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Question - Possible Shadow on X Ray?

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I went to the dentist today for my 6 month cleaning and exam. I have OCD, so I get anxious before and during almost any health related appt. I went in and the tech said I had to have x rays. I had to have the bitewing kind( the ones they put in your mouth) and also the Panorex one. It is a rotating machine that goes around your whole jaw. The tech told me to take off my earrings.I asked why and he said " B/c sometimes it can cast a shadow." So I removed my earrings. I went to do the xray. I was told to bite down firmly and stand still. Well I stood still but my mouth slipped about halfway into the picture taking and I lost some grip on the thing you are suposed to bite down on.I asked him what the x ray is for. He said it is to show any cysts, absesses or cancerous lesions(!!) The tech brought the xray in to the doctor on front of me. He said " I don't know why thathappened- I had her remove her earrings" The doctor said Nothing. So of course my OCD went into full force at this point. The doctor looked at my teeth and mouth. And I asked him when I was due for more x rays. he said "In a year" I said, " How was this x ray set of mine?" and he said " You are a healthy young girl" And I said " When should I come back " He said " 6 months" That is the usual. So now I am wondering if I am just worrying about nothing? My rational mind tells me if the doctor saw something weird, he would either A) order another x ray,

or b) refer me to an oral surgeon.

Is this my OCD just acting up and me obsessing over nothing, or should i be freaking out now?

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    • buzz please don't worry.

      Sounds like you have a good and thorough dentist.

      If there was anything to wworry about he/she would have told you.

      The xrays you had taken are basically a screening thing, not because your dentist was actually worried about something in your mouth.

      As for the comment "I told her to takeoff her earings" don't worry. Things like earrings (or nose studs! )can produce streaky ("shadow" ) effects on the developed film. You can get this if you move a little too but don't worry AT ALL about this. If there was a streak or shadow it would not be in the bit of the xray picture that mattered (or they would have retaken)

      Just rejoice you did not need any work done!

      Are you getting some treatment for your OCD?

      Best wishes to you.

      #1; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 16:24:00 GMT
    • Yes I am getting treatment for my OCD. I take Luvox 150 mg daily. And I have a hypnotherapist and an OCD specialist that I go to if I have a bad relapse. Other than that, I just know I have to keep stress levels down, get enough rest and take the meds.
      #2; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 16:25:00 GMT
    • Actually earrings do not leave shodows on an x-ray, they turn out white. You would have a very nice white piture of your earrings and they would interfere with the reading of the x-ray. on x-ray, anything metal or dense will be white. The denser the structure, the whiter the image. and any open space will be black. The shadow was probably caused by movement but is nothing to worry about.
      #3; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 16:26:00 GMT
    • buzz, hey i would feel the same way. if the dentist says something weird he/she should explain it to you. afterall, he/she is the dentist and that's what he/she is there for. i would have felt better too if he/she would have taken another x-ray or at least explained what he/she was thinking--not the old "you're a healthy young girl, come back in 6 months." anyhow, hope everything works out.
      #4; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 16:27:00 GMT