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sores on gums/cheeks

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I have a very painful white sore on my gums that appeared after having some extensive work done on my teeth. Also two smaller ones on the inside of my cheek, very close to where the one on my gum is. The teeth look great now, BTW (replaced 6 metal fillings with resin, had a root canal and crown, and deep perio cleaning). Just above where the new crown is, I have a white sore (I know I was bleeding there while they were working on my teeth). Is there something I should use to help heal the sore? I am hoping there is something readily available to ease the pain from this thing. Any help greatly appreciated!

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    • try Kanka-it forms a protective coating that lasts for a long time, and has a pain reliever. kinda like the liquid bandaid stuff but for your mouth. Or warm salt water, which will probally hurt..
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