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TMJ, Tongue thrusting, dry mouth

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4 years ago I had my last child. The entire pg I had and increase of saliva and had to spit all the time. By the time I had my son I started tongue thrusting and forgot how to swallow even when my saliva came back to normal.

I grind my teeth at night, my face hurts all the time from the thrusting and grinding and I can't swallow normal anymore.

I'm seeing an oral and maxillofacial(sp?) specialist in 2 weeks to discuss all of this. I realize I will likely need all sorts of help, but can the TMJ specialist help me with this or am I going to have to end up going to my dentist or orthodontist for treatment? My regular insurance covers the TMJ specialist, but my dental insrance is for dentist and orthodontist. I want to be treated as if this is a medical problem, not a dnetal problem. So, far my PCP thinks this is a very bad medical problem and that the only person I should be seeing is a Oral TMJ specialist. I'm glad she has that opinion because I'm hoping that somehow my medical insurance will cover all of my oral problems.

My oral problems have gotten so worse there is pressure in the bridge of ny nose and in my entire face. I experience major dizziness, jaw pain, ear pain, and pain everywhere else in my face. It has gotten out of hand.

Does anyone know if a TMJ doctor will be able to treat all of this and can they also do braces for medical issues, I do not want to have to use dental insurance as I will be having to pay our of pocket for any dental care with them. At least with my medical insurance it is nothing but copays of $30.00.

So, if anyone can give me opinions or help I'd appreciate it. My poor face has been through so much if I don't do something about it now it will get worse and I will be in bad shape!

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