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How Long Does It Take T Extract Root Canaled Tooth?

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I had 2 teeth extracted years ago and was under IV sedation so knew nothing. Is it harder to extract a root canaled tooth (molar)? Does the filling of the canals (silver points or gutta percha) come right out or do they have to dig them out with instruments? Has anyone here had a molar extracted while you're awake and about how long does it take? I am petrified that I would feel this and feel a lot of pain even with numbing. Does having the root canal pins inside make it harder and a longer procedure?

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    • I just had my lower right second molar removed last wed. and I was considering IV sedation but opted to take a little Xanax before I got to the office and went with a local. I felt absolutely nothing. I was actually surprised that the tooth was out, I thought they were still working on it, that's how numb I was. It felt like it took about 20 minutes but according to my watch it took longer but I was listening to comedy routines on my iPod and the time flew by.

      I am a VERY phobic person so trust me it's really no big deal. If you do start to feel anything during the procedure let the dentist know and they'll numb you up some more (that's what I did).

      My extraction wasn't a real simple one either. I have really long roots and a good dense jaw bone. My tooth was also pretty decayed so they took it out in pieces and I still didn't feel a thing. I don't think having a root canal makes much of a difference, at least not from what you may feel. I'm meeting with my oral surgeon for a follow-up today and I'll ask him what he has to say.

      I didn't hear or see anything that I haven't seen before while having my teeth worked on and honestly I've had crown work done that was much more arduous.

      Good luck with your tooth and don't put it off, it only makes things worse.


      #1; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 01:24:00 GMT
    • I had one done last Tuesday...second one in on the bottom right. This was my first extraction since my wisdom teeth in my twenties about 20 years ago. This one had two root canals previously. One of the roots had a broken file in it from the original root canal..and had a vertical root fracture. Once the perio sawed the crown in half and was able to take it off, the rest was easy. I am extremely phobic, but only had novicaine...and I think it went really fast. I also have long roots...and they are very curved...and the digital x-rays the dentist took showed that one root wrapped under my jaw. He cut the tooth into two halves, and pulled it and prepped me for an implant all in under an hour.

      The worst part for me is the stitching that he had to do...the Knots are digging into my cheek on the inside of the mouth. That and the not brushing to keep the membrane inplace...

      all in all, it is better than the pain I lived with.

      Good luck to you...and relax as much as you can. I understand how scary it can be. But it does feel better...

      #2; Mon, 17 Dec 2007 01:25:00 GMT