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Pain! after a molar being pulled

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Hi I'm posting again.....I got my back molar pulled Friday and now my cheek is swollen and it hurts down my chin to my neck, I can feel a little knot where it hurts and in that knot I can feel my heart beating, the tooth next to where my molar was pulled was hurting really bad like it wanted to explode becasue of extreme presure!! Does anybody have any clue or suggestions of what may be going on here....also where the molar was pulled it has a little bit of a smell to it...please anybody have any clue??? :confused:

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    • Hi chelle123, I just got my 1st molar removed 2 weeks ago. I don't have the feeling you have. I went to my oral surgeon today, he said my gum around the removed tooth location is still thin, so i can feel the bone. You should go to your oral surgeon to check it.
      #1; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 22:30:00 GMT
    • Heyyy. sorry to hear about your problems... I had a cavity on my very back tooth and I was in immense pain yesturday after it was done. I had a very swollen cheek and I still have it today, but that is from the novacaine shot I got. My cheek feels like theres a pouch of liquid in my cheek. I am definately not a doctor but the swollen cheek is probably from the same thing?
      #2; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 22:31:00 GMT