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How to fix a small chip in front tooth.

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I have a small chip in the front tooth. Basically it makes my smile look a tiny bit uneven if you get up close. I am just wondering what are the best ways to fix small problems like this and I just want those two front teeth to be perfectly even.


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    • For small chips bonding works well if performed properly. My niece chipped half her front tooth and her dentist was still able to apply bonding and it still looks very natural several years later. My other niece just chipped her tooth last week but it was so small the dentist just filed the rough edge - so go check with your dentist to see what would work for you. Vaneers, lumineers and crowns all require that the tooth be filed down and once that is done you are basically committed to them for life - not to mention you run the risk of increased tooth sensitivity and/or damaging the nerve of the tooth during the preparation and require root canal.
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