the normal procedure? I talked to him and he had no problem with me taking Xanax before I come in.

      Do most people swell and bruise? Anything else I should be prepared for? I am totally in the dark about this and I certainly would love some advice. I am so glad I found this board!


      #112; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:08:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      Thanks for the welcome and for offering to answer any questions.

      Many of my teeth were already gone. The ones I have left are being extracted tomorrow. I am still figuring out this board so please be patient with me. Any advice at all would be wonderful! I am really scared right now but I am also excited! I just want it all over with. Tomorrow afternoon I will have a full mouth full of teeth for the first time in years!

      #113; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:09:00 GMT
    • Hi Carol, I feel for you! I was the same way a few months ago. This is a very scary thing to go through. But I am so glad I did it. It is so nice not to have bad teeth anymore!!!

      If the dentist is numbing your mouth and not putting you to sleep, you will feel a numbness like you have never felt before. For about 3-4 hours you will be so numb you won't even be able to talk. I was so numb I couldn't even move my mouth. Make sure and have a pen and paper with you in case that happens. I did have a scary moment when they gave me the shots to numb my mouth. My heart started racing and would not stop. The dentist told me that was perfectly normal, but it was so scary. I don't know if that happens to everyone, but wanted to give you the heads-up on that one just in case.

      You may have a little trouble talking for a little while. The dentures take a little getting used to. At first they feel like they are too big for your mouth. I felt like a had something stuck on the roof of my mouth and it was kinda hard to say any s words.

      I didn't swell and bruise. I know some people do. But I don't know how often that happens. You might want to go to a Wal-Mart or drug store and get some Benzodent before you get your teeth pulled. It is a numbing medicine that helps with the sore spots and you will more than likely have some of those. Not for a few days though. But I would get it early, because you might not feel up to going out for a few days.

      I hope it goes well for you tomorrow. I was the same as you scared but excited. It is nice to have teeth that are pretty. If you have any questions, I will answer all I can. Good luck!!!


      #114; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:10:00 GMT
    • Thanks for the quick reply Cristie! I had read on here about the Benzodent and bought some already. Hopefully the Xanax will help me relax. I was so embarrassed because I had a panic attack in the dentists office when I went. Tomorrow is the big scary day. I wish I would have done this years ago but at least I finally got up the guts to do it now. I am having 13 teeth extracted. I am really worried because of a birthday party being given for me six days after this is done. I don't want to make a fool out of myself but the only people that will be there know I am doing this, besides the fact that it will be obvious. I am considering having her cancel the party because I don't know how I will feel or if I will be comfortable. I am in a total state of confusion right now. Here it is midnight and I am still working on cleaning the house so everything will be taken care of for a few days. I doubt I will be able to sleep anyway. he said he is going to give me a "block" on my lower jaw and it will last for 3-4 hours. How long did it take to become somewhat comfortable wearing them and going out in public?

      Once again, thank you so much!


      #115; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:11:00 GMT
    • How long have you had yours Cristie?
      #116; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:12:00 GMT
    • I got mine done on February 21. It is a day I will never forget. I consider it the first day of the rest of my life. That may sound silly to some, but I never realized until I got my dentures, how many different ways bad teeth had affected my life.Like you, I had bad teeth for a long time. I will never regret doing it.

      I am sure the Xanax will help alot. The dentist gave me 2 pills to take about 30 minutes before I went in for my appointment. I don't know exactly what they were, but they relaxed me alot and made it alot easier.

      I was taking my kids to school by the third day. I was kinda nervous, because to me I sounded funny but everyone said I sounded fine. Don't cancel your party! I think you will do great. Getting your new teeth will give you another reason to celebrate! Just don't try eating tacos!!! In case you haven't read all the posts that was the hardest thing for a few of us to eat.

      I am excited for you. I know what a difference this will make in your life. I will be home all day tomorrow so if there is any last minute questions you have feel free to post. You probably won't feel like posting for a few days after you get this done, but let us know as soon as you can how you are doing. I will be thinking of you! :D


      #117; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:13:00 GMT
    • I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to help me. You are wonderful! You have eased a lot of my fears and answered my questions. I really am looking forward to getting this done. It's been a long time coming. I thought about it so many times but never had the guts to go to a dentist and open my mouth. The dentist was wonderful and put me at ease right away. My husband has been great and has gone with me to every appointment. I do have a lot of support but it is by people who don't have dentures so my questions had remained unanswered until now. I can relate to you saying it was the first day of the rest of your life. My teeth have kept me from enjoying so many things due to embarrassment. I am looking forward to being able to SMILE! In a little over 12 hours I will be on my way to have it done! I figure I can be not very hungry at my party, lol

      I was pretty scared when he said he just uses lidocaine but when I asked if I could take Xanax, he told me to take whatever I needed to help me relax.

      Right now, I'm not sure if I am scared or excited. It's a crazy feeling.

      You really think that I will be ready to handle a party for me six days afterwards? I would hate to cancel but it can be done if I need to. The party was planned right before I decided to do this. In fact, I think it was just the push I needed. I was really uncomfortable being the center of attention with my teeth the way they are. I was going to take a "before" picture with me smiling but then I decided I not to. From tomorrow on, I will have a full set of teeth when I smile.

      It's unbelievable how comfortable I feel talking on here.

      I might just take you up on the last minute questions! I have a feeling I will be a tad nervous tomorrow! I wish I could sleep until it was time to go!

      #118; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:14:00 GMT
    • Carol, You are going to be just fine. It is an adjustment to get use to your new teeth. At first I felt as though I had two sets of teeth in my mouth, and it was quite a shock to see different teeth in the mirror for the first time. After a couple of weeks it was alot better, the swelling had reduced alot and the angels on this site had told me I wasn't alone, which really helped alot. I still have some problems with saying the letter S, and if I get upset with my kids I have to remember to be careful so I dont spit my teeth out at them and break my momentum. LOL

      Go to the party, and enjoy your new smile. Most people aren't even going to notice, and for those that know about your new teeth will be surprise how natural they look.

      I always take a portable CD player with headphones with me to the dentist, that way I don't have to hear the noises of the tools and it helps me relax more.

      I am looking forward to your first post after you get up and around.


      #119; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:15:00 GMT
    • I haven't been here for a while. Welcome Carol!! Congrats on your birthday soon! I thought I'd share some things that helped with my recovery. I had all the uppers pulled at one time. 8 total, last October 27th. I had a confirmation dinner to go to 3 days later and had company that same weekend. I think you can do the birthday thing after 6 days, by then you will most likely feel much better.

      I finally figured out that sleeping slightly elevated helped with the swelling. I made some rice packs and kept them in the freezer to put on my face.

      If you sew at all you could make some out of an old pillow case. I would sew two lines in the center first then cut between the lines. Just put some rice in the pillow case, leave a little room and sew a line across to keep the rice in. I had a few packs that I would rotate in the freezer, this way I always had a cold one to use. I also made a pillow that fit around my face. It was a long tube with ties on the ends, I would lay down and put my face through the center and pack the cold rice packs on my face, this way I could relax with out holding them in place, plus I sept elevated, with a couple pillows under my knee's. When the rice packs warm up, just flip them over and feel cool again. What is nice about the rice packs versus a cold gel pack was the would warm up on there own and I didn't have to worry about how long I had cold on the skin. Maybe your sister could sew it for you if you can't. I found thin cotton material feels colder than a flanel does. These packs were my life saver. Cold on the face helped a lot.

      Don't drink anything too strong that first 24 hrs. coz you do swollow some blood and you don't want to upset your stomach too much. I had a cup a coffee about 12 hrs after mine, what a mistake!!! LOL...just had to have it you know. Yogurt went down fine though. Good Luck to you. Diana

      #120; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:16:00 GMT
    • just checking, I can't view the last page.

      There, that worked. :bouncing:

      #121; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:17:00 GMT
    • Drs, how have you been? I hope all is going well for you.

      Carol, I am glad you have a good dentist. That makes a huge difference. Sounds like your husband is going to be a great help too. Mine was such a big help. I didn't do the before picture either. I thought, do I really want to remember the crap that is is my mouth?

      Don't be suprised when you first look in the mirror that you might not be happy. The first time I looked after I got home, I wanted to cry. My mouth looked so different. It just didn't look right. It was because it was such a big change. It just seemed weird. But the really do look great! It just took a little while to get used to.

      I really think you will be fine at the party. I agree with drs. Sleep with your head elevated for a few days. The dentist told me for the first day or two it would be better to sleep in the recliner. I couldn't sleep that way, so I just used several pillows.

      I can't wait to hear how things go. I will be thinking of you. Let us know as soon as you feel like it.


      #122; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:18:00 GMT
    • Thanks Casey, It helps so much to discuss my concerns with people who can really tell me what it will be like. Everyone I know just tells me "It will be great!" That would be wonderful but I know it won't be great right away.

      I am hoping I feel up to posting a quick update tonight but that may be wishful thinking, LOL

      #123; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:19:00 GMT
    • Thanks for the advice Diana! This board has been such a help! I leave in 2 hours and I honestly think I am more excited now than scared! I may not feel that way in 2 hours though, lol


      #124; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:20:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      Okay, the party will remain planned. I am going to try my best to be optimistic through this experience. I'm glad your husband was so supportive, I know mine has helped me so much with dealing with this. I will try to come on tonight and post to let you all know how I did.

      You guys are really a Godsend!


      #125; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:21:00 GMT
    • Carol, I agree with you that our husbands support helps alot. I could not have done it without mine.

      This board has really helped me out alot too! It is nice to have someone to talk to that has been through this before. I have several family members that have dentures,but they had theirs done so long ago that no one could really remember what it was like.

      I think the party will help you out. You will probably be walking around with a smile on your face the whole night :D !!!!

      Let us know when you can how you are doing. I can't wait to hear how it goes :) !


      #126; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:22:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      My husband just came home from work. I leave in about an hour. I am excited, scared and yes I took half a Xanax already, lol I hardly ever takem them so when I take a whole one on the way, it ought to help a lot.

      I am working on getting my optimism going here. I want it done so I should just be glad it will be over today. The healing and adjusting will all come in good time. At least while I am healing and adjusting, I can SMILE!


      #127; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:23:00 GMT
    • Hello all!

      Today wasn't so bad. He did offer me gas after all and I took him up on it. They were all exracted before I knew it. I felt so good, numb but good that we drove out to my my brothers, which is an hour away before heading home. That might have been a mistake though because I was totally wiped before we left there and slept the whole way home. Then I laid on the couch and slept a few more hours when we arrived home. My lower gum seemed to be swelling some but then a but ago my lower fell out! I was told not to remove them until I see him Thursday but had no choice. So I cleaned it up and put adhesive on it and am hoping for the best! The pain isn't too bad, it's there but tolerable. I am hoping to get up to the hospital to show my parents tomorrow.

      What brand of adhesive do any of you find works best?

      So far I have eaten wonton soup snd pudding.

      My hubby has been so supportive, he has gone to every appointment and even stayed in the room while the extractions were done.

      #128; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:24:00 GMT
    • Congrats Carol

      I started this thread after I had my teeth pulled, I was not so lucky with my Dentist I had to have all my tops pulled at once with only novacaine, so I was aware and AWAKE the whole time, I did use my cd player and that did help alot. Like alot people on this site my husband was also very supported, he was with me in the room the entire time. I do not wear my dentures all the time I only wear them if I go some where important. I look back at all the years with my bad teeth and putting off going to the dentist that I wish I would have done this years ago. This site is great and all the people are wonderful, there was a time where I wanted to give up, due to the problems I had with my dentures, but just talking to everyone changed my mind, and gave me inspiration. Family members and Husbands are great with the support, but like in case my mom and dad and husband have all their teeth, so I was difficult for them to understand the full extent of what I was going thru, so hang in there. and I wanted to say a great big "HI" to everyone else.


      #129; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:25:00 GMT
    • Hello Carol, I am happy to see that you made it through the extractions. Isn't it amazing how quick they can get all those teeth out? How do the dentures look? Is your pain still ok?

      I use the Poligrip and Fixodent both. You just have to try a few to see which one works best for you. Be careful about pulling out the teeth when they have glue on them. You don't want to get any dry sockets.

      I am glad to here that it went pretty good. Hope you are still feeling ok.


      #130; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:26:00 GMT
    • Hi Susie,

      I also wish I would have done this years ago. I was so embarrassed to go to the dentist which was pretty silly considering I was embarrassed every day of my life about my teeth. My Mom has dentures but she has had them for 50 years. In fact she is still wearing her first pair!


      #131; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:27:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      I was amazed at how quick they extracted them! Last night was rough but today is a lot better, so far. I just got up at noon! LOL I was up a few times last night. They gave me samples of Fixodent so I will see how that works. My lower fell out last night and now it feels a little loose already. The pain is barely there right now and I have taken nothing for it in hours.

      Too all of you, thanks for caring and making this experience so much easier for me!!


      #132; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:28:00 GMT
    • Christie,

      I forgot to tell you that the dentures look great! I was so afraid that they wouldn't because I had been missing so mnay teeth for so long but I honestly love them!


      #133; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:29:00 GMT
    • Hi Carol, I am so glad that you are doing good. Tomorrow or the next day will probably be the worst. But you never know, you might just breeze through this.

      How are they doing your dentures? Are you getting permanent liners in a few months or whole new dentures? Every place you go is so different. The lowers will be loose until you get your permanents in a few months. My bottoms are so loose I cannot do anything without glue, but the uppers aren't as bad. I will get permanent liners in August.

      Isn't it nice to have pretty teeth again? Don't forget to smile. I still have trouble with that. I forget that I have nice teeth again.

      Do you think that you are going to feel up to the party? I hope you do. When is your birthday?

      Talk to ya soon!


      #134; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:30:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      Hopefully the next few days will be as easy as today was.I am getting a reline in 6 months. I have a small amount of swelling in my upper lip on the right side and the right side of my face is slightly swollen but it's not really very noticeable. All in all, so far I am doing much better than I ever expected! Except for eating that is, that is the hard part right now.

      It is wonderful to have nice teeth again! I am pretty sure I will feel good enough for the party. The party is June 12th but my birthday is June 16th.



      #135; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:31:00 GMT
    • Carol, I am so happy that you are doing so well. See it really wasn't too bad. Not that you would want to do it again though.

      The difference in how you look is pretty wild HUH? I must have stood in front of that mirror for an hour looking at my self at all angles and with every facial expression I could do. And if you think that your immediates look good just image what the permenants are going to be like. When I was at my last appointment I saw a lady leaving with her new permanent teeth. She looked awsome. I thought that her immediates looked really good but the permanents were even better.

      Hope all is great with everyone.


      #136; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:32:00 GMT
    • Hi Casey,

      I have already spent quite a bit of time looking in the mirror. I am amazed by what I see. Is that really me? LOL

      These are my permanents. They are doing a reline in six months. I am all new to this, just going on what they told me.

      It wasn't even a tenth as bad as I expected. My husband said I was laughing my butt off as they extracted them and saying "Pull another one!" LOL He said I also told the dentist that his assistant deserved a raise three times. I had never had gas before and I guess it hit me pretty hard.

      #137; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:34:00 GMT
    • I have a question for anybody on here. My dentist said he doesn't do soft relines. My lowers have come out four times already! I go tomorrow at 2:00 for a checkup. What do I do? He has to do something doesn't he??? Help!!!!!!!!!!
      #138; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:34:00 GMT
    • Hey Carole, pull another one!!! LOL I am laughing my butt off right now! I take it the gas made you feel pretty good? :D

      Some dentists don't do soft relines. The only thing you can do until your reline is to use glue. I would wait a few days for that though. Give your gums time to heal a little. My denturist told me to wait 7 days before using adhesive. They do sell some kind of liner thing at Wal-Mart. It is made by Sea Bond. I don't know exactly what it is or how it works but you might try that. But even when they are that loose, the glue should help. I can't even talk without my dentures falling out if I don't use glue. But as soon as I use the glue I can eat anything, so it works pretty well.

      How is the pain? You seem to be doing pretty good. I'll bet you are even smiling in your sleep!


      #139; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:35:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      As much fun as I have heard I had Monday, I think I had enough tooth pulling to last a lifetime, lol I guess I enjoyed that gas from what I have heard, lol

      The pain really isn't bad. I have my moments when it hurts a lot but they do pass. You would probably get a good laugh right now seeing me trying to eat pizza! LOL I cut it up and am eating it with a fork. I only tried one bite so far. It's difficult chewing when I have a mouth full of teeth after all this time!

      I love the looks of them, they look natural to me already. I thought I would hate them at first until I adjusted but I honestly love them!

      Thanks for all your support Cristie. You have really helped me a lot and I want you to know how much I appreciate you!!


      #140; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:37:00 GMT
    • Owwwww Cristie,

      Let's just say I don't want pizza or anything I will need to chew for a long time to come. I was "chewing" as best as I could and all of a sudden I had a shooting pain go through my upper gum. It has only been two days so I guess I was pushing it.


      #141; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:37:00 GMT
    • Carol you are a hoot. Pizza? Day on day 2? I think that they may have given you a little to much gas and its still is lingering. ROFL

      No soft liner huh? Don't try the glue on the areas that come in contact with the extraction sites. I can't even begin to discribe the pain that caused me. The expression OMFG doesn't even come close. Well I am taking hubby in to see Dr. G tomorrow so I will ask him what you can use until the extraction sites close. On the top you can use the glue on the roof part of the denture but on the bottom I ain't got a clue. I am still not allowed to use the glue on any part other then the roof to help hold the tops in, I am not allowed to wear the bottoms anymore. With all the problems I was having with bone spurs, pressure spots, and lack of bone mass Dr. G figured I better not overstress the gum tissue anymore then it already has been.

      After reading all these posts it so weird how dentist do things differently. Some of us get immediates with soft liners, other with out the soft liners. A few get there permenant teeth, and still others dont get any teeth. The wait time for us all has seemed to differ alot also. Now, I know that each persons situation is different but it just is so strange to me.

      Okay, now I know this may sound mean and I would never tell hubby this so its our secret k guys!!! Hubby is having all his uppers and 5 lowers removed tomorrow. This was all planned two months ago, my surgery and teeth removal was just my bad luck snarling at me. Now during 99% of this whole experience I have been going through hubby has been great. The only thing that really gets to me is that he will sit in front of me and eat tacos, steak, chips, beef jerky and other things. The one time I said something he actually said he has all his teeth, its not his fault. So now for my confession, I hope and pray that he can't eat anything but soup for at least a few days. He hates soup, and while he is choking it down I have every intention of coating my mouth and gums with the xylocaine and eating BBQ ribs even if it kills me.

      Okay, I feel better now LOL, I hope that everyone has a good night sleep. Carol, try not to spit your teeth out around kids, you will never live it down and to everyone else I hope that all the other health issues you are all dealing dont cause you any grief.


      #142; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:39:00 GMT
    • Casey

      Oh how mean, "NOT" I know what ya mean having people eat stuff in front of ya when you can not eat it is not right, I think there should be a law for that, lol, and as for carol you are crazy it took me 3 months before I could eat pizza, But I agree that most of us who have not had teeth or bad teeth the first look in the mirror is crazy, I think I cried, I am leaving for my Laughlin and vegas trip on Monday and I hope and pray I have a better time then I did before. I am hopping for no more gagging or throwing up, I am staying at the same hotel I did before and If I throw up this time like last time I am going to throw myself into the colorado river, not really. has any one else tried to chew gum? that is wild, I am still using the biotene for dry mouth, that stuff taste awful, My husband has been on me about wearing my dentures more and I told him to shut up and leave me alone. I have been wearing them but not like I should, I had them in Sunday night with no problems. I am still having problems with the glue, I think I go a little glue crazy everytime I put them in it never fails the glue ozes out the back. I tried the dot dot dot, the line, I have even put the glue on where it is not even close to the back edge and it still ozes out. Then it get's all over my tongue and it sticks to the plastic on the outside and I even get it on lips I do not know how but I do. Well guys take care will let you all know how my trip went when I get back.

      Susie :D

      #143; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:39:00 GMT
    • Carol, glad to hear you are doing well so far!! Funny how everyone reacts differently to gas, it doesn't do much for me. I hope you continue to do as well.

      Casey, your bad....lol...too funny!

      Susie, I used the powder, just get the denture wet, shake off the excess water, tap on a small amount, shake off any excess powder into the garbage or on a paper towel, because anywhere the glue lands you'll have a gummy mess. I've never had any kind of oozing at all. You poor girl, is there anything you haven't gone through!! I hope your trip is better this time.

      I'm still healing up from my extraction. My roots are so long that they are embeded in the bone deeply. The dentist had to dig chips of bone out and had a heck of a time just pulling the tooth. Eating on the other side of my mouth still feels funny and doesn't line up the greatest when chewing. Hopefully soon I can eat on both sides again.

      When I had my uppers pulled, many of them were considered surgical and difficult because of the root base. I swelled up like a balloon. When I went in for my first soft reline my dentist couldn't believe how bruised and swollen I was. Sigh...when it comes to me, it is never easy or simple. My bottom teeth are so sensitive, just having a cleaning is brutel, I'm using the toothpaste that helps with that, but I think because the roots are so deep it will never be painless. Hope everyone here is doing well.


      #144; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:41:00 GMT
    • Hi Casey,

      The pizza was NOT a good idea, lol

      As for your hubby, that's not mean, it's just payback time! LOL You can be just as good to him 99% of the time that he was to you. The other 1% is all yours to have fun with! LOL

      So far when my lowers have come out, they just rise up, I haven't had the pleasure of them flying out of my mouth yet!

      It took three weeks from the day I made the decision to get dentures until the day they were in my mouth. Actually it was 19 days from my first appointment until my last when I had the extractions and got my immediates. That was pretty fast wasn't it?

      No pizza for me today, I think I will stick with soup, lol


      #145; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:42:00 GMT
    • Have a great time Susie!!!


      #146; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:43:00 GMT
    • Hi Diana,

      I am glad I am doing so well so far too! LOL I have so many things I want to get done before Sunday but I don't see them happening as I sit here at my computer! I really need to get my hair re-dyed to go along with the "new me" LOL They are having a party for me Sunday for my birthday. Normally our family doesn't do the big party thing but my sis-in-law wanted to give me one because I have had such a lousy year.This board has helped me so much. You people are all wonderful! Now I wish I could find a board to help me deal with my son, lol


      #147; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:44:00 GMT
    • Susie, I hope that you have a wonderful trip. The weather here is overcast so hopefully you wont sweat to death. And win, win, win. I use fixadent and I only put a small line about a half an inch on the roof, and on the sides where the extraction sites are closed I just put a small dot about the size of a pencil eraser.

      Diane, I am right there with ya on the bruising. Hubby was headed for the store about four days after my surgery and I was getting antsy just sitting in the house so I told him to hang on a minute so I could get my shoes on and run a brush through my hair. He just looked at me and said, "Hun, I love you but I'm not going anywhere with you looking like that, I dont want people thinking I beat you with a baseball bat."

      Carol, I ask Dr. G about the stuff to use instead of glue until the sites close and he said for you to ask your dentist for something called Cora Caine. Its a denture ointment that has a numbing effect so you dont get the pain from sore spots and it helps with holding them in place.

      Oh yeah, Hubby is doing okay, he is nice and swollen and his teeth look to big for his mouth. I feel so much better. Dr. G is even in on this whole thing and told him nothing but clear liquids for 24 hours. So tonight is lasagna from Olive Garden. After that I will be nice to him. I promise. Or at least I will try.

      Hope everyone has a really spiffy day.


      #148; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:45:00 GMT
    • Hi Diana, Cristie, Susie & Casey,

      I went for my checkup and the dentist said everything is healing very well. He had my dentures in another room to adjust where it had been rubbing on my gum and while he was gone his assistant was talking to me. I was so uncomfortable being without my dentures! When he brought them back I was so happy to put them back in. He told me that was wonderful to hear because many of his patients have such a hard time wearing them at first. I felt naked! LOL

      When he saw me come in he said "I would imagine you are in a lot of pain right now." I said "Nope! Just a little discomfort." He was quite surprised and happy to hear that.

      I would highly recommend him to anyone. He and his assistant made what I expected to be an embarrassing and horrifying experience into a minor thing for me.

      They did laugh about some of the things I did and said under the gas. They were laughing with me, not at me. They said I talked and laughed the entire time he was doing the extractions! LOL I guess I had a good time but I have to admit that I am glad I don't remember most of it!

      I want to thank all of you for being so supportive! You really are some very special ladies and I wish I could give you all a big hug and we could SMILE at each other!

      If I left out anyones name who I have been talking to on here, I do apologize. Remember, I have the excuse of being on Vicodin! LOL I have hardly taken any since I had this done but today was a "tad" painful and I took two when I left his office.


      #149; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:46:00 GMT
    • Thanks Susie!

      I will call him and ask about that tomorrow.

      Your poor hubby. Sitting there while you eat lasagna, lol

      I hope he has as fast of a recovery as I seem to be having. My dentist was surprised at how well I am doing. Of course that may just be because I had a panic attack when they did the try in and put them in my mouth. I was a basketcase, lol

      I was lucky and never swelled up or bruised. All that is swollen is my lip from biting it when I was numb, lol Luckily that is almost better.


      #150; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:47:00 GMT
    • Casey,I know every dentist does do things different, but I also think that it is strange that things are so different every where you go. You would think they would all be pretty much the same but I guess not.

      I don't think it is mean about your hubby. Serves him right for eating the "good stuff" right in front of you. I think it would be so funny for you to eat something that he loves sitting right beside him. Men are such big babies! But ya have to love them. I think I would have to be a mean for a few days. 24 hours just doesn't seem like enough, LOL!

      Susie, what is the biotene? Does it really help with the dry mouth? That is the only real problem that I have lately. I am constantly drinking something because my mouth is so dry. I feel like I am living in the bathroom because of it! I have tried everyway with the glue and no matter how little or how much I use it still oozes. I tried the Poli-Dent strips thinking that would help and they were such a joke! That was the time my lower dentures fell out while we were eating out. So I will never use that again! I hope you can get through this trip without gagging the whole time. Good luck and have fun!!!

      Diana, what kind of powder is it that you use? I don't think I have seen it anywhere around here. I hope your gums hurry and heal!

      Carol, I am glad you are doing so well! I was amazed at how well I did too. I kept waiting for it to get real bad and it never did. I have the worst luck, so I knew it was going to be no picnic. Boy was I suprised that I had no major complications.

      I hear ya on taking them out and trying to talk to someone. It doesn't bother me to do it at home, but everytime I go to the denturist office, he always wants to carry on a conversation when he has my teeth in the back! It drives me crazy!

      I agree that everyone here is so GREAT!!! I love this site. It seems like we have all been talking forever. Has everyone seen how many people have looked at this thread? That is amazing! Have you tried posting on the parenting board about your son? That is a real helpful place too.

      I hope you have a great birthday party. Make sure and take some pictures with your big pretty smile. If you are like me, I have been avoiding the camera because I didn't want to show my teeth.

      Kim, where are you? I hope all is going well with you.


      #151; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:48:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      I plan on enjoying having my picture taken for the first time in years! I was always uncomfortable when a camera was around for fear that someone would snap a picture when I wasn't aware and my mouth would be open. It was awful. I don't think anyone could help with my son, the times I have seen him and talked to him, he tells me he doesn't even know why he is always getting mad at us. Then he goes and does it again. After 10 months of this, I have hit my limit. I love him dearly but I won't take it anymore.

      I plan to have a great time at my party. Just some close friends have been invited. The sad part is that we haven't even told my parents about the party because there is no way they could make it with the condition they are in. We all figured it would be better to not tell them.

      I love my teeth!!!! LOL


      #152; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:49:00 GMT
    • I too agree that you all are a great help. At least I know that I am not insane for being in pain, or the only one who has such strange things happening. I slept until about 4 the day of my surgery, tried to eat and ended up vomiting, teeth and all, then back to bed for another day. The only thing that I could think of was what time I took the last vicadin and how long until the next one. Hubby gets home sleeps for a couple hours gets up and eats some apple sauce, pudding and is up and walking around like it was nothing. His teeth look normal, he has little to no swelling and no discoloring. He then ate soup for dinner, and is currently sitting next to me eating a freaking sundae ice cream cone. I suddenly have the incredible urge to smack this man, HARD!!!!!!!

      I have to leave the room, this is to much for me to watch. Hope everyone is having a good day.


      #153; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:50:00 GMT
    • Hi Casey,

      I hope you didn't smack him TOO hard! LOL Life just isn't fair is it? Now should be payback time!

      Just look at it this way, if he were to be miserable he would make you miserable eventually. When did you have yours done? Whenever it was, you are that much farther ahead of him! Be glad you had yours done first!


      #154; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:51:00 GMT
    • crisma/Cristie,

      Fixadent extra hold is the name of that powder glue, some others on here were using fixadent complete, I haven't tried that. But I have to add, my teeth fit pretty well, the only time they get loose is when I have to chew hard on one side, like meat. Then they rock back and forth a little. My dentist will do a reline anytime I want one. I don't take advantage of that service though. I go as long as I can. It's an hour drive and takes a while to do, next time I have a repair on the inside of the plate, so that should take a while longer.

      No kidding, the people in the dentist office always talk to me when I can't talk, like when I was biting down on the gauze for this last extraction, I mean ...come on! lol...but they are so nice there.

      Carol, I was going to suggest the forum on here for your son too. You might get some good ideas on what to do. I hope so.

      Casey, isn't that just like a guy, rubbing it in. That figures, he just sailed through with out a hitch. No fair!!!!!

      My problem now is that I have to pay for a gasteroscopy I just had done, don't know how I'm going to swing paying for my permanant uppers this fall now. Yeah, it's always something! Later everyone, Diana

      #155; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:52:00 GMT
    • I've been following your posts and hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions. I am getting full dentures and next week the school will pull two more teeth on lower and do an alveoplasty (making a flat ridge). I am a little scared that I won't have much ridge left after that as there isn't much there now? Was this done for you and if so, do you have much of a lower ridge?

      Best wishes and fast healing to you both.


      #156; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:53:00 GMT
    • Hi Sae,

      Welcome to the board! I haven't been here long myself but these people are wonderful and very helpful! I didn't have that done, I just had the extractions and the immediates put in that day. I'm going to look the procedure up tonight and maybe between all of us we can figure something out.

      The best of luck to you!


      #157; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:54:00 GMT
    • Sae, Welcome to the group. I have had two alveoplasty procedures done so far, I had a lot of bone mass removed because of an infection and these procedures are my only hope of having enough ridge form for the lower dentures to eventually mold to. The second time didn't really bother me as much as the first one, then again less work was done, I go for the third on the 21st of this month.

      Carol, I had all my teeth and partial jaw removal on the 4th of May, not a planned event, and I still have problems, bone spurs, phantom tooth pains, and severe lower jaw pain, and six or seven more future surgeries. I am still eating very soft foods, while that man sat next to me eating a roast beef sandwich with lettuce earlier today as though he has his real teeth. Now I know that this is real petty, but dang it, I wanted him to at least hurt a little. His attitude is worse now since his extractions, as though I have been over reacting. He has no pain, took one pain pill when he got home and now walks around here smiling as if . We are having a love hate relationship right now, he loves me, or so he says, and I hate him. He is lucky that I just dont have the energy or will to get rid of him and spend another 18 years training a new one.

      To bad I didn't get Susie's cell number before she left to come down here, I could use her help to hold him down and beat him. With all the pain that the two of us have been through I am sure he would have a different outlook.

      Question: And no laughing cause this is pretty out there. During the day when its hot out my dentures are looser then they are at night or when I am inside where its cooler. On the one day that it was suppose to rain and the humidity was higher my dentures fit tighter, it was the same way while I was in South Carolina. So the question is am I imagining this. I refuse to ask whats his face about his.

      Hope all is well with everyone.


      #158; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:55:00 GMT
    • Wow that is quite the observation Casey! I haven't paid attention to when the fit is better with the weather. Hmmm.

      Sae, no help here, I didn't have that procedure done. Sounds like Casey will have the most information for you. I hope all goes smooth for you. Diana

      #159; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:56:00 GMT
    • Thank you all for answering. My long road to getting dentures has had many barriers. I too had an infection in the bone with much pain, 4 surgeries that were difficult and root tips and bone graft having to be removed. Still having some pain but it is better but all this left me with very little ridge and I've been told that I still need an alveoplasty and ridge needs to be flattened. Just wonder how I will hold the lower in when I get it. Still need to have some more teeth pulled and will have healing time in between. Casey, you really have had a lot done too and I hope the future is very bright for you. I don't remember what it feels like to be without pain. Sorry to vent but at times it does get me down.


      #160; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:57:00 GMT
    • Hi Sae,

      I think we all come here to vent so don't worry about it! I hope everything goes well for you. I would imagine the alveoplasty has to be done because of all of the other problems you have encountered. I have to admit that I have been very lucky, so far at least. I just had the extractions 4 days ago so I have a ways to go yet.

      Just keep in mind that when it is all over, you will feel so much better! My self confidence has risen so much in just these 4 days.

      I wish you the best!


      #161; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:58:00 GMT
    • Diana,Carol,Casey,Christie and welcome Sae

      Hey guys, just checking in before I go, I have a wonderful feeling that this time will be different,

      Biotene is something my dentist told me about last time I was in there, it comes in a mothwash and gum, the bottle says "The #1 recommended mouthwash for dry mouth relief", I got it at walgreens, It seems to work okay, I know about the something to drink, until I found chewing freedent gum, it was horriable, but the gum seems to produces salvia so I do not gag nor have drymouth.

      I also tried the seabond adhesive wafer, when I first got my dentures, that sucked. I go back and forth between fixodent orginal and fixodent complete, you would think after 6 months I would have the hang of the glue, I think it is a blonde thing, (just kidding),

      Casey can not wait for vegas, I packed alot of shorts, and alot of gum.

      Sae welcome this site is great, it has helped myself out alot, these gals are great just remember we all have gone thru similar experiences, it is okay to vent, As I have found out from everyone here hang in there it does get better. It may take awhile but it does.

      Susie :)

      #162; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 20:59:00 GMT
    • Have a wonderful and safe trip Susie!!!!!!


      #163; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:00:00 GMT
    • Sae, you have gone through a lot!! Hopefully things will improve soon. I know how it can seem like forever, it's not though, just keep posting what is going on, we do not mind! Sometimes it actually helps to help out someone else and it takes the focus and frustration off of ourselves. You just do what you have to do to get well and pain free.

      Susie, have a great trip. Glad to hear you found some things that work for your dry mouth problems.

      Carol, it is so great you are doing so well!!! Keep smiling till it hurts. :)


      #164; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:01:00 GMT
    • There are 2 good products for dry mouth which you can get at Walgreens. One is called Salivart, an oral moisturizer, and the other is Stoppers Dry Mouth Spray, both alcohol free. As you mentioned Biotene products are very good. Thanks for all your positive feedback and welcome. I actually was posting quite awhile back but then ran into so many problems that I stopped. That was when I was going to get partials, but now it is full dentures. I wish the very best for you all and will keep you posted, as well as look forward to your posts.


      #165; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:02:00 GMT
    • Hi Diana,

      I have been smiling like crazy! It's strange because it comes so naturally even after the years I hid my smile. So far, I haven't eaten a whole lot but mostly due to the fact that I am learning to chew with my teeth now, lol I am amazed at how well this has all gone and I am amazed that I honestly don't mind the feel of my dentures in my mouth at all.

      How are YOU doing?

      Carol :bouncing:

      #166; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:03:00 GMT
    • Hi Sae,

      Please keep us posted. I am very new to all of this but feel free to ask any questions. I may not be able to answer them but the people on this board are very helpful!

      I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best!


      #167; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:04:00 GMT
    • Sae, thanks for the names of the dry mouth products. I went up and bought them both. I went from having the issue of to much saliva to dry mouth. Dr. G said my mouth was in such shock that it was trying to flush out everything, now its learning to adjust. I just wish it would learn quicker.

      Oh, and on the hubby issue. He fought with me when I told him that it would be a good idea to at least drop off the pain prescription just in case. Well this morning he was sorry for that one. He must have had a bad night cause he woke me up asking where the prescriptions were and if I would go up and fill them. Oh how I wanted to say not only NO, but H.... NO!!!!! Instead I slowly got up and search for a few minutes before pulling one of my pain pills out for him and then I crawled back into the bed. So now that he has had his day of pain I will feel sorry for him tomorrow.

      I also found out that my cousin has denture and has had them for 6 years. I never knew, they look the same, in fact they made her front tooth a little crooked just like her natural tooth so no one would know. She eats peanut brittle and can bite into an apple. Now that is hope!!!!

      Hope everyone is doing well.


      #168; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:05:00 GMT
    • Hello everybody,

      I have a question about something that has really upset me. I saw someone very close to me last night. This was the second time she had seen me with my dentures. I walked in and her and her 24 year old daughter were there. She immediately said "Now that you have teeth, what we really want to know is how you managed to eat before?" I had been missing a lot of teeth and she knows I was always very sensitive about it. She knows how afraid and embarrassed I had been to go to the dentist finally. Is it just me or was this really insensitive of her? Today at the party she told me there should be enough food items there that I could "gum". This was in front of other people today. I don't have to "gum" food. I have a full set of teeth now and I nicely told her so. I am very very close to this lady but these things she said have really bothered me.


      #169; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:06:00 GMT
    • Helllo ladies! How is everyone?

      Carol, did you have a good birthday? How was the party? Don't let something that lady said bother you. I don't think you are being overly sensitive. Some people just think they have to say crap like that. I have had a few people make a few comments like that. People just don't realize what kind of damage having bad teeth does to your self esteem. And making their little comments doesn't help either. But you know your teeth look great and I would tell them that with a huge smile on my face! :D

      Sae, thanks for the info on the dry mouth products. I am going to try them soon. I hope you can get your dental problems worked out. Feel free to vent anytime you need to. That's what we are all here for. I have had my fair share of venting here.

      Susie, I don't think that I will ever get the hang of the adhesive(and my hair is brown, lol). I hope your trip is going great. I have looked for the Biotene, but can't find it here. I live in a very small town and we don't have much. I think I will ask the people at the drug store to order it for me.

      Diana, I know what you mean about the drive to the dentist. Mine is about the same, so I put off going as long as I can. I am also worried about my permanent payment.I will have to get them right about the time school starts. So the kids have to have new clothes, and I have a few other things due at the same time. I hope I can swing it financially. I hope I can maybe get a little extra time out of the temp liners. Does anyone know anything about that?

      Casey, how is your hubby doing now? I hope for your sake he is at least a little uncomfortable! I figured he would be milking it for all he could. I know mine would be.


      #170; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:07:00 GMT
    • Carol, Please for me the next time that this woman says something so rude to you kindly smile and remember that you now have a beautiful smile to match a beautiful person, its just so unfortunate that she may have always had nice teeth but such ugliness inside herself. She is just jealous that you have the inner strength to face your fears by going to the dentist. I really dislike people like her. Where is a cast iron skillet when you really need one?

      Diane and Christie, I was told in the beginning that my immediate dentures would be what I would have for a year, so I would think that so long as you are not in any pain from sore spots that waiting a little bit wouldn't hurt. I have to take hubby for his follow up tomorrow morning so I will ask Dr. G how long can they and should they be worn for.

      Hubby Update

      Oh, my sweet darling hubby has been in extreme pain from what I believe is a dry socket all day. But, then again, I am no dentist as he has reminded me many times so I am keeping my mouth shut. He has eaten twice today and gotten sick both times. AAAAWWWW!!! He just doesn't seem to get the eat before you take the pain pills instructions. And being the sweet quiet wife that I am, mums the word here also. Good thing that sweet revenge is not fattening, I would be 20 pounds heavier. The biggest thrill was when his tongue found a loose stitch, and he did what he told me never to do, he pulled it out with tweezers, but the fool, he pulled it out the wrong way and pulled the knot through the gums. It amazes me, the man has two masters degrees, and has not an ounce of common sense.

      Great smiles for everyone tomorrow!!!!!


      Now I am only about 10 miles away from my dentist, but the traffic here is horrible. It takes a good 45 minutes or longer sometimes to get there, and no offense to Susie but most tourist haven't a clue how to drive here and I of course have to go right by the strip for about 3 miles of the way.

      #171; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:08:00 GMT
    • Jeese Carol- That was very insensitive of that women. I won't call her a lady! Maybe she was nice to you before cause she felt she had one up on you because you couldn't smile. Now that you do, your smile is more than likely prettier than hers and she can't stand that! I bet her daughter was embarrassed to have her as her mother when she says stuff like that. How awful, for you and her daughter! If you think back did she do this type of thing when speaking of other people, when you did hang with her before the new teeth? I'd call her on it...say...what an awful thing to say and leave it at that. Don't let her get away with treating you like that, it's not funning it's degrading. You just keep wearing that pretty new smile!!!!!! You've earned it. Now you know what I think...she was being rotten to you to say such a thing.

      Casey, when you think your hubby has suffered enough, You can tell him they can put some medicine in that dry socket...Had to laugh at the two masters degrees and no common sense...I know a few people like that, my brother included...lol.

      I'm doing good, thanks for asking Carol.


      #172; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:09:00 GMT
    • Hi:)

      I've been reading your guys posts for a while now and just wanted to say you gals are sure brave!!! Keep up the good spirits and never ever let someone else's negativity get to ya, life is too short and remember what goes around comes around:)


      #173; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:10:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      The party was wonderful, all except for those kind remarks, lol Thanks for asking. The lady that said these things to me is the one who hosted the party at her house. It's my sis-in-law and we have been very close for years. My husband agreed that if she makes one more remark, I need to speak up. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it in front of everybody yesterday. Saturday night when she asked me how I was able to eat, I was just dumbstruck that someone would ask such a thing. Then all night I worried that someone else would ask things like that at the party. Nobody else did of course though of course.


      #174; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:11:00 GMT
    • Hi Casey,

      Hopefully next time I will be better prepared to give a "nice" comeback. I was so shocked that I just didn't even know what to say.


      #175; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:12:00 GMT
    • Hi Diana,

      The sad thing is she is my sis-in-law and I love her to death. I plan to talk to her about this if she makes even one more remark. My husband said he will say something if he hears her. I would rather he handle it. I would probably start crying knowing me. I'm glad to hear you are doing good!


      #176; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:13:00 GMT
    • Thanks Chatty!

      Right now this is so new to me (one week today) that it is hard to know what to do or say when someone makes such an ignorant remark.


      #177; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:14:00 GMT
    • Ya I bet, I still don't have my dentrues I get them on the 17th, no one better say anything smart a** to me...they didn't when I had nasty teeth so if they do once I get my pearly whites I'll lose it, lol:):)

      It's hard when it is family saying stuff...but usually the person to name call/be negative/rude/ignorant is the one with the issues not us:)


      #178; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:15:00 GMT
    • Yeah, only four more days for you! Then you will be smiling nonstop! You have a point there about others being the one having issues, not us. I guess I just need to chalk it up to ignorance if someone makes a insensitive comment. As with you, nobody every said anything about my yucky teeth, so why say things now?


      #179; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:16:00 GMT
    • It's weird I've been smiling more with no teeth then I did with my bad bad teeth.

      I am so excited but scared. It's been pretty easy but yet hard(I'm one big contradiction).

      We have a 3 year old little girl and she knows I have stitches in my mouth and I'm on and off again in pain or uncomfortable and that I went to the dentist but she still thinks I have teeth in there under the stitches and the dentist will undo my stitches and poof I have teeth...kids are so sweet:) She made that up on her own so we figured jut go with it for now!! I wish that's the way it worked.

      Thanks for all the kind words, I love this board, even just reading other peoples problems/solutions has so helped:)


      #180; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:17:00 GMT
    • How sweet! Ahhhhh, the innocence of children.

      Have all your teeth already been extracted? I am just wondering what is being done Friday. Keep us posted. This is a great forum. I have gotten so much help on here.


      #181; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:18:00 GMT
    • I know kids are too cute!!!!!

      Here's a quick rundown of what/when:)

      May 27 2005, all 24 teeth pulled out. I'm 28 and have been battling bad teeth since 17. The worst part is I went to the dentist as a child and adult every 6 months no matter what they did it never helped sometimes made it worse!! Theres more to it but thats a quick quick run down:) 6 abcesses were drained during surgery other then that all went well.

      Then June 6th which was 10 days later I went to see my denturist. I had 2 appointments that day. The first app. they put this white plaster gunk in metal trays and I did impressions...I think, I just go with the flow!! LOL. It was fine ripped 1-2 stitches out.

      Then that afternoon went back and from the first appointment they made molds of whatever they did to me. So he put blue gunk in those molds and did more impressions he called it final impressions. Well this time when he pulls it out after waiting a minute or two, holy kadoodles it was rubbery and ripped all my bottom stitches out, not to bad pain wise,lol:) So he does the top I go home.

      June 8 2005 went back and did bite registration with the wax impressions, was a breeze.

      So as of today June 13 I am one more sleep away from doing my try in of the wax molds with the teeth placed in and if I don't like the color/shape or size of anything I need to speak up cause that's it there off to be made:)

      June 17th I go at 4:00pm and get them put in!! I'm scared...nervouse..happy...did I say scared,lol:)

      Then June 20 2005 after having them in for the weekend I go in again to make sure everything fits ok:)

      Then in one year I will get the porcelin(spelling sorry) final forever dentures:) I can't remember what they are called:)

      It's been quite the 3 weeks, the denturist wanted me to wait till June 20th to start the dentures but I just couldn't. I need to work, eat, I'm getting married in 2 months too so I'm running out of time.

      I will say I have never felt happier or healthier!! I thought I'd hide under a rock while I was waiting for my teeth even to the extreme of not letting my family see me with no teeth but I just don't care and I feel good. My eyes aren't grey no more they're actually blue, my skin is not so discolored looking I dont know it's great!!!! I am even eating better and more on my gums then I did on my broken teeth..it's been very weird to me this whole experience and it's just not what I dreaded:)

      OK there's my story. Wow it feels good to talk to someone about this other then my fiance..I love him and all but I'm sure we all know how it goes:)


      #182; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:19:00 GMT
    • Hi Chatty,

      It's so nice to hear you are handling this all so well! Kudos to you!

      I didn't like my new teeth when they tried them in me at first but then I realized that it was just weird looking at a full set of teeth in my mouth. The only thing I had them change was to raise the ones next to my front teeth a millimeter. They knew I didn't want perfect looking teeth so they actually raised the right one a little more than the left. My dentist suggested "turning" a couple a little and we went with that. They look absolutely real! The changes we made were subtle so my teeth look great but more natural. I absolutely love them, I have since they put them in my mouth on the day of the extractions.

      Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

      You are almost done!!!!!! Let us know how the try in goes!


      #183; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:20:00 GMT
    • WOW Chatty you have also had quite the experience.

      I took hubby to the dentist, he has the all clear to go back to work, Dr. G said he lost part of a clot, but it was not a dry socket so to say. He has to go back in though, for a root canal on one of the four teeth they didn't pull on the bottom. It had a root canal on it previously but in the xrays that they took today they feel it was not deep enough and before they put a new crown that is fitted for his bottom dentures, they better fix it right. So he is going back in on the 30th for that. While we were there I got to see exactly where and how they are going to place my implants. They are placing two regular implants on the bottom outside and then two minis in between those.

      I also asked about how long can you wear the immediates for. He said that he knows of some dentists that have their patients wait up to 18 months with several soft relines done in that time. The dentures themselves are not the issue, it depends on each patients healing time, hygene, and what treatments were done previous to the immediates being placed and what treatments are still needed to be completed. I hope that this helped.

      Well I hope all is well with everyone.


      #184; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:21:00 GMT
    • Thanks everyone, I know tomorrow will be exciting but weird, I haven't seen myself with a "good/great" smile since I was 16 in my last picture taken:)

      It'll be different:)


      #185; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:22:00 GMT
    • Chatty, I just reread your post. You have been without any teeth, or dentures since the 27th of May. Oh my!!! No wonder you are full of excitement. You are going to be so surprised at who is looking back at you in the mirror. Good Luck, you are going to look marvelous.

      I am over the revenge part for the taco event. I feel so bad for hubby tonight. He is in pain and the vicadin isn't helping, he is tired and the pain wont let him sleep, and he has to wake up at 4:30am to go to work. I already called one of his head guys and warned him to let the rest of the crew know he more then likely is not going to be a happy camper.

      Tomorrow night is going to be a trial for me. My daughters boyfriend is graduating from High School, and they both just asked I will please have my picture taken. I am not sure if I can do this or not. I hadn't even gotten myself to the point of going to a major event, never mind a huge party afterwards (he is Valedictorian), I didn't even let the thought of having my picture taken enter into the issue until now. I don't think that my immediates look as good as some of you have stated, and I am not allowed to wear the bottoms. My tops look so big for my mouth and face even with out the bottoms in. Right now is the first time in over a week that I have cryed over my real teeth. Unlike some of you, my teeth were not unsightly in anyway and I liked my smile. Right now I am so depressed.


      #186; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:23:00 GMT
    • Casey.

      The fact that your daughter and her boyfriend asked you to have your picture taken ought to tell you something. Those that love you, love YOU! Not your teeth. If you are more comfortable, you can always do what I did for years, smile with your mouth closed. Teenagers can be so vain, yet your daughter is proud of you, that is apparent to me.

      I wish I knew some magic words to help you get through this but since I don't all I can tell you is, be proud to be you and be very proud of both your daughter and her boyfriend! Valedictorian!!! That is wonderful! Congrats to him!


      #187; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:24:00 GMT
    • By the way, I hope hubby feels better quick Casey!!!!!!


      #188; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:25:00 GMT
    • Hi Casey, I hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon. If you haven't thought of it, you might have him take a few Ibuprofen with the Vicadin. That really helps me out when the pain med isn't enough.

      I am sure your immediates don't look as bad as you think. Why can't you wear the bottoms? I'll bet it does make a difference when your real teeth didn't look bad. All of us that had ugly teeth are so happy to have pretty ones. I am sorry you are going through this. But please take the picture. If you don't you might regret it later. I hope you get to feeling better.

      Thanks for asking about the dentures. Now I am not so worried if I have to wait an extra month or two to get the permanent liners.

      Carol, I guess you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. With it being family making rude comments like that, it sure does make saying something to her more of a sticky situation. I agree with you on letting your husband say something. Is it his sister? Isn't it strange that nothing was ever said when you had bad teeth and now she has to go and say something? Try not to let it bother you, I know it is easier said than done. But just keep in mind how pretty your smile is! :D

      Chatty, kids say some of the sweetest things. My youngest, who was 5 when I had mine pulled, was upset because I didn't bring my old teeth home so the tooth fairy could give me some money. That was so cute. He was really upset.

      Your teeth sound like mine. I have battled with my teeth all of my life. Even my baby teeth were bad. I was real sick when I was little and had to be on strong doses of liquid iron. I think that was where my problems started. I had spent so much on getting my teeth fixed. I just couldn't do it anymore. Isn't it strange how much bad teeth can affect your health? I am glad you are feeling better. Your new teeth are going to be great!

      Hope everyone else is doing good. Kim where are you???


      #189; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:26:00 GMT
    • Hi Cristie,

      It's my brothers wife that said those things. She and I are very close and I know her better than to think she would say things to hurt me on purpose. The problem is she did say them and they did hurt me. My husband and I are close to both my brother and her so he will speak up for me if anything else is said.

      How cute of your son to think of the tooth fairy!


      #190; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:27:00 GMT
    • Hi Chatty,

      Good luck tomorrow! It will be very different but in a good way! You will be so happy that you won't want to give them back until Friday!!!!


      #191; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:28:00 GMT
    • Cristie,

      I had a bone infection called osteomyelitis (sp?) destroy parts of my upper and lower jaw bones. The left side still has enough bone mass to support the dentures on both upper and lower but on the right lower side I basically have nothing there to hold a denture in place.

      The right side is not tall enough or wide enough to properly support the denture. The denture rocks around and is huge. I feel like I have a mouth full of marbles when I have it in. And to make matters worse I have bone spurs on the bottom and hard pressure spots that are very sensitive to any shifting. The extraction sites on the bottom left are not completely closed nor are the incision sites that run along the top and side of the right lower side. Because of the open sites they wont allow me to try and use any glue to help hold them in place.

      I am horrible at trying to explain things in writting so if you dont understand let me know and I will try again. LOL


      #192; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:29:00 GMT
    • Casey,

      You are truly an inspiration! You have been and are still going through so much yet you take the time to help others like me. You are quite a lady! Thank you!!! (((((Casey)))))


      #193; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:30:00 GMT
    • Okay everybody, I have a question. I know I am only 8 days post extractions and dentures but I have lost my desire for food. Now, this could be a good thing because I want to lose weight but I know it is not healthy. I basically have to force myself to eat something. It's not due to the pain, I never have had much pain at all. I am not really sure what is going on. I just don't want to eat. Has anybody else had this happen?


      #194; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:31:00 GMT
    • I'm at 17/18 days post and i think it was around the 10th day and all the way till today, I am not eating. I was eating like a mad woman the first week or so after and now I just have no appetite...weird:) I'm not hungry and really don't want food!

      Good luck and don't worry...could be stress or anxiety maybe, that's what I am telling myself:)

      Take care


      ps...Half an hour and I try them on!! Wish me luck:)

      #195; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:32:00 GMT
    • Thanks for responding Chatty. I'm not alone then. I have hardly eaten since getting them.

      I wish you very very good luck at the try in! Let me know how it goes! I am so excited for you!!


      #196; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:33:00 GMT
    • Okay I feel a little bit more normal, I too have not felt like eating much. The pain level is not the issue or the time it takes to acually eat a meal. I thought maybe I was slowly coming down with a bug or something, but with the amount of antibiotics I am on I didn't think a virus could come with in ten feet of me and live. This is really strange, I also thought maybe its because food just doesn't taste the same to me anymore. UUUUMMMMMM??? Thoughts to ponder..............


      OH, just have to share, I am the new grandma to 23 baby guppies. I am so proud. LOL

      #197; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:34:00 GMT
    • I wish others didn't have to experience this but I have to admit, it is good not to feel alone. I was wondering what was wrong with me. I feel good but I have no hunger or even a desire to eat. Everything I have eaten so far does taste fine, I just don't understand it. At least now I know there is no need to worry when there are at least three of us here that feel the same way.


      #198; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:35:00 GMT
    • Hello

      I did the final try in!!!! Oh my gosh, I could of cried, I haven't seen my mouth with white teeth for a long long time. I swear I could of wore the wax ones home,lol!!!

      So now I am too excited and am likely not gonna sleep till Friday when I can get them finally into my mouth!! Last night I was so nervy/scared/curious of today & how it would go, I only got 2 hours sleep so ya I will sleep better tonight but Thursday night I am going to be to excited to sleep:)

      As for gagging thank gosh I don't have that problem mind you I don't have my teeth yet. I can brush my tounge or the roof of my mouth all the way at the back no problem, never bugged me hopefully it doesn't start!!! LOL

      Ok gotta run, need to get my butt home, my denturist is about an hour away from where I live but my dad lives in the same town so I go visit him:) Ok I'll return:)

      Everyone take care and remember one day at a time:) Sorry for babbling, high on life!!! and my nickname is motormouth...can you tell,lol:)


      #199; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:36:00 GMT
    • ok I am blonde(really I am), I haven't read the last few pages till now and didn't want to come off insensitive seeming like I didn't respond to posts, I will when I get home though. I was just so excited about doing the try ins I just headed to the last page and posted,lol:)

      ok bye for now:)

      I thank everyone, you guys are awesome, wish I would of found you earlier:)


      #200; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:38:00 GMT
    • Hi Chatty,

      I am so happy for you!!!! Thanks for letting us know! Friday will be here before you know it my friend!

      I haven't had a gagging problem either, luckily.

      Have I said I am so happy for you? LOL


      #201; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:38:00 GMT
    • Chatty, The thought of you being insensitive never crossed my mind when reading your excited post. The thought of you driving in traffic jumping up and down in the seat while showing off your gums did. It made me smile, I really needed that right now.

      I couldn't do it. Hubby, daughter and sons are at the graduation. I just couldn't do it. I showered, I dryed my hair, started my makeup, broke into tears and lost the fight. My poor hubby, he comes in to let me know the time was getting close and he finds me sitting on the floor in the bathroom balling my eyes out. It took me about 10 minutes to convince them to leave me behind and go to the graduation. Now I feel like such a shallow person that I allowed this to happen. I truly miss me.


      #202; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:39:00 GMT
    • Carol, I also had a problem with no appetite. I wasn't in pain either, so I know it wasn't that. I still to this day don't really have the appetite that I used to. I'm not complaining though. It has helped me loose almost 35 pounds, which I so desperately needed to loose. I have noticed a big difference in the way things taste. A friend with dentures was telling me just the other night that it could be the adhesive. She said even the ones that aren't flavored can sometimes affect the way things taste.

      Has anyone had a problem with smell? I can't seem to smell things the way I used to. Alot of scents smell different too.

      Casey, congrats on being a grandma, lol! You sure have been through alot. Talk about a dental nightmare!!! How long do they think it will be before you can were bottom dentures and glue? Is the infection still there? How did you get it? Are you tired of me asking 20 questions?

      DO NOT feel like a shallow person!!!! I totally understand what you are going through. Before I got dentures my mother-in-law was getting remarried and asked me to be a bridesmaid, but I was so ashamed of my teeth I could not do it! I felt like I was letting her down, but I was so embarassed of how I looked. Remember you are still there, you just look a little different. I think you are a very strong person for all you have been through. Keep your chin up! It will get better :)

      Chatty, I am also very happy for you. Friday is going to seem like such a long time from now. But it will be here before you know it. Since you don't seem to have a sensitive mouth I don't think you will have any gagging problems. I think it will be fine.


      #203; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:41:00 GMT
    • Cristie, I wont be able to wear a bottom denture with just glue. I am going to have to have a bone graphing done, and then implants put in to support the bottom denture. The only reason they even tried with the immediates was that I had some ridgeway on the left and the hope was that it was enough. I have had two bone scrappings and 6 blood draws, and a PET scan done and all test show that the infection is gone. I was fortunate in the fact that I had made the original appointment for the dentist on a completely different matter, didn't like the outcome and went for a second opinion. My regular dentist did his own set of xrays and compared them to the ones from the first dentist. The infection in was hardly noticable in the first set taken, it was the huge change in my bone mass that alerted everyone that something major was going on. The cause, well that is a whole different, long and still painfully raw situation. But to sum it up a bit, I was the sole caregiver for my terminally ill father in my home, I had just brought him home for the last time from the hospital two days before his passing with a severe staff infection that my doctors now believe was transferred to me from him. Most of my early symptoms began the day I brought him home and they progressed from there. While dad was in the hospital I was with him 24/7 just like I was at home. I refused to sign the papers to have my fathers remains tested or for any further tests to be run on any bodily fluids that the hospital may still have had posession of. I am not strong enough physically or mentally right now to handle that situation.

      I hope everyone else is having a wonderful evening and that tomorrow is full of laughter and smiles for you.


      Oh yeah, I am up to 36 grandguppies. They are so tiny!!!!!

      #204; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:42:00 GMT
    • Good Morning Ladies, Just got back and wanted to check in on everyone to see how you all are. I had my grandson for 10 days (13 month old) kept me running, then wnt up to the mountain for hubbys family reunion. When I got home found that a storm had messed up my computer and just got back online. Boy how I have missed everyone.

      Anyways it looks like everyone is doing better at least. with the exception of one hubby LOL serves him right.

      AZ- I agree that it sounds like your dentures are too big. I only have that gagging feeling if mine are loose. I find that I also push up on the roof of my mouth alot, and that helps to keep them tight.

      I have yet to find anything that really helps with the dry mouth. I still use the oral balance at night (sometimes 2-3 times at night) and always have a bottle of water at hand. Good luck

      #205; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:43:00 GMT
    • OPPPSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess one should be more awake when putting their teeth in their mouth.. I am still unsure as in to how, since I don't think my eyes were open, but I dropped my tops in the sink after they were in my mouth. Well now I have a chipped front tooth. A little to realistic for me.

      Hope all is great with everyone.


      #206; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:44:00 GMT
    • Casey,

      Oh nooo, I often think that will happen to me. Are they your permanate ones? How bad is it? Good luck, I hope they are able to fix them without having to go without teeth for a few days.

      #207; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:45:00 GMT
    • Oh no! I think I would of cried.

      It brings up a good question for me to ask my denturist though. Would he have to keep them? I am an accident waiting to happen:) I'm scared once I get mine...I'm never giving them back!!! LOL :) But I do know I will have to at one point I guess:)

      #208; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:46:00 GMT
    • I will catch up with everybodys posts as soon as I can. My Dad was taken back to the hospital yesterday so things are a bit hectic.

      I hope everyone is doing well!


      #209; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:47:00 GMT
    • Carol616...hope all is well.


      #210; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:48:00 GMT
    • Carol, my prayers are with you, your father and your family.

      Chatty and tndollface, these are my immediates so I don't think he is going to be to upset, I have a call in to call his office now. Its not to bad I guess, Its a small chip off the the bottom left side of the front left tooth.

      They just called, said that since the break is not causing any pain to me and they are not my permanent ones and I didn't like them in the first place then I really shouldn't worry to much about it, my new temps will be ready for me in about two weeks. Now I am really confused, what new temps? The girl I talked to said that she wasn't sure and the neither my dentist or his lab guy were in right now. Did any of you get two sets of teeth before the permanents? Oh and I asked if these were my permanents would he have to keep them if I had a break. She said that it would depend on the where the break is, and how bad it is. They have a lab on site so he can have alot done while the patient is there, but in some cases they do have to keep the teeth for a day some times two. In the most severe cases when a break destroys the dentures structure, they try to mend it for a temporary time so the patient isn't toothless while a whole new denture is made. Which could take up to a month.

      I guess I better figure out why I am so cloudy brained in the morning lately before I end up doing some major damage.

      I just wish I could remember exactly what happened. I dont drink so I cant blame it on that, although I have been giving it some serious thought lately. I hadn't taken a pain pill, or any meds other then the antibiotics for a quite a while now. Can antibiotics make you fuzzy or cloudy headed?

      Have a great day everyone.


      #211; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:49:00 GMT
    • Carol, Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope all is well.

      Casey, Thank goodness they were temporaries. I have never heard of anyone getting two sets of temps before. Why were you not happy with those? I couldn't imagine not having my teeth for a couple of days.

      Everyone have a wonderful night. Kim

      #212; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:50:00 GMT
    • Soooooo tomorrow I go to pick my dentures up!!! I think I am scared but happy. All day today all I've wanted to do was cry, it's a weird feeling.

      I said to my fiance wow I pulled out all my teeth and have none & he looked at me like duh you just realised it now...but in a way it was the first time I actually had time to myself to sit and think and wow I am a brave person but still sad cause it came to that extent of taking all of them. I don't know...just one of those days I guess :confused:

      Just needed to vent.

      Thanks everyone:)

      Hope everyone is well:)


      #213; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:51:00 GMT
    • So glad I am not Chattys fiance, she is going to be hard to live with for a few days with her new teeth and all the smiling she is going to be doing. To bad we are not allowed to share pictures, I would love to see the whole new you.

      Kim, my immediates where made while I was in surgery basically, and the girl that did my impressions did it with the wrong goopy stuff. So it was a bad situation that just kept getting worse. Although my kids will argue this to our graves, I have a really small mouth, and the immediates have such large front teeth I feel as though I am part of the Osmond family. The whole bottom denture was so much bigger then my mouth that they had to cut off almost 3/4 in off the back where the wisdom teeth would be and now the last molar in the denture sit on top where my wisdom teeth once were, thats if I actually could wear it.

      Dr. G called back, guess my 20 questions to the receptionist were to much for her, I am getting a second set of temps because of the very situation I mentioned above. I have to wait until I am done with all the procedures before I get my permanents and he knew how much these bother me, so was having new ones made so I would have them in after my next procedure on tuesday the 21st.

      Whoohoo. A bright star always shines through the thickest of clouds.

      A great Friday is in store for us all, I can just feel it. Yes Chatty especially for you.


      #214; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:52:00 GMT
    • Thanks Casey!! I'm gonna be smiling non stop I hope :)

      See thats kind of my scare right now, is what if they don't fit. So here I am at 11:46pm and stressed and not tired and have a toddler to wake up with at oh about 7am!! LOL

      I know we all just have to keep a positive attitude. My mommy taught me good things come to those who wait:) But she never did tell me how long I have to wait....:)


      #215; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:53:00 GMT
    • Stop stressing and go to bed. Everything is going to be fine, and if something should happen, you staying up all night is not going to change it, it will only make you more moody because you have had no sleep. And if it is now morning and you are reading this, everything is still going to be fine. Just remember if something is wrong and they dont fit. TELL THEM they don't fit BEFORE you leave. You should not need any glue or any other product for either your tops or bottoms to stay in or to keep them from shifting. Be a pain in their butt girl, don't accept them and think that oh well its better then nothing, you are going to regret it later. You paid good money for those teeth, and you deserve to have them perfect. As my dentist put it when I talked to him about this a while ago, would you accept an artificial leg if it was just a little to short or long?

      Drink some water, or eat a lollipop (we all know they have them there) while sitting there, make sure they feel good, and that they are a snug fit.

      We will all be waiting to hear how it went.


      #216; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:54:00 GMT
    • Thank you Casey. It is morning now, I went to bed around 12:30am:)

      6.5 hours and I'll be one happy camper...I'm knocking on wood:)


      #217; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:55:00 GMT
    • Ok I'm going in 2 hours...I'll update when I get home:)


      #218; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:56:00 GMT
    • Chatty- wellllll? do you like them? are you smiling ??

      Casey- I would have had that dentist and the recptionist pinned against the wall if my dentures were that messed up. I give you credit for putting up with it for as long as you did. Now I feel blessed that mine turned out so well. Hope my permantes are as good. I too felt like my teeth were too bigh for my mouth, but when I took them out and looked at them they seemed so small. My husband had to confirm to me that I did have a small mouth (first and last time he ever said that) and small teeth. Now after 3 months I am pretty happy with them. Impatient to get my bottom plate though.

      #219; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:57:00 GMT
    • Kim, if my situation had been under normal circumstances I would not be so patient trust me. I was at the dentist at 4:00pm one day for what I thought was an abcess on the upper left side. The next day at 7:00am I am at the hospital in surgery having my teeth and parts of my jaw bone removed. So the fact that they managed to make a set of immediates in that time was pretty good. The impressions that they did were while I was crying and gagging all over the place. Then the stuff she did the molds with was for a different purpose. But all in all it is getting worked out, slowly but surely. And my dentist has really gone out of his way to make sure that I am as comfortable as possible.

      And Chatty had better get done with that table dance we all know she is doing before she gets hurt and tell us how they look and if they fit perfectly.

      I am so jealous of her right now.


      #220; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:58:00 GMT
    • Tn, hey, since you've had all the endurance training (grandson for 10 days) run over to Chattys place, I am just dying to know how it went and if they fit.

      Carol, Hope dad is doing better. I have him on our prayer chain.


      #221; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 21:59:00 GMT
    • HI!!!

      Well the tops are perfect like perfect!

      The bottoms are .........freaking ridiculous:( As I am typing this I am ready to cry...they look off. I had an underbite or overbite before, ya know when the top teeth go over the bottom teeth, now though the tops when I have my mouth situated properly the tops just barely go over the bottoms...I hope this makes sense? My bottom jaw is sitting to far forward and looks NOT LIKE ME!!!

      I knew they would feel big bulky yada yada but no one told me I was gonna come out of there looking like I gained 5 pounds in my bottom lip area, I can't even sip on a straw properly. My denturist wasn't in...so I don't know what to do. My stepmom is going back with me...I left and went to see my stepmom and she looked at me and right away said your bottoms arent right...so thank gosh it wasn't in my head!! LOL So we called and we are going back for 6:20pm.

      I don't know so I'll return and give you guys an update in about 3 hours:) If they have to they can make me new bottoms, something better be resolved:)Wish me luck:)


      #222; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:00:00 GMT
    • I am so happy for you about the tops. When you did the wax try ins were the bottoms this way. Sounds kinda strange. I hope that they fix them quickly, you have really been waiting patiently. Okay, well you have been waiting somewhat patiently.


      #223; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:01:00 GMT
    • Hi

      Ya the wax try in was like that and he said they would sit back when they r the real ones but I feel like they are exactly like the wax ones...? SO I don't know.

      I went back and the other denturist lady the one who put them in said I didn't know what I was talking about and it must be me...well oh my...my step mom lost it...she said ok how about you try them on and let me know how they are? LOL

      I don't know. The tops are fine, the bottom look like they belong to someone else.

      I don't know. I go and see my regular denturist on Monday and see whats up , if he can't/won't do anything I'll give him the bottom back and get my 500.00 back and go else where. Everyone who has seen me has said nope looks weird, nice but off & not me, so I don't know.

      I am getting quite discouraged and ready to take them out:( BOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO just needed to let that out,LOL:) All patience gone!

      Ok someone anyone have some refreshing insight into this?

      Oh one more thing how do I keep them at night, do I take them out at night?


      #224; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:02:00 GMT
    • OH I feel so awful for you. If you don't think you look right what do they think that does for your self esteem. A HOLES. I hope your regular denturist is more compassionate. And I would think that you would take care of the perms as we do with the immediates? Good question.


      #225; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:03:00 GMT
    • Hi Casey

      Ya that girl denturist I would never go back and took my all not to tell her to stick them up her a**!!!!

      My denturist is great, very compasionate:) I can't wait to go see him on Monday:)

      As for cleaning them this is my first set so I have no clue at all?

      Thanks for listening Casey, helps quite a bit:) Actually Casey will soon be my last name!!!!! LOL


      #226; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:04:00 GMT
    • Robin, I went on the colgate site, and they say that you can use mild soaps and detergents. Don't use regular toothpaste, abrasive cleaners or bleach. They make toothpaste that is made especially for dentures but you should ask your denturist what he/she suggests. And that you should always have them soaking in at least some cold water when not in your mouth so they dont dry out. Also, no hot water, it can warp them.

      Hope that helps.

      Hey I will just tell everyone that you were so appriciative for my help you are legally changing your name. And you can tell the fiance' I had the name first, he can just take my word on that. LOL Good Night

      #227; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:05:00 GMT
    • Thank ya Casey for the help:)

      My fiances laughing his butt off!!

      Well I hope tomorrow is a beter day:)

      Goodnight Casey:)


      #228; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:06:00 GMT
    • Hey guy's I am back from my trip now the million dollar question? Did I have problem's or not??Drum role I had problems, I had them in for 5 hours had my gum, was chewing my gum I was okay then every once in a while I would get the gagging feeling I breathed through that, I was on my way to vegas when It felt my teeth were not fitting right I keep trying to adjust them and it felt like I had to much glue I could feel like popping like an air bubble, so I took them out and I have not had them in since monday, My top of mouth felt funny like a blister so I looked in the mirror and I saw a little white blister at the very back of my mouth right on the back side of where my very last tooth, that thing hurt almost like a canker sore. So I have decided after I go to the heart Dr and get that going again I am thinking of getting a new dentist to see what can be done it is going on 7 months I still can not wear my dentures Here I am supose to get my permenets in aug how can I wear those if I can not wear these. I have not given up but I need to do something, My dentist is not helping me, and I am not shelling out 2400.00 for the ones that snap in or screw in, when I paid 1200.00 for the one's I have, Sorry casey I really am trying, and I am not giving up. and vegas was HOT HOT, You think living in Phoenix most of my life It would be no problem but since I moved up to northern az I can not handle the heat anymore. Tuesday in Ft Mohave az it was 116 that is about 25 minutes from Laughlin.

      I did get a nice sunburn. And I would like to say welcome and Hi to the new people.


      #229; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:07:00 GMT
    • Susie, You have no need what so ever to apolize to me. I feel just horrible that you are in pain, and when there doesn't seem a reason for it I think its even harder to deal with. By the way, the pain didn't get in the way of leaving your money in the casinos did it. (JUST KIDDING) You say it looks like a canker sore, have you ran your fingernail over it to make sure its not a bone spur. Them little guys are cruel. I didn't think I could get one so high up in the roof of my mouth but I did. Do you have dental insurance? If so, I would call them and let them know what is going on and maybe they can help you figure out a way to change dentists a little easier. Come see Dr. G, he is wonderful!!!!!

      HOT? You think that what you had was hot? We didn't even break 100. The big joke going around is we are having cold spell. Its the very reason for me wanting to move to SC. I know, I know it gets hot there to, but not 115-120 for three months out of the year. And don't even go there with the dry heat comment and the humidity makes it worse. York, SC highest temp in record history was 105 in 1890. It has hit over 125 several times in the past few years here. At least with the humidity I won't have to be outside twice a day in a drought watering the plants, the humidity will be doing it for me. LOL

      Hope that now you are home you will feel better.



      #230; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:08:00 GMT
    • Sorry I just a chance to read everything I missed, so I am posting again I think I got to much sun lol. Hey casey I WANT TO GO TO YOUR DENTIST, lol I just saw christie post's about smells I know what she means when I got all my teeth pulled things smelled different, my dentist told me to take a sinus pill right after she pulled my teeth why I do not know?? So my trip and teeth were not due to the dry mouth the gum did work it was the odd feeling of they felt like they were not seeded right, maybe that what the blister was from rubbing??, When I started this post I never thought of the response It would get, I am glad sometimes I get a very jealous feeling that some people have no problems, but find it very comferting that there are people who are going thru the same or similiar problems. Sometimes I would want to give up but I have not, Even though I am still having problems, I will not give up. I had to change my Dr.'s appt for my heart due to insurance problems so I go in on July 13 and it really sounds like problems due to letting my teeth go for so long. All the infections from my teeth might have caused damage to my heart or other organs or there might be an exsiting infection from my teeth that has not cleared up. When I had my teeth pulled they told me the infections that I had if I did not get teeth pulled would of killed me, that was what finally got me in to the dentist. I am sure other people have gone thru that same thing, So if we all hang in there we will prevail. I know sun damage to my brain, lol.

      Susie :D

      #231; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:09:00 GMT
    • Chatty, Congratulations on the top set. I am so glad that those fit well. The bottoms I am told never fit right at first so hopefully they will get it right soon for you. Don't let up on them until they do !

      Casey, Wow no wonder you have had so many problems, at least you have a dentist that is working with yo to fix the problem. You too will be table dancing soon. :D

      Carol, How is your dad doing?

      Cristie, Where are you? I finally get back on line and now you are missing in action.

      Everyone Have a wonderful weekend !!!

      #232; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:10:00 GMT
    • Hello to everyone!

      I am now on day 5 with new dentures. So far, I really have been lucky to have had very few problems. The first day was fabulous! I came home and looked in the mirror and looked 10 years younger. I was amazed and very pleased.

      Next morning, though, I looked in the mirror and about broke into tears. My face was swollen up like a basketball! So, I booted up the good ol laptop and went back to the search engine for about the 1,000th time looking for sites pertaining to new denture problems/info. This time, though, I added the word swelling to my search and finally happened upon this board. It had never shown up in over a month of googling. Oh, how I wish it had! I truly believe four days of reading these posts is what has made my transition so very, very easy!

      You folks are amazing for posting what may just seem like chit chat to yall, but it is incredibly helpful to all us voyeurs out here. Anyway, I just wanted to pop out from the shadows to say an immensely heartfelt Thank You to each and every one of you. A bright shiny gold star to each of you for your unselfishness!

      Cara (a.k.a. The Shadow)

      P.S. The swelling is about 95% gone now :)

      #233; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:11:00 GMT
    • Hi Cara

      Happy to hear all is well & keep up the smiling!!!!!


      #234; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:12:00 GMT
    • Hello everybody!

      Just checking in quick. Dad is still in the hospital. He isn't doing very well but the doctor said he is responding to the meds. I should have some time to catch up tonight. Right now I am waiting for hubby to finish getting ready so I can take him to the doctor. We went to an Ultra Light plane show Saturday and he went on a flight. About 5 minutes into the flight, they crashed! He is okay and so is the pilot. He is battered and bruised and very sore. When he agrees to go to the doctor something is wrong! We just need to be assured that there are no internal swelling or injuries. I have never in my life been so scared as when I received a cell phone call from him telling me he was okay but they had crashed! Well, I guess this board isn't for this eh? LOL

      I hope everyone is doing well and I will try to catch up tonight.


      #235; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:13:00 GMT
    • First welcome Cara, we are glad to help. Just wish we didn't have the problems that seem to be helping everyone out.

      Carol, I am so glad to hear that Dad is doing somewhat better. I just lost my Dad on the 16th of April so I know how stressful this time is for you. NOW, for that husband of yours, he did what? I don't believe I in all my searching and googling ever came upon a site that was for the discussion of airheaded husbands that crash around in Ultra Lights. Then again, it might be a restricted to the male gender only site. And people laugh at me for not wanting to fly in a plane, and then the reason just rolls right in front of me in the way of your hubby. I pray that he has no serious injuries from this event. But I think the aches and pains might be useful for the next time he thinks he is a bird. LMAO

      So, Meesa, AKA Cara AKA Shadow, are you with immediate dentures or permanent ones, did you get implants, full sets, or partials. How many teeth did they take, and why? Hey 20 questions here but I am getting real noisey lately.

      AZ, come on down he would gladly help you too. But this time bring the sun screen with a rating of at least 70. I am not going to be able to laugh without pain for a few days and I know I would if I saw you with a second sun burn in a month. Oh and bring some cards, I will play poker with ya, at least you will know where your money went and that its going to a good purpose. LOL

      Chatty, I hope the denturist is nice to you today. Cant wait to hear how it went. I am watching the news channel for breaking news of a woman who went postal on her denturist. I am sure between us all we can pool our money to bail you out. LOL

      Hope today is a great day for everyone.


      #236; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:14:00 GMT
    • Hi again,

      Thanks for the warm welcomes! Casey, I don't mind 20 questions at all :) I only had 6 teeth left on top and they took them all. Got immediate dentures which will be rebased 6-12 months from now. Whenever the dentist thinks I'm finished shrinking. Then we'll take care of the bottom with a partial denture after all that.

      My family has some disease that I can never remember the name of (the dentist keeps calling it faulty dentin) that makes our teeth really weak. I'm also epileptic and my downhill slide started after a couple of seizures I had where I hit my mouth pretty hard and broke teeth. I took excellent care of my teeth. Brushed four times a day minimum, flossed like a madwoman and had regular cleanings/checkups so I wouldn't go through what everyone else in the family has...all to no avail :( I had what my sister is very fond of calling "Donny Osmond teeth" before so it was pretty traumatic but life has been good for the last 5 days!

      Couldn't eat much at all the first couple of days. That was the roughest part. I come from a mother that had stomach cancer and had to have her entire stomach removed and two hours after that was begging the hospital staff for enchiladas 'cuz she was starving! Ten days later we took her home and she had hot link sausages and tamales, next day it was enchiladas! (as an unfortunate side note, she died four months later but she ate her way to a happy grave!) So you can tell we have *very* healthy appetites. Not on to steak or tacos yet but I did have pizza last night. No toppings just cheese. Had a roast beef sandwich for lunch with that roast beef spread from a can. I figured the bread would stick like mad and choke me but it didn't so we're gonna try sloppy joe's for dinner. Wish me luck :)

      Sorry, that's probably more than anyone wanted to know but I got on a roll ;)


      #237; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:15:00 GMT
    • Hey guys

      Carol I am glad to hear your dad is doing better, as for your husband I would string him up by his ears, it not like ya have enough to worry about, I am with you.Hope he is okay.


      You would think after all the years of growing up in the desert I would have brains, but no instead of using sunscreen I used tanning oil with no sunscreen, duh I think I would rather loose money to you then the casino's I think I droped almost 500.00 in 4 hours, nothing was hitting I tried everything they just took and took and took oh well we are planning another trip in July I think we are a glutton for punishment. My son just got back from Charlotte NC yesterday he said his flight was delayed for 3 hours due to severe Thunderstorms but beside that he said the weather was great. I hope everyone has a great day. I will talk to you all latter


      #238; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:16:00 GMT
    • Casey,

      You freaking kill me, lol, thanks it always boosts the mood:) The appointment went ok, alot better then before, but he wouldn't do a reline cause I'm not healed enough...ya what does he know anywase eh, lol just joking he's good I like him...so far:) So they are in and up and down and where they should be...I guess...? LOL Just new and weird but ya I better:)


      Hope your dad makes a speedy recovery:) And as for that husband of yours geesh I hope he stays far away from planes and is ok too:)


      #239; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:17:00 GMT
    • Sorry Cara, but now you are my enemy. I NEED pizza. I have literally restricted my family from even bringing it in to my home. I am praying that with tomorrows surgery that the immediates that I am getting afterwards will be strong enough to handle me eating pizza once some I heal some. OH how I miss Taco's also, so don't go there. We have already covered that subject. Well if you want those Donny Osmond teeth again I am sure Chatty will be more then happy to put you in contact with a female denturist she knows.LOL

      Carol, I am sorry, and tell hubby that from the bottom of my heart I truly wish him no harm or pain, but I have been keeping myself so amused and laughing at the fact that he willingly got into an Ultra Light knowing the amount of stress your family has been under and crashed. And the phone call.....Lordy, if my hubby called me on my cell phone and said I'm okay BUT we crashed. I would have told him that he better start walking so he didn't get lost in the dark. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your father and your family that you all find peace on some level soon.


      #240; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:18:00 GMT
    • Yikes! I didn't wanna make enemies :( I really wasn't trying to boast like it sure seems I was now that I read back over that post. I'm just so thrilled that I've finally gotten lucky with something where my health is concerned :) I've had epilepsy all my life, had an emergency hysterectomy 8 months ago and since I was 14 this is what all doctors tell me about my lingering massive joint pain "Hmm, could be rheumatoid arthritis, could be lupus but there's definately something there." I'm 40 now. You'd think in 26 years they could figure out what it is. And I'm allergic to aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc etc etc. I'm on theraputic doses of a pretty strong pain killer. Come to think of it, that may be why I'm not having much mouth pain :OP

      Anyway, friends again?


      #241; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:19:00 GMT
    • Also, to Carol, I truly hope your father is doing better. I know from personal experience how rough it can be. You're in my thoughts.


      #242; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:20:00 GMT
    • Pizza, oh was it yummy, I haven't had pizza in like forever.LOL

      I tried toast and butter with dentures, yucky well not yucky just different. So what should i try to eat to start off with these new dentures of mine...any suggestions??


      #243; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:21:00 GMT
    • Robin,

      Well, I live in Texas so I'm surrounded by Mexican food! So I always start with the tamales, enchiladas, carne guisada, bread pudding and beans and rice. I also find pan fried potatoes that are cooked slowly so they won't get crunchy are an excellent treat and very filling. And biscuits and gravy are good but can kinda stick to the inside of your mouth so if you have stitches or still open extractions sites, that might be a little rough to manage.

      Now, the downfall to being a Texan with new dentures in summer is I'm also surrounded by barbeque. Everybody in the neighborhood was cooking up steaks and ribs and brisket this weekend. I about died when I went outside and smelled it all! And to add insult to injury I was headed to the dentist's office for a slight adjustment (was rubbing on that little piece of skin that attaches the lip to the gum). I whined to her about no barbeque and she said I should be eating steak within 2 months so at least I won't miss Labor Day ;)

      #244; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:22:00 GMT
    • Oh btw yes the pizza was very good. It was just deep dish cheese though 'cuz I didn't feel brave enough to do pepperoni.
      #245; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:23:00 GMT
    • Yummy!! I can eat on my gums they are open it's not bad at all but with these new dentures I just don't know how to chew it seems, its weird. I think I just need time to adjust:)

      I want pepperoni pizza or pepperoni anything right about now!!!!!


      #246; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:24:00 GMT
    • Okay, now I am truly jealous of everyone. I go in 6 hours 22 minutes to have all the stitch sites that finally healed opened back up and start the baby food eating again. So I go back to square one and will have to do this at least 6 more times before they are done with me and I get my bottom teeth. I guess I should be thankful that my tops aren't really causing any problem other then they look off to me.

      Chatty, what do you mean you dont know how to eat with them. Open mouth, insert food, chew and swallow. Now, I know its been a long time hun, but I don't think its changed that much. Or has it really been that long since I ate food that it changed????

      Meesa, I NEED to know facts here.......I might forgive you with the truth in your answers......... I am desperate for pizza...... Now did you actually bite into the piece and have a bite size piece in your mouth with out the cheese burning your chin? Or did this happen with a fork and knife? Exactly how big were the pieces that you were able to handle? What style of crust was it? Could you eat the end or just up to it. Did you have your teeth in or was this a gumming trick? Were you using glue? How much? Was it easier when it was hot or after the cheese had cool a bit and was more solid? Any and all facts and information related to this is welcomed.

      I have had Pizza for dinner every Friday night for over 27 years. I am not handling this well. My hubby and kids have to go out to eat it, cause I would be crushed if I tried and couldn't do it. Thanks

      Gosh if I dont talk to you all again before surgery I hope that everyone has a real easy time of things until I am able to get back on. Bye


      #247; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:25:00 GMT
    • You girls just keep me laughing every time I check in here.

      Carol, I am so sorry that your dad is not doing any better. As far as your husband (okay most husbands) I think that there should be a place where we could tell DUMB husband stories. :rolleyes: I know that I could keep you all amused for a while. I do hope that he is alright though.

      Susie, no luck on your trip huh? That is the only place that I ever won anything. We are going to plan another trip there in a couple of months. In the mean time we have been going to Tunica Mississippi, and to Greektown when we go up to Michigan. No luck at either. Think that hubby would learn by now. LOL I like it much better when he quits gambling for a while. Last time I got a vacation to Cancun and a diamond anniversary ring. :)

      Cara, welcome, glad to hear that you are not having too many problems. Let me warn you though. Do NOT tell Casey how you ate that pizza. She will only hurt herself if she tries.LOL :D

      Casey, NO gooey,ooey, cheesey pizza for you yet. Good luck honey on the surgery. It will all be over soon and then you can eat anything you want :)

      #248; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:26:00 GMT
    • Oh you gals just keep me in stitches...OOOPS! BAD choice of words! I will be glad when those come out/fall out. I'll have to ask about the stitches when Hubby goes to the dentist this AM himself. That man is getting teeth too, whether he likes it or not. He has this horrible fear wash over him everytime he goes to her office. Oh, he's not afraid of what *she* does to him. It's that gal that hands him the bill that makes him break out in cold sweats :rolleyes:

      Robin, you wildwoman you! I wouldn't dare try to eat on my bare gums after all that bone "sculpting" she did on me! I have stitches where I didn't even have teeth because of that!

      Now Casey dear, I'm conflicted. I'm the first to want to live vicariously through others but I do believe Kim is right. I don't want you hurting yourself. But I will say that if I even thought of biting into a pizza my dearly departed mother's other-earthly hand would materialize from thin air and smack me in the back of the head for daring to eat in such an "unladylike" manner! I've never eaten pizza without a knife and fork in my life. In fact, the only think we were allowed to actually bite into was commercially made corn dogs. If she made them homemade out came the fork and knife! Have you ever tried eating BBQ chicken with a knife and fork? Let me tell you it can be difficult...especially those little wings. They keep shooting across the room :( Now I ask you, what is "ladylike" about having to dig your chicken wing out of the cat food dish?


      #249; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:27:00 GMT