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How to detect a leaking crown

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My question:

Is there any way to detect a tooth/crown that has imprefect sealing and is causing bad breath?

The facts:

I have been experiencing bad breath lately and I am quite certain it's due to one of my many crowns. Unfortunately I haven't been able to determine the tooth that's causing it. I tried sucking on different teeth, using floss, rubbing with my finger etc but it didn't help - the smell seems to be everywhere.

I had the same problem a few years ago, and after I extracted one of the crowned teeth the bad breath disappeared literally overnight - I'm mentioning this to show that bb is not coming from the stomach, throat, gum disease etc.

BTW, last year one crown came out along with the post it's on (which goes down the root). The dentist re-sealed the post, and he said there was no decay in the root, but now I'm wondering whether that may be the source of the bb.

I also had 2 major dental procedures recently - bone graft surgery (taken from chin) and followed by the placement of 2 implants (no crowns yet), but the surgeon is saying these are not the source of the problem - there is no infection or anything else going on there.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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