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have old root canal and have a lump on my gum?

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hey guys I had a root canal about 2 years ago on tooth #6 and have a big lump on my gum, i am not sure what it is but its all the way at the top of the gum right above teh tooth? any input

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    • Hi jennyvee,

      That should not be ignored. I had an experience like that with my first molar on the right when I was 25, about two years after a root canal and the tooth had been crowned. Bryanna is correct, the dentist called it a "fistula", and when he removed the crown my tooth was lterally black because I had let it go too far. I thought since the tooth had had a root canal, that it shouldnt have been a problem anymore, but thats not the case. I am not wanting to scare you, but he did have to extract that tooth. Please see your dentist asap before its too late. Do not make the same mistake that I did.

      Good Luck :)


      #1; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:26:00 GMT
    • Oh my guys well now I am scared....

      Ok let me explain when my crown was removed on that tooth 3 days ago the tooth it did not look black just looked pretty yellow? I am supposed to see the dentist on monday since I went over there today but his hygenist couldnt help me much, i am in so much pain since I am not sure if you read my other message, but I am having 2 crowns and an onlay put on.. one of the crowns will go where they removed the other one that was where the lump on my gum is.. anyway i have atemps on all 3 teeth 4,5,6 and 5 hurts a bunch since a peice of the temp felll out and is exposed. anyway i will look into the fistula, for this like you guys said they woudl need to remove teh tooth?? or does the apiodectomy solve it?? i am so nervous. since its tooth 6 which is a front tooth grr

      #2; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:28:00 GMT
    • jennyVee,

      You are already seeing the dentist, so thats great. Try to relax...it sounds as if they are doing what they need to do. I am pretty certain that the dentist would have let you know by now if the tooth needed to be extracted. If it does happen, please do not worry. I got an implant where my first molar was, and you cannot tell that its not 'real'. You will be ok, and if it is infected, then they may give you antibiotics which should clear up any infection that you have. For the pain, have you asked for any pain meds? Keep us posted on it. It will be fine I am sure.


      #3; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:29:00 GMT
    • Thanks for your support, I appreciate it greatly since i am a bit nervous

      One thing I have noticed is that my left eyelids are very puffy funny thing is that everything that is going on with my teeth is on that side, Now maybe that can be teh fistula? humm have any of you had that happen?

      #4; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:29:00 GMT
    • There is a possibility that the issue with your eyelid could be due to whats going on in your mouth with the teeth on that side, yes. When I had my root canal on my upper tooth, my cheek on that side got slightly swollen and my eye was distorted for a few days because of that. Probably no need to be alarmed in your case. Just wait and see what happeneds at your next visit.



      #5; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:31:00 GMT
    • Oh by the way I wanted to add that i have no discharge and teh lump is not of any weird color, or has pus or anything weird, it looks normal excpet for when i put my finger there its lumpy... are fistuals supposed to have a discharge>??
      #6; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:31:00 GMT
    • I do not know about the discharge. I dont recall if I had that or not. I just rememebr it being lumpy and tender.


      #7; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:33:00 GMT
    • mine isnt really tender or hurts at all,, its just lumpy and its high above teh root canaled tooth
      #8; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:34:00 GMT
    • Hi as I searched online I found some info and pic of course I cannot post sites here but here is the info i found on the site

      A fistula is an abnormal passage leading from an abscess to the body surface permitting passage of pus.

      An abscess is a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue, usually caused by a necrotic (dead) pulp. It may first appear as surface swelling and discoloration (red) followed by the appearance of a pustule.

      #9; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:35:00 GMT
    • funny thing is that all i can feel is like a hard bone wher the lump is, no pus or discoloration.
      #10; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:36:00 GMT
    • Dear JennyVee,

      I hope that my experience will be helpful to you. I will try to keep it as brief as possible and still include all the procedures, etc. so that you realize I too, did absolutely everything I could to save my #3 Molar. About six years after a root canal, I began to experience pain in the tooth. My dentis x-rayed it, told me it looked fine and that since it already had a root canal, I shouldn't be feeling pain. He suggested it was my sinuses and put me on antibiotics. Indeed, the tooth calmed down, for awhile...We went throught this same cycle for approximately 2 years. In the meantime, I kept insisting that I really thought something was wrong with the tooth. I even consulted an oral surgeon who told me the same thing. Fast forward to last December, the pain was excruciating, I was sent back to the original endodontist and he suggested an apicoectomy, which I promptly had done, 10 days later,while still on anitbiotics, the tooth began to throb. The original oral surgeon was out of the country and I saw another oral surgeon (By the way, this one graduated dental school from one of the most prestigious in the country) He assured me that he would have to perform another apico on the tooth, as well as one on the tooth in front of it, this procedure was done with the assistance of a microscope. Needless to say, I was back days later with continuing pain. He tried to culture the area by drilling a whole in my gum. I had to return yet again to address a problem with a fistula on my gum.I was on antibiotics for a total of 6 straight months. I was finally put on another, stronger course of Clindamycin for 5 weeks. I finally was beginning to believe I was in the clear when a fistula again appeared on my gum after being off of antibiotics for 6 weeks.

      I finally had the tooth extracted this week and I honestly believe it would have been the best route in the first place. Please do not let them crown a tooth that you already believe to be diseased, It will only make a bad situation worse. I apologize for the length of this, but I thought that perhaps much of it would seem familiar and hopefully, I could prevent you from enduring the months of agony I have. I sincerely hopes this helps you make an informed decision and that everything works out well for you.

      P.S As far as implants are concerned, eight of my mothers front teeth are implants and they are beautiful and she has never had a problem with them. Please just make sure that you go to a renowned specialist with good references. Lots of people have started to do them lately, I'd check their credentials to insure a good outcome.

      GOOD LUCK!

      #11; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:37:00 GMT
    • I just went though this same thing. I had a very old root canaled tooth, that suddenly had a bump above it, on my gum. It was tender, but nothing ever came out of the bump (absess).

      I took antibiotics for two weeks and it went away. Then came back after one month.So the dentist said it had to come out. Which I did, and now I'm waiting for an implant.

      Good luck with this!

      #12; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:38:00 GMT
    • Bryanna,

      That was a wonderful reply, I certainly wish you were in one of the many dental offices I had been in to pull me aside and give me such thorough honest advice on my tooth. 6 months of antibiotic use is not healthy for anybody. I hope that JennyVee sees your response in time to help her.


      #13; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 23:39:00 GMT