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Tooth chipped for no reason...

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I was sitting around watching TV and out of nowhere noticed one of my front tooth felt weird. I thought at first it was food or something stuck on it but realized a small tip of the side of my front tooth had "chipped off".

What happened? I wasn't doing anything, I was just sitting there... I didn't bite into anything hard all day. Maybe about 30 minutes from when I think it happened I had dinner, chicken and rice...

I can't figure out why it happened, which is whats bugging me the most.

Could it be tooth decay? I mean the thing is very much just the tip of the tooth.

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    • It's possible that over time, you developed a tiny fracture in the tooth from normal wear and tear on the teeth. Because the fracture was not into the dentin, (soft part of the tooth) or close to the nerve, you wouldn't necessarily feel the tooth cracking. These tiny fractures can break apart at any time.

      The front teeth are more thin and fragile than molar teeth. You may have taken a bite of something months ago or just general stress on the teeth that triggered the tooth enamel to begin to fracture.

      Decay is a possibility, but this reads more like just a tiny fracture had formed and split part of the enamel causing it to chip.

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